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Being the boy mom of a 10 and 3 year old, means Ashley Lane lives off Goldfish crumbs and Diet Coke. When her life isn't being ruled by her tiny minions and their endless activities, you can typically find her parked on the couch, Kindle within reach, catching up on the previous weeks episode of Grey's Anatomy or Hell's Kitchen.FOLLOW ME: Facebook- Group-
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Silenced By Sin book cover
Silenced By Sin
Ashley Lane - 2019-10-25
Goodreads Rating
Patch The smallest caskets weigh the most. I lost myself the day I buried my daughter. Her death was only the beginning of my downfall. I will not play God. As a doctor, the oath I took bound me. As a father, only blood could set me free. Pain is my prison. With guilt my only companion, I bought myself a life, Silenced by Sin. Alaska You are not de...
Washed In Blood book cover
Washed In Blood
Ashley Lane - 2019-06-27
Goodreads Rating
Blinded by anger, the man who had sworn to protect me, shot me in a fit of rage when I was only sixteen years old. He thought he killed me. But my job wasn’t finished yet. My days are spent as President of the Heavens Guardians MC. Nights are spent searching for the scum of the earth. Rapists, Murderers, Pedophiles. They all answer to me. I thought...
Haunted By Regret book cover
Haunted By Regret
Ashley Lane - 2020-03-19
Goodreads Rating
Haunted (adjective)- Preoccupied with an emotion, memory, or idea; obsessed.It’s what happens to a man that loses his entire family.The first years that followed their demise were the worst.Determined to inflict even a fraction of my pain onto those responsible,I paid them back the same way they paid me.I was content to live out my days knowing jus...
Betrayed by Beauty book cover
Betrayed by Beauty
Ashley Lane - 2020-07-20
Goodreads Rating
Mirror mirror on the wall, F*ck you. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder,I wish it wasn't.The first time my step-dad raped me,I prayed for God to save me... he never came.Instead, my savior came in the form of a Priest.For years we've done God's bidding.Blood coats our hands and souls,Devilish deeds done in the Lord's name.But changes are...
Leave Me Breathless book cover
Leave Me Breathless
The Ivy Collection
Michelle Windsor, Ashley Lane, K.L. Humphreys, C.M. Lally, Natalie Hill, KL Donn, Sophia Henry - 2020-03-07
Goodreads Rating
When the daylight fades and time stands still.The feeling of flying from just one touch.Moving slowly, kissing softly.The flash of fever, becoming lost in the flames.Surrendering.Going under.These are the moments that leave us breathless.The Ivy CollectionThe Ivy symbolizes dependence, endurance, and faithfulness. This collection will feature brand...
Anti-Venom (Vipers MC) book cover
Anti-Venom (Vipers MC)
A Vipers MC Novella
Ashley Lane - 2020-07-27
Goodreads Rating
Alone we're dangerous.Together we'll be deadly.They should know better than to mess with a viper in a bed of poison ivy,but it's a lesson some still need to learn. Alone we're dangerous.Together we'll be deadly.They should know better than to mess with a viper in a bed of poison ivy,but it's a lesson some still need to learn. ...more...
Killing Me Softly book cover
Killing Me Softly
A Romantic Suspense Anthology
Lena Bourne, Lexy Timms, Charlotte Byrd, Lisa Lang Blakeney, Carrie Aarons, Taylor Dawn, Quinn Ryder, Linnea May, Ivy Fox, Sahara Roberts, Adelaide Forrest, Adora Crooks, Emily Bowie, Theresa Sederholt, LC Taylor, Paige P. Horne, K.A Knight, Sen Avery, Margot Scott, Angela Nicole, Ashley Lane, Molly Sloan, Jas T. Ward, Kristin Alexander - 2021-11-09
Goodreads Rating
Are you brave enough to wander on the dark side?Do forbidden desires and tantalizing temptations call to you?Get ready to step into the world of lies, deceit and revenge.Worlds where you can't look away. No is not an option.Where strong men but even stronger women reside.Test the boundaries between love and obsession with these 20+ romantic suspens...