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Zooko Wilcox

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Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn, is an American Colorado-based computer security specialist, cypherpunk, and CEO of the Electric Coin Company, a for-profit company leading the development of Zcash.
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Hackers book cover
Heroes of the Computer Revolution
Steven Levy - 2001-01-01 (впервые опубликовано в 1984)
Рейтинг Goodreads
Enter the world of original computer hackers in this classic book celebrating its 25th anniversary. Follow the brilliant and eccentric nerds from the late 1950s to the early 80s as they take risks, bend the rules, and push the world in a radical new direction. With updated material from noteworthy hackers such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Stallman, and Steve Wozniak, Hackers is a fascinating story that begins in early computer research labs and leads to the first home computers. Get ready to discover how underground activities blazed a trail for today's digital world.
Zooko Wilcox
This book changed my life when it came out. I was probably around 12 years old. It made me want to be a hacker. But not a criminal — a hero of the computer revolution.      источник
Austen AllredTobi LutkeDonald Knuth
Дюна book cover
Deluxe Edition
Frank Herbert - 2019-10-01 (впервые опубликовано в 1965)
Рейтинг Goodreads
В «Дюне» Фрэнку Герберту удалось совершить невозможное — создать своеобразную «хронику далекого будущего». И не было за всю историю мировой фантастики картины грядущего более яркой, более зримой, более модной и оригинальной. Цикл «Дюна» был и остается уникальным явлением — самым грандиозным, самым дерзким, самым масштабным творением за всю историю мировой фантастики.
Zooko Wilcox
@rsnous I just finished that book today! The extensive quotations are one of my favorite parts.      источник
Good Calories, Bad Calories book cover
Good Calories, Bad Calories
Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health
Gary Taubes - 2007-09-25 (впервые опубликовано в 2004)
Рейтинг Goodreads
This groundbreaking book challenges the conventional wisdom on diet, weight, and disease. Through seven years of research, the author reveals that almost everything we believe about nutrition is wrong. The problem lies in refined carbohydrates and sugars, which have long-term effects on insulin and fat accumulation. This book offers a new perspective on good and bad calories, with examples of foods that can be eaten without restraint and those that stimulate excessive insulin secretion. With precise references to existing clinical studies, the author leads us to the conclusion that the only healthy way to lose weight and remain lean is to eat fewer carbohydrates or to change the type of carbohydrates we eat. A must-read for anyone looking to redefine their understanding of nutrition and health.
Zooko Wilcox
When it came out ten years ago, it was the definitive study of the history and science of human nutrition in the 20th century.      источник
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