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Rainn Wilson

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Rainn Wilson is an American actor, comedian, writer, director, businessman, and producer. He is best known for his role as Dwight Schrute on the NBC sitcom The Office, for which he earned three consecutive Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.
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La segunda montaña book cover
La segunda montaña
La búsqueda de una vida con sentido
David Brooks - 2019-04-16
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In The Second Mountain, David Brooks explores the four commitments that define a life of meaning and purpose: to a spouse and family, to a vocation, to a philosophy or faith, and to a community. Our personal fulfillment depends on how well we choose and execute these commitments. In The Second Mountain, Brooks looks at a range of people who have lived joyous, committed lives, and who have embraced the necessity of dependence. He gathers their wisdom on how to choose a partner, how to pick a vocation, how to live out a philosophy, and how we can begin to integrate our commitments into one overriding purpose. In short, this book is meant to help us all lead more meaningful lives. But it’s also a provocative social commentary. We live in a society, Brooks argues, that celebrates freedom, that tells us to be true to ourselves, at the expense of surrendering to a cause, rooting ourselves in a neighborhood, binding ourselves to others by social solidarity and love. We have taken individualism to the extreme—and in the process we have torn the social fabric in a thousand different ways. The path to repair is through making deeper commitments. In The Second Mountain, Brooks shows what can happen when we put commitment-making at the center of our lives.
Rainn Wilson
I’m so enjoying this truly profound book. I highly recommend it. Forget everything you THOUGHT you knew about David Brooks and savor this timely, inspiring manifesto for change! @nytdavidbrooks      fuente
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Ryan HolidayMark Manson
How to Change Everything book cover
How to Change Everything
The Young Human's Guide to Protecting the Planet and Each Other
Naomi Klein - 2021-02-23
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Learn how to understand and combat climate change with this empowering and engaging guide from bestselling author Naomi Klein. From rising temperatures to devastating superstorms, climate change affects us all. But there is hope - young people are already leading a movement for climate justice and a fair future for everyone. In this information-packed book, Klein offers a comprehensive look at the state of the climate today, and provides stories of young leaders who are making a difference. Join the fight to protect and reshape the planet we will inherit.
Rainn Wilson
What!? A YA book on climate activism?! This book is arresting, disturbing, hopeful and important. If you’ve got a potential future little  @GretaThunberg that could use some INSPIRATION, I highly recommend this book by the great Naomi Klein. @NaomiAKlein      fuente
La Caseta Magica book cover
La Caseta Magica
Norton Juster - 1996-01-01 (publicado por primera vez en 1961)
Calificación de Goodreads
Discovering a large toy tollbooth in his room, bored ten-year-old Milo drives through the tollbooth's gates and begins a memorable journey to the Kingdom of Wisdom with a watchdog named Tock. Simultaneous.
Rainn Wilson
RIP Norton Juster. One of the all-time great American Storytellers and wordsmiths. THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH influenced me probably more than any other book ever.      fuente
Race After Technology book cover
Race After Technology
Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code
Ruha Benjamin - 2019-06-17
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"Race After Technology" by Ruha Benjamin delves into the ways that emerging technologies can perpetuate systems of White supremacy and deepen social injustice. Benjamin argues that automation, supposedly neutral, can actually reinforce discrimination and inequality. The concept of the "New Jim Code" is presented, which shows how discriminatory designs can explicitly amplify racial hierarchies or replicate social divisions. With this guide, readers will gain the tools to decode tech promises and question the technologies we both consume and create.
