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Зачем мы спим book cover

Зачем мы спим

Новая наука о сне и сновидениях

Matthew Walker

До недавних пор у науки не было полного представления о механизмах сна, о всем многообразии его благотворного влияния и о том, почему последствия хронического недосыпания пагубны для здоровья. Выдающийся невролог и ученый Мэттью Уолкер обобщает данные последних исследований феномена сна и приглашает к разговору на темы, связанные с одним из важнейших аспектов нашего существования.
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It took me a little longer than usual to finish Why We Sleep—ironically, because I kept following Walker’s advice to put down the book I was reading a bit earlier than I was used to, so I could get a better night’s sleep. But Walker taught me a lot about this basic activity that every person on Earth needs. I suspect his book will do the same for you.      источник
I can't recommend "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker enough. Amazing book about the crucial importance of sleep in our health. A topic so many times overlooked by everybody (especially by athletes!).      источник
p.p.s. here’s the source of this figure, this book is absolutely magnificent and will totally change your understanding of and relationship to sleep (and other substances):      источник
@noahkrueger @brittballard Check the Why We Sleep book.      источник
One of the best and most important books I've read this year.      источник
Think 6 hours is enough sleep? Think you can power through periods of limited sleep and make it up later? Think you’re immune to sleep deprivation because you’re born to hustle? Read this book and think again. “Why We Sleep” is highly recommended —>      источник
I am almost halfway through reading this book and I am loving it and learning a lot. Based on massive scientific research the book is easy to read and entertaining too. It will be high up there on my 2019 best reads. #TwitterBookClub      источник
@paulg @rivatez Upside of Stress, Why We Sleep, The Score Takes Care of Itself, The Little Kingdom, Vision of the Anointed.      источник
Opening page of the international bestseller “Why We Sleep”, by Prof. Matthew Walker. This is a seriously eye-opening book. If ever there was a must-read, this is it.      источник
@danielweinand @michaelperry I went all the way from hating sleep to a deep appreciation for sleep and what it does. Great book.      источник
@menakadoshi Please read this book: Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams      источник
Looking for a new non-fiction book to pick up? Here are a few of my favorites. What non-fiction books do you recommend?      источник
@olshansky Great book.      источник
Just an insane amount of awesome studies and detail on how the brain functions in this book... Also, has my mind churning for disruption opportunities to reverse that vicious cycle society has undergone forcing this habit killing people slowly... So much more to learn...      источник
Some of my favorite science books in 2018 ⁦Thanks to @sleepdiplomat⁩ ⁦@carlzimmer⁩ David Reich ⁦@RobertPlomin⁩ ⁦@aa_marsh⁩      источник
What were the best books you read in 2017? Very interested in your opinions as I am always looking for good books to read. Here are some of my choices; books by Michael Walker, @DouglasKMurray, Dr Jean Twenge and Dr Edith Eger.      источник
Hey @APompliano: "Why We Sleep" might be an answer to your question about most important book.      источник
@MikeRenner59 @kathrynschulz @simonsinek @KateMurphyNews @JamesClear I loved that book!      источник
Not only did I become convinced that getting high-quality sleep is the best protector and enhancer of health and cognition, but it is also the most underappreciated.      источник