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Paul Krugman

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Paul Robin Krugman is an American economist who is the Distinguished Professor of Economics at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and a columnist for The New York Times.
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How the War Was Won book cover
How the War Was Won
Air-Sea Power and Allied Victory in World War II (Cambridge Military Histories)
Phillips Payson O'Brien - 2015-04-28
Рейтинг Goodreads
Experience World War II in a new way with How the War Was Won. In this captivating history book, Phillips Payson O'Brien argues that air and sea power were key to the war's outcome, not just land battles. Discover how the Allies used their technological and economic advantages to dominate these areas, putting pressure on Germany and Japan's entire war machine. You'll see how battles like Stalingrad and Kursk were not the ultimate deciders of the war, but rather, air and sea power was.
Paul Krugman
O'Brien's illuminating book "How the war was won" has a great opening sentence: "There were no decisive battles in World War II." What he means is that given the huge war production of the combatants, even huge losses in individual battles could be replaced in a few weeks 3/      источник
Duncan Weldon
The Afghan Campaign book cover
The Afghan Campaign
A Novel
Steven Pressfield - 2006-07-18
Рейтинг Goodreads
Join Matthias and his fellow Macedonian soldiers in their bloody campaign in the Afghan Kingdoms, where they face a new kind of enemy and must learn to fight a new kind of war. Experience their fear, euphoria, horror, and shame as they confront a proud Eastern warrior people who possess a fervent willingness to die for their cause. To survive, they must adopt unorthodox and barbaric tactics- but at what cost?
Paul Krugman
Recalling a great book about the hopeless attempt to pacify Afghanistan — by Alexander the Great's Macedonians      источник
Дюна book cover
Deluxe Edition
Frank Herbert - 2019-10-01 (впервые опубликовано в 1965)
Рейтинг Goodreads
В «Дюне» Фрэнку Герберту удалось совершить невозможное — создать своеобразную «хронику далекого будущего». И не было за всю историю мировой фантастики картины грядущего более яркой, более зримой, более модной и оригинальной. Цикл «Дюна» был и остается уникальным явлением — самым грандиозным, самым дерзким, самым масштабным творением за всю историю мировой фантастики.
Paul Krugman
As a teenager, I was a total Dune fanatic; my friends and I used to have mock knife fights where the killing blow had to be delivered slowly to get through the other guy's personal shield, which means a lot if you've read the book 2/      источник
Beige Book book cover
Beige Book
Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Rese.
Federal Reserve Districts - 2014-01-13
This economic report from the Federal Reserve Districts details a continued expansion in national economic activity at a modest to moderate pace. Consumer spending is growing and the travel and tourism sector is expanding in most districts. Business spending, demand for nonfinancial services, and manufacturing activity also show modest growth. Nonresidential construction, however, is expanding at a slower rate. Agricultural reports are mixed, and there were slight price and wage pressures. Overall, economic outlook remains optimistic despite the recent government shutdown and debt ceiling debate.
Paul Krugman
The Beige Book — economics by talking to people — is one of the Fed's more interesting institutions. It seems especially useful now, when conventional economic measures are having a hard time dealing with crazy times 1/      источник
Властелин Колец book cover
Властелин Колец
50th Anniversary, One Vol. Edition
J. R. R. Tolkien - 2005-10-12 (впервые опубликовано в 1955)
Рейтинг Goodreads
Джон Рональд Руэл Толкин (3.01.1892 – 2.09.1973) – писатель, поэт, филолог, профессор Оксфордского университета, родоначальник современной фэнтези. В 1937 году был написан «Хоббит», а в середине 1950-х годов увидели свет три книги «Властелина колец», повествующие о Средиземье – мире, населенном представителями волшебных рас со сложной культурой, историей и мифологией. Существует свыше десятка переводов трилогии на русский язык. В данное издание вошел перевод В. Каррика, М. Каменкович
Paul Krugman
The gift that keeps on giving. Remember that there are two books that can greatly influence teenaged boys: Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is about a fantasy world whose unrealism can seriously warp your personality and outlook. The other is about orcs.      источник
Things Fall Apart SparkNotes Literature Guideby SparkNotes book cover
Things Fall Apart SparkNotes Literature Guideby SparkNotes
SparkNotes - 2003-06-13
Рейтинг Goodreads
This literature guide by SparkNotes is perfect for students who want to succeed in their studies. It provides chapter-by-chapter analysis of key themes, motifs, and symbols, a review quiz, and essay topics. Lively and fun, SparkNotes is great for studying late into the night and writing papers. The guide also includes an A+ essay as an example of how the book can be analyzed, a glossary of literary terms, step-by-step tutoring on how to write a literary essay, and a feature on how not to plagiarize.
Paul Krugman
The gift that keeps on giving. Remember that there are two books that can greatly influence teenaged boys: Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is about a fantasy world whose unrealism can seriously warp your personality and outlook. The other is about orcs.      источник
Shelly Kramer
Billionaires and Stealth Politics book cover
Billionaires and Stealth Politics
Benjamin I. Page - 2018-12-03
Рейтинг Goodreads
This book offers insight into the growing influence of billionaires on American politics, and their use of "stealth politics" to promote policies that benefit their interests. The authors argue that this trend poses a threat to democracy in the United States, and offer solutions for increasing political accountability and reinvigorating majoritarian democracy.
Paul Krugman
Meanwhile, I've been reading a really interesting new political science book, which tells us that billionaires are, in general, very conservative and mostly back right-wing politicians and causes 3/      источник