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Don't Be Evil book cover

Don't Be Evil

How Big Tech Betrayed Its Founding Principles -- and All of Us

Rana Foroohar

"DON’T BE EVIL" by Rana Foroohar exposes how the biggest tech companies are hijacking our privacy, livelihoods, social fabric, and minds. From the loss of privacy to digital surveillance, misinformation to predatory algorithms, and engineered products that manipulate our desires, Rana Foroohar tells the true story of how big tech lost its soul. With 30 years of experience in business and technology, she exposes the true extent of how behemoths like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are monopolizing our data and attention. This book offers a plan to resist and create a framework that fosters innovation while protecting us from the dark side of digital technology.
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This is a fascinating highly engaging account of the rise of big technology companies and how they have betrayed their ideals and endangered American democracy. It will make you think hard about something we tend to simply accept as normal. The way technology now dominates our lives and societies.      fuente