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Meena Kandasamy

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Meena Kandasamy is an Indian poet, fiction writer, translator and activist who is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Most of her works are centered on feminism and the anti-caste Caste Annihilation Movement of the contemporary Indian milieu.
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Land, Guns, Caste, Woman book cover
Land, Guns, Caste, Woman
The Memoir of a Lapsed Revolutionary
Gita Ramaswamy - 2022-04-14
Рейтинг Goodreads
This powerful book takes place in 1980s South India, where landless dalits are oppressed by wealthy reddys brandishing whips and guns. Gita Ramaswamy, a former Naxalist and survivor of the Emergency, joins forces with the laborers to fight against the tyrannical landlords. The story is a personal testimony of struggles and victories, with reflections on failures and regrets. The author is an accomplished translator and former Marxist-Leninist activist who has dedicated her life to social justice.
Meena Kandasamy
“Gita Ramaswamy’s *Land Guns Caste Woman* is a book like no other. Gita chronicles how she constantly debrahminises herself & this forms the bedrock of her self-transformation: she is almost surgical in this process, a reader is compelled to applaud her      источник
О тирании book cover
О тирании
20 уроков ХХ века
Timothy Snyder - 2017-03-28
Рейтинг Goodreads
Есть ли что-то общее между Германией 1933 года и Америкой, избравшей президентом Дональда Трампа? В книге Тимоти Снайдера "О тирании" такое сопоставление не выглядит натяжкой. Автор призывает прислушаться к урокам минувшего века и с их помощью предотвратить скатывание к диктатуре в нынешнем. "Мы не мудрее европейцев, которые видели, как демократия уступает фашизму, нацизму и коммунизму в ХХ веке, — пишет Снайдер. — Наше единственное преимущество в том, что мы можем учиться на их опыте. И сейчас для этого самое время". Тимоти Снайдер — один из ведущих американских историков, широко известный в Европе, о которой написано большинство его работ.
Meena Kandasamy
Urge you all to read this book. "On Tyranny: 20 Lessons From the 20th Century” appeared during a time of postelection panic in the US. His deep knowledge as a historian of modern Europe allowed him to identify links between fascism, past & present, & to offer practical advice.      источник
Charlie Cook's Favourite Book book cover
Charlie Cook's Favourite Book
Julia Donaldson - 2006-06-08
Рейтинг Goodreads
Discover a world of adventure in this picture book about Charlie Cook's favourite book. Join Charlie as he explores hidden worlds filled with pirates, aliens, and ghosts. Perfect for young readers and fans of THE GRUFFALO, this award-winning team creates a captivating journey through a book that has something for everyone.
Meena Kandasamy
This kids book is all kinds of great. Nested stories, popular kids stories, cyclical. All of it. Not sure a 2 year old understands experimental literature, but quite the treat for the mother who has to read every book thousands of times      источник
Ducks, Newburyport book cover
Ducks, Newburyport
Lucy Ellmann - 2019-07-04
Рейтинг Goodreads
An Ohio housewife lattices cherry pies while trying to navigate the overwhelming amount of meaningless information in America. She worries about everything from her family and deceased parents to Weapons of Mass Destruction and hatching an abandoned wood pigeon egg. Ducks, Newburyport is a scorching indictment of America's barbarity and a lament for our impact on the environment. It's a wonder, a heresy, and a revolution in the novel - and it's also very, very funny.
Meena Kandasamy
@samjordison She wrote a fabulous brilliant book that centered motherhood. The one line is not problematic becoz of what she says as an author. On the contrary I feel that it is the system that does this to mothers, prevents them from the public domain-and instils this preception among people      источник
No Friend But the Mountains book cover
No Friend But the Mountains
Writing from Manus Prison
Behrouz Boochani - 2018-07-31
Рейтинг Goodreads
A Kurdish-Iranian journalist, illegally detained on Manus Island, shares his first-hand account of five years of incarceration and exile. Laboriously tapped out on a mobile phone and translated from the Farsi, this book is a voice of witness, an act of survival, a cry of resistance, and a vivid portrait of the experience of stateless and imprisoned refugees and migrants worldwide. Winner of the Victorian Prize for Literature, it is an extraordinary account that is disturbingly representative of the current global crisis.
Meena Kandasamy
Extremely thrilled with #BehrouzBoochani freedom, and now is a great occasion to recommend his book on being illegally detained in Manus Island 's horrific conditions. It's a book that was written one text message at a time on a secret mobile phone in prison      источник
Julian Burnside
Моя сестрица - серийная убийца book cover
Моя сестрица - серийная убийца
Oyinkan Braithwaite - 2018-11-20
Рейтинг Goodreads
Когда ужин Кореде прерывает очередной звонок ее сестры Айюлы, она уже знает, что от нее потребуется: хлорка, резиновые перчатки, железные нервы и пустой желудок. Ей предстоит спасать нерадивую сестрицу, которая убила уже третьего бойфренда. Кореде стоило бы отправиться прямиком в полицию, но она любит сестру и всегда ее защищает. По крайней мере до тех пор, пока Айюла не начинает встречаться с коллегой Кореде, в которого та безнадежно влюблена.
Meena Kandasamy
Go, go, go, get this book if you haven't already. It's the best thing (except if you discount having a serial-killer sister). Such a fun, fast-paced, brilliant read.      источник
The Persistence of Caste book cover
The Persistence of Caste
The Khairlanji Murders and India's Hidden Apartheid
Anand Teltumbde - 2011-04-15 (впервые опубликовано в 2010)
Рейтинг Goodreads
"Understanding Caste" takes a hard look at the caste system in India, despite being abolished under the Indian constitution. Using the tragic case of "Khairlanji" in 2006, the book reveals that every eighteen minutes, a crime is committed against a member of the dalit caste. The book argues that the caste system has been assimilated into capitalist and globalising India, and that anti-caste activism has reflected and reinforced negative stereotypes. This insightful and shocking analysis provides a fascinating glimpse into caste dynamics and their existence in a globalised world.
Meena Kandasamy
In his phenomenal book, "The Persistence of Caste", @AnandTeltumbde unmasked the caste-nature of Indian society and failures of its legal mechanisms. The same legal mechanism which cannot protect massacred Dalits hunts them down for their political opinions. Shame #StandWithAnand      источник