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Josh Long

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Struts in Action book cover
Struts in Action
Building Web Applications with the Leading Java Framework
Ted Husted, Cedric Dumoulin, George Franciscus, David Winterfeldt, Craig R. McClanahan - 2002-11-01
Рейтинг Goodreads
This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the Struts framework, accompanied by real-life case studies that implement applications with Struts. It's ideal for professional developers who want practical advice on building websites the "Struts way." You'll discover key topics, such as initial design, data validation, authentication, security, and more, along with proven design techniques and strategies.
Josh Long
@crichardson @dcbriccetti @jroper Also: I had that very same book! One of my most-used, most-marked up, most-rabbit eared books, ever! Such a wonderful book. That book MADE Apache Struts real, for me. I had half a dozen Struts books, but that was (and is) the gold-standard for Struts 1.x books      источник
Programming Kotlin book cover
Programming Kotlin
Create Elegant, Expressive, and Performant JVM and Android Applications
Venkat Subramaniam - 2019-03-20
Рейтинг Goodreads
This book is all about Programming Kotlin, a highly concise and expressive language adopted by Google for Android development. It covers everything from the fundamentals to advanced concepts, including DSLs, asynchrony, and intermixing with Java. With easy-to-understand examples and exercises, you'll learn to write high-performing applications with less code, while staying type-safe and efficient. Whether you're building standalone scripts or full-stack applications, this book will help you master one of the few languages that does it all.
Josh Long
@venkat_s No problem at all, doc! Thanks for the opportunity, and for the book itself, which I devoured. You have created a fantastic piece of work!      источник