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Лучшие книги о моде
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Диана Вриланд book cover
Диана Вриланд
Diana Vreeland - 2003-05-08 (впервые опубликовано в 1984)
Рейтинг Goodreads
Культовая фигура и культовая книга в мире моды и глянца. Яркая, харизматичная, властная Диана Вриланд — модный редактор Harper’s Bazaar, главный редактор журнала Vogue и организатор выставок костюма в Метрополитен-музее — была женщиной, чей талант и чувство стиля определяли мир высокой моды на протяжении пятидесяти лет. Благодаря ей Vogue приобрел славу, вес и значимость, а ее необычный взгляд на красоту сделал знаменитыми многих артистов, моделей и фотографов. Из английских дворцов в ночные клубы Парижа 1930-х годов, из диких мест Вайоминга в эксклюзивные места высшего общества Нью-Йорка, книга переносит нас в ослепительную жизнь этой удивительной женщины и знакомит с ее друзьями: Коко Шанель, герцогом и герцогиней Виндзорскими, Кларком Гейблом, Джеком Николсоном и другими известными деятелями XX века.
The Beautiful Fall book cover
The Beautiful Fall
Fashion, Genius, and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris
Alicia Drake - 2006-09-05
Рейтинг Goodreads
Fashion rivals Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagefeld collide in 1970s Paris, sparking a decade of high-chic fashion wars. Experience this sublime and dramatic narrative recounting their tumultuous battle for supremacy in the fashion industry.
The Battle of Versailles book cover
The Battle of Versailles
The Night American Fashion Stumbled into the Spotlight and Made History
Robin Givhan - 2015-03-17
Рейтинг Goodreads
In 1973, American fashion faced off against European designers in an extravagant runway show at the Palace of Versailles. Pulitzer Prize winner Robin Givhan brings this historic moment to life with a sharp, engaging cultural history of the event that forever altered the fashion industry. From the in-fighting and outsized egos to the groundbreaking move to feature African American models, The Battle of Versailles offers a captivating look at a turning point in fashion history.
Grace book cover
Grace Coddington - 2012-11-20
Рейтинг Goodreads
There are giants in the world of fashion, and then there is Grace Coddington. Grace: A Memoir chronicles a life in Vogue, offers readers a bird’s-eye view into an influential industry, and paints a stylish portrait of a creative genius at work and play.
Supreme Models book cover
Supreme Models
Iconic Black Women Who Revolutionized Fashion
Marcellas Reynolds - 2019-10-08
Рейтинг Goodreads
Celebrate black models past and present with Supreme Models - the first-ever book devoted exclusively to their groundbreaking impact on fashion and pop culture. Written by celebrity stylist and journalist Marcellas Reynolds, this stunning book features revealing essays, interviews, and over 70 gorgeous photographs of the women who have reshaped the standards and boundaries of beauty. From the first black models to be featured on catalogs and magazine covers, to iconic supermodels and the newest generation of social media stars, Supreme Models pays a long-overdue tribute to their monumental influence.
Little Dictionary of Fashion book cover
Little Dictionary of Fashion
A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman
Christian Dior - 2007-11-01 (впервые опубликовано в 1954)
Рейтинг Goodreads
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The New Black Vanguard book cover
The New Black Vanguard
Photography Between Art and Fashion
Antwaun Sargent - 2019-10-29
Рейтинг Goodreads
"The New Black Vanguard" by Antwaun Sargent is a groundbreaking look at the radical transformation taking place in fashion and art through the lens of Black photography. This richly illustrated book features the brightest contemporary fashion photographers, including Tyler Mitchell and Nadine Ijewere, whose powerful images have reinvigorated the visual vocabulary around beauty and the body. Sargent also opens up a conversation around the role of the Black body in the marketplace and the institutional barriers faced by Black photographers. Through artist portfolios and conversations between generations, "The New Black Vanguard" proposes a brilliantly reenvisioned future of inclusion and representation.
Fashionopolis book cover
Цена быстрой моды и будущее одежды (Fashionopolis
Dana Thomas - 2019-09-03
Рейтинг Goodreads
An investigation into the damage wrought by the colossal clothing industry – and the grassroots, high-tech, international movement fighting to reform it. 'A gripping blockbuster ... Thomas researches meticulously and writes with simmering even-handed anger' TELEGRAPH. Fashionopolis is the definitive book on the cost of fast fashion, and a blueprint for how we get to a more sustainable future. Fashion has blighted our planet. Today, one out of six people on earth work in fashion, churning out 100 billion garments a year. Yet 98 percent of them do not earn a living wage, and 2.1 billion tonnes of clothing is thrown away annually. The clothing industry's exploitation of fellow humans and the environment has reached epic levels. What should we do? Bestselling author and veteran journalist Dana Thomas has travelled the globe to find the answers. In Fashionopolis, she details the damage wrought by fashion's behemoths, and celebrates the visionaries – including activists, artisans, designers, and tech entrepreneurs – fighting for change. We all have been casual about our clothes. It's time to get dressed with intention. Fashionopolis is the first comprehensive look at how to start. Reviews: 'Fascinating ... Powerful ... Thomas has succeeded in calling attention to the major problems of the fashion industry' New York Times 'Thomas takes a story most of us think we know, but tells it better and in compelling, readable detail' The Times 'Engaging and thorough ... Fashionopolis has implications beyond cloth and thread' Financial Times 'Thomas is a conscientious reporter – as evidenced in her research, which is studded with statistics' Times Literary Supplement
Overdressed book cover
The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion
Elizabeth L. Cline - 2012-06-14
Рейтинг Goodreads
This book explores the rise of budget clothing chains and their impact on our society, environment, and economic well-being. The author delves into the true nature of the cheap fashion juggernaut, from its effects on fashion industry workers to the harm it does to charity thrift shops and textile recyclers. Readers will learn how to break the cycle of buying and tossing, and find innovative, stylish sustainably-made options that are affordable and long-lasting.
