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Trevor Packer

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Trevor Packer is the College Board's senior vice president for Advanced Placement Program and instruction. As a member of the nonprofit's executive leadership team, Packer leads the organization's work on instructional programs and services.
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Just Mercy book cover
Just Mercy
A Story of Justice and Redemption
Bryan Stevenson - 2014-10-21
Рейтинг Goodreads
This powerful true story follows the journey of a young lawyer who founded the Equal Justice Initiative, a legal practice committed to defending those in need. Through his defense of a young man wrongly sentenced to die, the lawyer is drawn into a world of conspiracy and political maneuvering, ultimately transforming his understanding of justice and mercy. Just Mercy provides a poignant window into the lives of those who have been defended and serves as a call for compassion and redemption in our broken system of justice.
Trevor Packer
Because so many AP English Lang teachers recommended it, I read Bryan Stevenson’s "Just Mercy" over the holidays and am glad I did. I hope the new movie version encourages people to read the book, which is utterly inspiring. #JustMercy      источник