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Mark Pitcavage

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Mark Pitcavage is a historian and analyst of far right wing groups. He works with the Anti-Defamation League and was the creator of the now archived Militia Watchdog website.
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The Wars of Watergate book cover
The Wars of Watergate
The Last Crisis of Richard Nixon
Stanley I. Kutler - 1992-03-17 (впервые опубликовано в 1990)
Рейтинг Goodreads
Discover the explosive political history of the 1970s with this comprehensive, firsthand account. Drawing on contemporary documents, memoirs, and personal interviews, Stanley Kutler reveals how President Nixon's abuse of power culminated in the Watergate scandal that still reverberates today. Learn how this tumultuous time was shaped by the personality and history of Richard Nixon, and delve into the patterns of corruption that marked his entire presidency.
Mark Pitcavage
@scoopercooper @Janni_Joy I think the best book on this subject is Stanley Kutler's The Wars of Watergate. It might interest you.      источник
The Fate of Liberty book cover
The Fate of Liberty
Abraham Lincoln and Civil Liberties
Mark E. Neely - 1992-08-20 (впервые опубликовано в 1991)
Рейтинг Goodreads
A Pulitzer Prize-winning history delves into the controversial constitutional policies of Abraham Lincoln. The book explores the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, detailing who was jailed and why. The author argues that Lincoln's actions were a response to unprecedented events, including disintegrating public order in border states, contraband trade with the South, and corruption among army contractors. The book also highlights abuses of power under martial law, including anti-Semitism among Union generals and officials and the routine torture of suspected deserters. Despite flaws in the justice system, the author finds that Lincoln remained dedicated to prosecuting the war effectively and was concerned with political realities. This is a must-read for anyone interested in civil liberties during the Civil War era.
Mark Pitcavage
There's a lot I could say about this letter but I'll take a pass on most of it. I will say that if you want to read an interesting and *accurate* account of Lincoln and civil liberties, there's a solid book on the subject by Mark Neely: It won a Pulitzer.      источник
The Silent Brotherhood book cover
The Silent Brotherhood
Inside America's Racist Underground
Kevin Flynn - 1990-11-06 (впервые опубликовано в 1989)
Рейтинг Goodreads
Explore the frightening truth behind America's most heinous domestic terror group - the "silent brotherhood." Uncover the dangerous and radical-right hate group that threatens our nation's safety, with their mission to save white Christian America. This gripping insider account sheds light on their anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi beliefs, and their efforts to establish an Aryan homeland. Discover the chilling reality of this group, packaged as patriots but ultimately endangering our society.
Mark Pitcavage
@rockstar_ There are some good "true crime" style books about extremists, including Every Knee Shall Bow by Jess Weaver about Ruby Ridge. You might also look for The Silent Brotherhood by Gary Gerhardt and Kevin Flynn.      источник
The Polygamists book cover
The Polygamists
A History of Colorado City, Arizona
Benjamin G. Bistline - 2004-02-01
Рейтинг Goodreads
Explore the shocking truth behind the hidden community of excommunicated Mormons who continue to practice polygamy in Arizona. Discover the events that shaped and sustained their beliefs and the persecution they've faced from outside forces and within. Respected historian Benjamin Bistline shares a detailed history of the community, including the descent into one-man tyrannical rule and the disturbing practices like child brides and driving out young boys. Bistline's powerful narrative sheds light on a world where residents live in fear of disobeying the Prophet and are forced to endure third-world country living conditions.
Mark Pitcavage
@dpassmore54 I think the best and most nuanced book on the FLDS is the one written by Benjamin Bistline (either edition):      источник
The Creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787 book cover
The Creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787
Gordon S. Wood - 1998-04-06 (впервые опубликовано в 1969)
Рейтинг Goodreads
Explore the revolutionary transformation of American political theory from a classical to a modern world in this classic work. Author Gordon Wood details the evolution of political thought from the Declaration of Independence to the ratification of the Constitution, shedding light on the origins of the current American political system. A new preface discusses the ongoing debate over republicanism, making this book a must-read for anyone interested in the history of American politics.
Mark Pitcavage
@mooremi @Ibishblog If you ever get a chance, one of the best books ever written on American history is Gordon Wood's The Creation of the American Republic, which details the key influence of radical whig ideology/republicanism on the formation of the U.S.      источник
Ruby Ridge book cover
Ruby Ridge
The Truth and Tragedy of the Randy Weaver Family
Jess Walter - 2012-06-26 (впервые опубликовано в 1995)
Рейтинг Goodreads
"Every Knee Shall Bow" relives the deadly siege that shook the nation on the last hot day of summer in 1992. One well-armed family battled the full might of Federal law enforcement on Ruby Ridge, leaving three dead. Jess Walter's remarkable reporting reveals the violence, hatred, and racism of government that still affects us today. A moving and insightful read.
