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Lecciones de la Historia book cover

Lecciones de la Historia

Will Durant

Will Durant once wrote that "most history is guessing, & the rest is prejudice." Now, 33 years later, the Durants, in this peroration to their monumental "Story of Civilization," look back to record the lessons & conclusions of their 10-volume excursion into human folly & achievement--&, coincidentally, to determine what value historical guesswork & historians' predispositions may have in understanding the nature of humanity. Their reflections are thematic in nature, discussing the influence & effect upon history of certain qualities, institutions & movements: race, character, moral systems, religion, socialism, government, war etc. Their overall conclusion is at once optimistic & realistic; the phenomenon of progress is no figment of the historian's imagination; it's real, in the sense that each generation is born to a heritage richer than that received by their fathers. Thus, the 20th century is the most blessed of all eras so far, from a cultural standpoint, for it has assimilated the best of the Periclean Greeks, of the Renaissance, of the Voltairian age etc. The Durants' "Story" is, despite the cavils of a few disputatious historians, the historical synthesis par excellence for the intelligent nonspecialist. The Lessons of History, despite its extreme brevity, forms an integrally necessary part of that opus & must be read as such, or as an independent work in the tradition of Augustine's Retractationes & Toynbee's Reconsiderations.--Kirkus (edited)
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publicado por primera vez en 1968
Calificación de Goodreads
It’s excellent.      fuente
This is a great book I really liked which summarizes some of the larger themes of history, very incisive. And unlike most history books, it's actually really small, and it covers a lot of ground.      fuente
This is the Durants. They were maybe the greatest historians of all time.      fuente
They wrote the massive 11-volume 10,000-page “Story of Civilization” covering Western history, then wrote this tiny 100-page book succinctly summing up its lessons for our present day.      fuente
A great book.      fuente
This audiobook is incredible The book itself is an all-timer, but the audiobook includes old interviews with the Durants at the end of each chapter. The interviews are seemingly longer than the book, and the Durants are among the best historians ever. Hearing them is wild.      fuente
@natbrunell @LynAldenContact It's a great book!      fuente
Summer Reading Book #20 is THE LESSONS OF HISTORY by Will & Ariel Durant “With their accessible compendium of philosophy and social progress, the Durants take us on a journey through history, exploring the possibilities and limitations of humanity over time.”      fuente
This book is a must read 👇. Imagine going through entire world history and the lessons from it, all in a couple of hours!      fuente
Is this the highest wisdom-per-word book ever? If it's not, what is?      fuente
In some way you look back on Will and Arial Durant’s The Lessons of History or Ron Chernow’s book on Alexander Hamilton, and you realize, man, you can get an awful lot out of people who have been through this sort of thing and studied the ones who did it before.      fuente