Tom Ford book cover
Tom Ford
Tom Ford - 2008-11-04 (впервые опубликовано в 2004)
Рейтинг Goodreads
"Tom Ford" is a captivating exploration of the life and career of one of fashion’s most iconic figures. Through stunning photography, the book showcases Ford’s groundbreaking designs for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, capturing the essence of 21st century glamour. With more than 200 photographs by renowned photographers, including previously unpublished images, this volume offers an extraordinary glimpse into the complete brand vision of a true industry legend.
Deluxe by Dana Thomas
Александр Маккуин by Andrew Wilson
The End of Fashion by Teri Agins
Модное восхождение by Bill Cunningham
Икона по воле случая by Iris Apfel
Gods and Kings by Dana Thomas
To Die for by Lucy Siegle
The Fashion Designer Survival Guide by Mary Gehlhar
The End of Fashion by Teri Agins
The Vanity Fair Diaries by Tina Brown
Coco Chanel by Justine Picardie
Дом Гуччи by Sara G. Forden
Dapper Dan by Daniel R. Day
Осознанный гардероб by Elizabeth L. Cline
A Visible Man by Edward Enninful
Thom Browne. by Thom Browne, Andrew Bolton
Burberry Fury, Alexander - Assouline Coffee Table Book by Alexander Fury
Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press
Miss Dior by Justine Picardie
#GIRLBOSS Как я создала миллионный бизнес, не имея денег, офиса и высшего образования by Sophia Amoruso
Naked Fashion by Safia Minney
Chic Savages by John Fairchild
Мои шифоновые окопы by André Leon Talley
Bill Cunningham by New York Times
Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera, Wes Gordon, Elizaveta Porodina, Edward Enninful
Жертвы моды by Alison Matthews David
Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen
Золотая нить by Kassia St. Clair
The Rihanna Book by Rihanna
Peter Lindbergh. A Different Vision on Fashion Photography by Thierry-Maxime Loriot
CAMP by Andrew Bolton
Diana Vreeland by Lisa Immordino Vreeland
Stitched Up by Tansy E. Hoskins
Slim Aarons by Shawn Waldron, Kate Betts
Walking with the Muses by Pat Cleveland
Simply Halston by Steven Gaines
Little Black Dress by André Leon Talley, Adam Kuehl, Paula Wallace, Gioia Diliberto, Maureen Dowd
Fresh Fly Fabulous by Elizabeth Way, Elena Romero, Slick Rick
Issues by Vince Aletti
Pharrell by Pharrell Williams, Nigo®, Tyler the Creator
Inside Haute Couture by Désirée Sadek
More Rick Owens by Rick Owens, Danielle Levitt
Rebel Stylist by Iain R. Webb
The United States of Fashion by THE EDITORS OF VOGUE
India in Fashion by Hamish Bowles, Vandana Bhandari, Suzy Menkes, Sarah Fee, Priyanka R. Khanna
Зеркало моды by Cecil Beaton
Fashion by Christopher Breward
Bring No Clothes by Porter Charlie
Slow Fashion by Safia Minney
The Price of Illusion by Joan Juliet Buck
Fashion and Sustainability by Kate Fletcher
A.L.T. by Andre Leon Talley
Champagne Supernovas by Maureen Callahan
ReFashioned by Sass Brown
Продавец обуви by Phil Knight
Coco Chanel by Megan Hess
Patternmaking for Fashion Design by Helen Joseph Armstrong
Gucci by Katie Grand
Chanel by Patrick Mauriès, Adélia Sabatini
The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman
In Vogue by Alberto Oliva
Louis Vuitton by Paul-Gerard Pasols
The Dress by Megan Hess
Alexander McQueen by Claire Wilcox
The Ultimate Book of Outfit Formulas by Alison Lumbatis
Tim Walker Pictures by Tim Walker
Coco Chanel Special Edition by Megan Hess
Virgil Abloh by Michael Darling
kate spade new york by Kate Spade New York
Rare Bird of Fashion by Eric Boman
Avedon Fashion 1944-2000 by Carol Squiers
Dressed by Deborah Nadoolman Landis
Unraveled by Maxine Bedat
Chanel by Jérôme Gautier
Yves Saint Laurent by Farid Florence Chenoune Muller
Brown Bohemians by Vanessa Vernon
Valentino by Pamela Golbin
Prada Catwalk by Susannah Frankel
Sustainable Fashion and Textiles by Kate Fletcher
Your Fashion [Dream] Plan by Giada Graziano
Как читать платье by Lydia Edwards
Sneaker Law by Kenneth Anand, Jared Goldstein
Marc Jacobs Illustrated by Marc Jacobs, Grace Coddington, Sofia Coppola
Visionaries by Frankel Susannah
Influence by Mary Kate Olsen
Dior by Dior Deluxe Edition by Christian Dior
The One Hundred by Nina Garcia
Умный гардероб by Anuschka Rees
Дьявол носит Prada by Lauren Weisberger
If You Have to Cry, Go Outside by Kelly Cutrone