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Дюна book cover


Dune Series

Deluxe Edition

Frank Herbert

В «Дюне» Фрэнку Герберту удалось совершить невозможное — создать своеобразную «хронику далекого будущего». И не было за всю историю мировой фантастики картины грядущего более яркой, более зримой, более модной и оригинальной. Цикл «Дюна» был и остается уникальным явлением — самым грандиозным, самым дерзким, самым масштабным творением за всю историю мировой фантастики.
Дата публикации
впервые опубликовано в 1965
Рейтинг Goodreads
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Dune series by Herbert also brilliant. He advocates placing limits on machine intelligence.      источник
As a teenager, I was a total Dune fanatic; my friends and I used to have mock knife fights where the killing blow had to be delivered slowly to get through the other guy's personal shield, which means a lot if you've read the book 2/      источник
When I got this book out of the library at age 12, my father remarked, It's sinful that so large a book should be devoted to science fiction. Little was he to know that this book, full of wonderful concepts about how to come to grips with a world out of our control, would play so large a role in his son's life. After I graduated from college, a friend who was editing a series of critical monographs about science fiction asked me if I'd like to write a book about Frank Herbert. I agreed, and it was that choice that set me on the path to becoming a writer. In the course of writing the book, I got far deeper into Herbert's ideas than I had reading his books growing up. The core message of all Herbert's work is that we can't control the future, but we can control our response to it, surfing the edge of change and risk.      источник
Perhaps the most incredibly detailed and oddly believable fictional landscape I’ve ever encountered.      источник
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