Mark Pitcavage
If you are interested in the Ruby Ridge event, the best book on the subject is still Jess Walter's Ruby Ridge: The Truth and Tragedy of the Randy Weaver Family (originally published as Every Knee Shall Bow).      источник
Apostles Of Discord book cover
Apostles Of Discord
A Study Of Organized Bigotry And Disruption On The Fringes Of Protestantism
Ralph Lord Roy - 2009-07-23
Рейтинг Goodreads
Apostles of Discord is a comprehensive study of organized bigotry and disruption on the fringes of Protestantism, written by Ralph Lord Roy. The book delves into the history and ideology of various extremist groups that have emerged within Protestantism, such as the Ku Klux Klan, the John Birch Society, and the Christian Identity movement. Roy exam...
Mark Pitcavage
If you think there are a lot of crazy extremists running around now, including many with troubling influence, I invite you to read the book "Apostles Of Discord: A Study Of Organized Bigotry And Disruption On The Fringes Of Protestantism," by Ralph Lord Roy, published in 1953.      источник
Lemberg, Lwów, L'viv, 1914–1947 book cover
Lemberg, Lwów, L'viv, 1914–1947
Violence and Ethnicity in a Contested City (Central European Studies)
Christoph Mick - 2015-11-15 (впервые опубликовано в 2011)
Рейтинг Goodreads
Discover the tumultuous history of the city of L'viv in modern Ukraine, known as Lemberg and Lwów in the past. Explore how the city's diverse Roman Catholic Polish, Greek Catholic Ukrainian, and Jewish inhabitants reacted to sweeping political changes during and after World Wars I and II. With a focus on archival research and contemporary sources, this book delves into the intergroup tensions and episodes of violence that arose during shifts in political control, and how ethnic and national ideologies shaped their dealings with each other.
Mark Pitcavage
Another borderlands book that I found surprisingly interesting is the study of this (now) western Ukrainian city by Christoph Mick: Lemberg, Lwów, L'viv, 1914–1947: Violence and Ethnicity in a Contested City      источник
Кровавые земли book cover
Кровавые земли
Европа между Гитлером и Сталиным
Timothy Snyder - 2010-10-12
Рейтинг Goodreads
Americans call the Second World War “The Good War.” But before it even began, America’s wartime ally Josef Stalin had killed millions of his own citizens—and kept killing them during and after the war. Before Hitler was finally defeated, he had murdered six million Jews and nearly as many other Europeans. At war’s end, both the German and the Soviet killing sites fell behind the iron curtain, leaving the history of mass killing in darkness. Bloodlands is a new kind of European history, presenting the mass murders committed by the Nazi and Stalinist regimes as two aspects of a single history, in the time and place where they occurred: between Germany and Russia, when Hitler and Stalin both held power. Assiduously researched, deeply humane, and utterly definitive, Bloodlands will be required reading for anyone seeking to understand the central tragedy of modern history. From Booklist If there is an explanation for the political killing perpetrated in eastern Europe in the 1930s and 1940s, historian Snyder roots it in agriculture. Stalin wanted to collectivize farmers; Hitler wanted to eliminate them so Germans could colonize the land. The dictators wielded frightening power to advance such fantasies toward reality, and the despots toted up about 14 million corpses between them, so stupefying a figure that Snyder sets himself three goals here: to break down the number into the various actions of murder that comprise it, from liquidation of the kulaks to the final solution; to restore humanity to the victims via surviving testimony to their fates; and to deny Hitler and Stalin any historical justification for their policies, which at the time had legions of supporters and have some even today. Such scope may render Snyder’s project too imposing to casual readers, but it would engage those exposed to the period’s chronology and major interpretive issues, such as the extent to which the Nazi and Soviet systems may be compared. Solid and judicious scholarship for large WWII collections.
Mark Pitcavage
Snyder also wrote another interesting book on an area I am interested in--the borderlands between central and eastern Europe, with mixed nationalities and shifting geographies. It's a complicated story. His Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin looks at the region broadly.      источник
Peter ThielAlan Cooper
Romania's Holy War book cover
Romania's Holy War
Soldiers, Motivation, and the Holocaust (Battlegrounds
Grant T. Harward - 2021-11-15
Рейтинг Goodreads
Explore Romania's role in World War II and the shocking truth behind their brutal campaign in the Eastern Front in Romania's Holy War. Grant T. Harward dispels the myth of Romania being a reluctant member of the Axis and reveals the nation's strong ideology which underpinned soldiers' motivation to commit atrocities. Using official military records, soldiers' diaries and interviews, Harward uncovers the true story of Romania's involvement in the war and its devastating impact on the Jewish population. This groundbreaking book offers a complete history of Romania's holy war and sheds light on a previously unknown aspect of the conflict.
Mark Pitcavage
An interesting recent book is Grant Harward's Romania's Holy War: Soldiers, Motivation, and the Holocaust.      источник
Pearl Harbor by Craig Nelson
Washington's Revolution by Robert Middlekauff
Revolutionary Iran by Michael Axworthy
Abraham Lincoln by John Torrey Morse
Washington by Ron Chernow
Rabble Rousers by Clive Webb
Нейромант by William Gibson
Sketches from a Secret War by Timothy Snyder
The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors by James D. Hornfischer
Women of the Far Right by Glen Jeansonne
Gerald L. K. Smith by Glen Jeansonne
Lincoln by David Herbert Donald