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Don Winslow

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Don Winslow is an American author and political activist most recognized for his crime and mystery novels. Many of his books are set in California. Five of his novels feature private investigator Neal Carey.
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Drowning book cover
A Novel
T. J. Newman - 2023-05-30
Рейтинг Goodreads
An Avid Reader Press book. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader....
Don Winslow
@KarlaFreedom2 @T_J_Newman The book is great.      источник
Falling book cover
A Novel
T. J. Newman - 2021-07-06
Рейтинг Goodreads
Discover a gripping thriller about a pilot facing an unimaginable choice: crash the plane carrying 143 passengers or risk his family's lives. The fate of everyone onboard lies in his hands. Will he follow orders, or can he find a way to save them all? Buckle up for a heart-pounding journey with no easy answers.
Don Winslow
One of the best thrillers you will ever read. #Falling by @T_J_Newman #1 National bestseller #1 Indie Next Pick #2 New York Times bestseller Named A Best Book of the Year USA Today / Amazon / Esquire / Globe & Mail      источник
Courage Under Fire book cover
Courage Under Fire
Under Siege and Outnumbered 58 to 1 on January 6
Steven A. Sund - 2023-01-03
Рейтинг Goodreads
Experience the extraordinary story of courage under fire during one of the darkest days in American history in this gripping personal account by United States Capitol Police Chief Steven A. Sund. Inside the events leading up to January 6, this detailed and harrowing minute-by-minute account provides a firsthand look at the valiant defense of the US Capitol by outnumbered police officers during the attack. With never-before-seen photographs and audio recordings, Courage Under Fire traces Chief Sund's journey from his command post to his explosive behind-closed-doors testimony before the January 6 committee. This is an unforgettable tale of heroism and resilience in the face of extreme danger.
Don Winslow
I thought I knew a great deal about what happened on January 6...and then I read this book and realized how much I did not know. Amazon: B&N: Indiebound: Apple:      источник
Adrift book cover
America in 100 Charts
Scott Galloway - 2022-09-27
Рейтинг Goodreads
This urgent examination of America's future, written by bestselling author and NYU business school professor Scott Galloway, delves into the challenges we face in a post-pandemic world. Galloway explores the impact of political extremism, supply chain issues, and the great resignation on our economy and middle class. Through 100 charts spanning from 1945 to present day, he examines past crises to help us make sense of the present. From the effects of technology to the American dream, Galloway offers a unique perspective on what it will take for our nation to keep up with the fast and violent changes of our new world.
Don Winslow
@SRuhle @profgalloway @georgehahn I'm not doing this but @profgalloway is a helluva great writer and I urge you read his latest book ADRIFT!      источник
Chris Fralic
Sandy Hook book cover
Sandy Hook
An American Tragedy and the Battle for Truth
Elizabeth Williamson - 2022-03-08
Рейтинг Goodreads
Sandy Hook is a poignant and definitive investigation of the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Based on extensive research and exclusive sources, Elizabeth Williamson uncovers how the shooting became overrun with malicious conspiracy theories denying its existence. The book chronicles the families' struggle against these damaging myths and threats to their very lives. Through unflinching reporting, narrative storytelling, and intimate portraits, Sandy Hook exposes how false narratives distort and destroy our society.
Don Winslow
A powerful, painful, shocking, devastating and incredibly well written book by @NYTLiz (Elizabeth Williamson).      источник
Taylor Lorenz
The Devil May Dance book cover
The Devil May Dance
A Novel
Jake Tapper - 2021-05-11
Рейтинг Goodreads
A political power couple must navigate the dark side of Hollywood in this fast-paced thriller. Charlie and Margaret Marder are called upon by Attorney General Robert Kennedy to investigate a threat to the presidency and national security, which takes them on an adventure in sunny Los Angeles, where they must cozy up to Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. But in a town of illusions, nothing is easy, and they soon find themselves pursued by sinister forces, facing off against the darkest secrets of Hollywood's power. Corruption and ambition come together in this sequel to the bestselling novel The Hellfire Club.
Don Winslow
@johnbgallagher @jaketapper It's a really good book.      источник
Heat 2 book cover
Heat 2
A Novel
Michael Mann, Meg Gardiner - 2022-08-09
Рейтинг Goodreads
This explosive crime novel illuminates what happened before and after the iconic film, Heat, as Michael Mann teams up with Edgar Award-winner Meg Gardiner to create a prequel and sequel to his critically acclaimed film. The attention to detail, rich characterizations, and breathtakingly cinematic action sequences follow homicide detective Vincent Hanna and elite criminals Neil McCauley, Chris Shiherlis, and Nate through new high-line heists and international crime syndicates. Heat 2 is a masterpiece of crime fiction from one of the most innovative and influential filmmakers in American cinema.
Don Winslow
Al Pacino +Robert DeNiro talk during the shooting of the finale of Heat. Heat 2 /a sequel+prequel to the film is out on Aug 9. It's 4-time Oscar winner Michael Mann's first NOVEL. If you loved the film as I did, you'll love this book. Amazon:      источник
Watergate book cover
A New History
Garrett M. Graff - 2022-02-15
Рейтинг Goodreads
Discover the full scope of the Watergate scandal, including the politicians, investigators, journalists, and informants that made it the most influential political event of the modern era. Award-winning journalist Garrett M. Graff delivers the first comprehensive, single-volume account in decades, exploring the scandal's beginnings in the publication of the Pentagon Papers to the unraveling of a presidency and its leader. Using newly public documents, transcripts, and revelations, Graff recounts every twist with remarkable detail and page-turning drama, bringing readers into the backrooms of Washington, chaotic daily newsrooms, crowded Senate hearings, and even the Oval Office itself during one of the darkest chapters in American history. Watergate is the defining account of the moment that has haunted our nation’s past—and still holds the power to shape its present and future.
Don Winslow
@mkady @AvidReaderPress @vermontgmg It's a great book.      источник
David Dobbs
City on Fire book cover
City on Fire
A Novel
Don Winslow - 2022-04-26 (впервые опубликовано в 2021)
Рейтинг Goodreads
This epic crime saga set in the 1980s and 1990s explores the Irish and Italian crime syndicates in America. Meet Danny, a hardworking longshoreman with dreams of starting over. But when war breaks out between rival mob factions, Danny finds himself entangled in a conflict he can’t escape. With themes of loyalty, betrayal, honor, and corruption on both sides of the law, City on Fire is a contemporary Iliad from an internationally bestselling author.
Don Winslow
@dannyjnicholson @MegGardiner1 @MichaelMann The book is fantastic.      источник
Stephen KingDevon SawaGlen Mazzara
Звездный десант book cover
Звездный десант
Robert A. Heinlein - 1987-05-01 (впервые опубликовано в 1959)
Рейтинг Goodreads
Роман "Звездный десант", посвященный столь близкой автору и столь актуальной для нашего времени военной теме, - одно из самых популярных произведений Хайнлайна. Он был положен в основу сюжета одноименного нашумевшего фильма.
Don Winslow
@Sherlock_Homie_ Starship Troopers is a great novel. Lousy movie that was done as camp, but the book is really different and much better.      источник
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