Rainn Wilson
So the dynamic @Ruha9 has written a brilliant book about the intersection of race and tech. The tentacles of racism wind their way all through Silicon Valley, AI, and emerging technology systems. Fascinating! @TrevorNoah      fuente
Los juegos del hambre book cover
Los juegos del hambre
Suzanne Collins - 2008-10-14
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Ganar significa fama y fortuna. Perder significa una muerte segura. Los Juegos del Hambre han comenzado... Un pasado de guerras ha dejado los 12 distritos que dividen Panem bajo el poder tiránico del “Capitolio”. Sin libertad y en la pobreza, nadie puede salir de los límites de su distrito. Sólo una chica de 16 años, Katniss Everdeen, osa desafiar las normas para conseguir comida. Sus principios se pondrán a prueba con “Los juegos del hambre”, espectáculo televisado que el Capitolio organiza para humillar a la población. Cada año, 2 representantes de cada distrito serán obligados a subsistir en un medio hostil y luchar a muerte entre ellos hasta que quede un solo superviviente. Cuando su hermana pequeña es elegida para participar, Katniss no duda en ocupar su lugar, decidida a demostrar con su actitud firme y decidida, que aún en las situaciones más desesperadas hay lugar para el amor y el respeto.
Rainn Wilson
You should try 'Goodnight Moon.' RT “@heidimontag: The Hunger Games is the best book I have read since Harry Potter”      fuente
Buenas noches, Luna book cover
Buenas noches, Luna
Margaret Wise Brown - 2007-01-23 (publicado por primera vez en 1947)
Calificación de Goodreads
This high-quality Spanish-language book can be enjoyed by fluent Spanish speakers as well as those learning the language, whether at home or in a classroom. En este cuento clásico de la literatura infantil, adorado por generaciones de niños, la poesía que encierra su texto y la ternura de sus bellas ilustraciones convierten a éste en un libro ideal para culminar el día. En una gran habitación verde, arropado en su cama, está un conejito. Buenas noches, habitación. Buenas noches, Luna -- dice el conejito. Y así sucesivamente, le da las buenas noches a todas las cosas que reconoce en su al cuadro de los tres ositos sentaditos en sus sillas, a los relojes y a los calcetines, a los gatitos juguetones y a los lindos mitones.  
Rainn Wilson
You should try 'Goodnight Moon.' RT “@heidimontag: The Hunger Games is the best book I have read since Harry Potter”      fuente
Giacometti portrait book cover
Giacometti portrait
James Lord - 2016-01-01
Calificación de Goodreads
This book is a beautifully reprinted portrait of a famous artist, full of high-quality black and white images and durable binding. It's a must-read for anyone interested in art history or the life of this influential figure.
Rainn Wilson
Writer James Lord sat for a portrait by the brilliant, haunted and exacting artist Alberto Giacometti. It was supposed to last one day and ended up lasting eighteen. A fascinating study of the obsessive artist in the throes of his creation.      fuente
This Is a Book book cover
This Is a Book
Demetri Martin - 2011-04-25
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This witty and innovative book is a collection of essays, conceptual pieces, and humorous charts and drawings, all from the mind of a renowned comedian and creator of Comedy Central's Important Things with Demetri Martin. With topics ranging from melodramatic doctors to the world views of optimists and pessimists, this book is sure to have readers laughing out loud from start to finish.
Rainn Wilson
The sharpest, oddest wit in an evolutionary line that includes James Thurber, Steve Martin and Steven Wright. Demetri’s brain astounds me.      fuente
Rome and Jerusalem book cover
Rome and Jerusalem
The Clash of Ancient Civilizations
Martin Goodman - 2007-10-23
Calificación de Goodreads
Explore the epic clash between Rome and Jerusalem, which ultimately led to the destruction of Jerusalem. Martin Goodman's meticulous research delves into the incompatibility of cultural and religious beliefs that fueled this ancient conflict. Discover how Rome's brutal policies against the Jews, coupled with Christianity's growing hostility towards them, shaped the course of history. Gain unprecedented insight into the collision of two powerful civilizations, and uncover the lasting impact of their struggle in the modern world.
Rainn Wilson
My two favorite cities have a storied and contentious history, richly documented in this terrific study. Sparks fly and, meanwhile, Christianity sweeps in and transforms the world in a few short hundred years. Fascinating.      fuente
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