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Jane McGonigal

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Jane McGonigal is an American game designer and author who advocates the use of mobile and digital technology to channel positive attitudes and collaboration in a real world context.
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The Learning Game book cover
The Learning Game
Teaching Kids to Think for Themselves, Embrace Challenge, and Love Learning
Ana Lorena Fábrega - 2023-09-05
Рейтинг Goodreads
How did we conclude that the best way to prepare kids for the future is to cluster them into classrooms by age and grade, forcing them to learn the same things, at the same time and pace, seven hours a day, five days a week, for twelve years?...
Jane McGonigal
This is a great book I was lucky to get to read an advance copy of!      источник
Imaginable book cover
How to See the Future Coming and Feel Ready for Anything―Even Things That Seem Impossible Today
Jane McGonigal - 2022-03-22
Рейтинг Goodreads
"Imaginable" by Jane McGonigal is a must-read book for anyone struggling with the uncertainty and unpredictability of our future. As a game designer and future forecaster, McGonigal offers a practical and accessible guide to building our collective imagination and envisioning what our lives will look like in the next decade. With thought-provoking exercises and future simulations, "Imaginable" teaches us to solve problems creatively, take bold actions, and tap into our sense of agency to shape the future we desire. This transformative book offers the tools we need to face the future without fear and embrace the endless possibilities that exist.
Jane McGonigal
@krishnanrohit @VincentBriere @iftf I recommend the book Imaginable for a current take on futures thinking.      источник
Stepping Back from the Ledge book cover
Stepping Back from the Ledge
A Daughter's Search for Truth and Renewal
Laura Trujillo - 2022-04-19
Рейтинг Goodreads
Discover the moving and intimate memoir of a woman struggling to come to terms with her mother's suicide. As she grapples with the question of how to mourn a loved one while repairing the injuries they inflicted, Laura Trujillo's Stepping Back from the Ledge offers hope and healing to all who have suffered. Initially devastated by her mother's death, Laura embarks on an emotional journey to understand the depression and intergenerational trauma that led to her mother's suicide. Moving between the depths of despair and the hope of redemption, this memoir is a profound exploration of the bond between a mother and daughter, and the power of facing the truth.
Jane McGonigal
@lauraftrujillo @nytimesbooks I just finished your beautiful book. Thank you for creating this safety net for others.      источник
Ashley C. Ford
The Actual Star book cover
The Actual Star
A Novel
Monica Byrne - 2021-09-14
Рейтинг Goodreads
Spanning two thousand years and six continents, this multigenerational saga interweaves three timelines, from the ancient Maya collapse to a far-future utopia on the brink of civil war. Author Monica Byrne merges tradition and progress, love and hate, in a breathtaking journey over time and space. This epic saga explores age-old questions of existence and identity, taking readers on a quest to see the stars in complete darkness.
Jane McGonigal
This is a phenomenal book and a steal at $1.99!!!!      источник
Sarah ParcakDr. Karen James
The Rock from the Sky book cover
The Rock from the Sky
Jon Klassen - 2021-04-13
Рейтинг Goodreads
"Experience a hilarious new picture book for all ages from the Caldecott Medal-winning author of the Hat Trilogy. Follow Turtle and Armadillo as they navigate the complexities of friendship, fate, and a strange feeling that something's not quite right. With broad visual suspense and witty humor, this deadpan gem by Jon Klassen is a wholly original comedy that is not to be missed."
Jane McGonigal
@burstofbeaden This book is soooooo good! Thank you for creating it. Your books are among the small handful we will keep forever after our kids are grown up, you awesome, your mind is amazing, and I want an eye monster from the future.      источник
The Reality Game book cover
The Reality Game
How the Next Wave of Technology Will Break the Truth
Samuel Woolley - 2020-01-07
Рейтинг Goodreads
This urgent book by Samuel Woolley explores the impact of online disinformation on our everyday lives beyond social media. With the rise of humanlike automated voice systems, machine learning, and "deepfake" AI-edited videos, these technologies have the power not just to manipulate our politics but to make us doubt our eyes and ears. However, Woolley argues for a new culture of innovation built around accountability and transparency to prevent future manipulation. The Reality Game will inspire readers to use our new tools not to control people but to empower them.
Jane McGonigal
@Ologies speaking of which...professorrr @samuelwoolley would be an amazing guest for an episode in infodemiology, how disinformation and misinformation spread (very important for vaccination efforts!) His book Reality Game is fantastic and he is THE expert!      источник
Маленькая жизнь book cover
Маленькая жизнь
Hanya Yanagihara - 2015-03-10
Рейтинг Goodreads
Американская писательница Ханья Янагихара создала необычный роман, где и о страшном, и о радостном говорится без лишнего надрыва и сентиментальности. Четверо друзей - талантливый архитектор Малкольм, начинающий актер Виллем, уверенный в собственной неповторимости художник Джей-Би и гениальный юрист и математик Джуд - пытаются добиться успеха в Нью-Йорке, но оказывается, что ни карьера, ни деньги, ни слава не могут справиться с прошлым, если оно сильнее жизни…
Jane McGonigal
@rhondakap @kellymcgonigal If you haven't read this only read it if you want to be emotionally brutalized. Virtuoso portrayal of compassion but Jesus you could not make worse things happen to your characters. Almost sadistic. Amazing book but traumatic read      источник
Game Thinking book cover
Game Thinking
Innovate smarter & drive deep engagement with design techniques from hit games
Amy Jo Kim - 2018-05-31
Рейтинг Goodreads
Game Thinking by Amy Jo Kim is a groundbreaking book that reveals the secret to crafting products that people love and keep loving. By focusing on the "superfans" hidden in your audience, and using techniques from the fast-moving games industry, Kim teaches entrepreneurs how to develop "impossible to put down" products. With five powerful strategies, you can accelerate innovation, keep customers engaged, and plot your development path with the Game Thinking roadmap. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to innovate smarter and build successful products.
Jane McGonigal
this is a STEAL for a great book on game thinking!      источник
The Game Believes in You book cover
The Game Believes in You
How Digital Play Can Make Our Kids Smarter
Greg Toppo - 2015-04-21
Рейтинг Goodreads
Discover the revolutionary educators who believe that video games can transform the way we learn in Greg Toppo's The Game Believes in You. This book follows a small group of visionaries who've spent 40 years pushing for game controllers to be used in classrooms. Meet a game designer creating a video game version of Thoreau's Walden Pond, a young neuroscientist whose research is transforming how math is taught, and a music instructor leading teens in creating a Minecraft opera. Explore how games inspire and teach at a pace that traditional schooling can't. This must-read will inspire educators and parents alike and spark passionate debates.
Jane McGonigal
The most important book on games and learning in a decade! it's getting amazing reviews in NYT, etc      источник
The Grasshopper by Bernard Suits
Сила воли by Kelly McGonigal
Suffering Is Optional by Cheri Huber
Finite and Infinite Games by James P. Carse