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Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.CBD, CBA, and ECPA bestselling author of 24 books (including new series upcoming for Abingdon Press in 2011/2012) including fiction and non-fiction books for Abingdon Press, Thomas Nelson, Harlequin, and other publishers.I sold three films to HBO/Cinemax and am the first winner of the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award.My two novellas won the 2nd and 3rd place in the Inspirational Readers Choice Contest from the Faith, Love, and Hope chapter of RWA. Both were finalists for the novella category of the Carol Award of the American Christian Writers Award (ACFW).
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The Amish Farmer's Proposal book cover
The Amish Farmer's Proposal
Barbara Cameron - 2022-04-26
Goodreads Rating
An Amish romance about love conquering all. Abe, a traditional dairy farmer, wants to propose to Lavinia, but worries about providing for her. With uncertainty in farming and a serious injury, Abe delays the proposal. Lavinia, optimistic about their future, makes an interesting proposal of her own - will Abe resist?
The Amish Baby Finds a Home book cover
The Amish Baby Finds a Home
Barbara Cameron - 2021-08-24
Goodreads Rating
A heartwarming Amish romance in which an Amish toymaker and his sweetheart discover the greatest gifts come in the smallest packages. When the Amish woodworker finds an abandoned baby in his toy shop, his lady love helps him care for the child until they can find his family. But as they unravel the mystery around the baby's origins, Hannah wonders why Gideon is hesitant to take their relationship to the next level. Will she be able to convince him he's ready for a family of his own?
Unyielding Circumstances of Chronicles Undefined book cover
Unyielding Circumstances of Chronicles Undefined
Dr Octavia Kincy-Moten - 2021-06-28
______________________________________________________________________ Once you delve into Unyielding Circumstances of Chronicles Undefined, it will become apparent that Author Dr. Octavia Kincy-Moten is being led by the Holy Spirit! Upon reading through every spirit-filled page of this book, you will come to the realization that each poem personal...
Sirtfood Diet Cookbook book cover
Sirtfood Diet Cookbook
How To Burn Fat Activating Your Skinny Gene With 100 + Delicious Recipes. Quick And Easy Meals And 30 Days Meal Plan To Jumpstart Your Weight Loss
Barbara Cameron - 2021-03-16
Unlock the secret to losing weight while savoring delicious foods with the Sirtfood Diet! This unique diet adds foods instead of avoiding them, including red wine and chocolate. The Sirtfood Diet Cookbook provides an extensive guide on this revolutionary approach, including a meal-by-meal plan and science behind it. Discover the 20 sirtfoods that activate the "skinny gene", 100+ tasty recipes (including vegetarian and vegan options), and how to incorporate the Sirtfood approach in your daily life. With antioxidants and protein-rich meals, get ready to burn fat faster while enjoying the pleasures of life!
400+ Healthy Recipes with 28-Day Mediterranean Diet Plan to a Healthy Lifestyle and a Long Lasting Weight Loss
Barbara Cameron - 2021-03-01
Are you hoping to reap the benefits the Mediterranean Diet has to offer? Have you ever had an idea of a diet that can be delicious and healthy and can even be better than following any other diets? Do you want to Kick Start A Healthy Lifestyle? Then this Mediterranean Diet Guide can help you to save your time and money! The Mediterranean Diet Meal ...
Mind Diet for Beginners book cover
Mind Diet for Beginners
Top 80+ Recipes and a 7-Day Kickstart Plan to Boost Your Brain Health, Prevent diseases, and improve your lifestyle
Barbara Cameron - 2021-03-01
Goodreads Rating
Improve your brain health and treat hypertension with the Mind Diet - an easy-to-follow program that explains the science behind mental fitness in an approachable way. This guide is packed with delicious dishes that improve memory, concentration and mental acuity, including Brussels Sprouts Frittata, Roasted Chicken with Fennel, and Juicy Greek Turkey Burgers. Give yourself the gift of a sharp and healthy mind - click BUY NOW to get started!
Endomorph Diet book cover
Endomorph Diet
The Ultimate Guide with Day Meal Plans to Reduce weight and Gain Muscle Definition by Following a Diet Plan and a Training Program Specific to Your Body Type
Barabara Cameron - 2021-02-20
This diet book offers personalized strategies for burning fat and feeling great without the gimmicks of generic diets. The Endomorph Diet provides a nutritional approach tailored to your individual body type, allowing you to eat foods that work with your body and maximize fat-burning hormones. You'll learn how to identify your body type, boost your metabolism, and eat in a way that satisfies instead of starving. The book includes a complete 7-day meal plan and tips for building lean muscle. Say goodbye to useless diets and hello to lasting results with the Endomorph Diet.
A Complete Diet Guide for People with Diverticulitis. High Fiber Breakfast, Main Courses, Soup, Snacks & Liquid and Low Residue Diet
Barbara Cameron - 2021-02-12
This book is dedicated to each and every person who seeks relief from the symptoms of diverticulitis or diverticulosis. We hope the information we provide here is a first step towards recovery and relief. Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed with diverticular disease or have been living with the condition for some time, the right nutrition can he...
Easy Meal Plans & Low Acid Recipes To Heal GERD And LPR. The Ultimate Guide To Understand, Heal And Prevent GERD & LPR.
Barbara Cameron - 2021-02-10
Goodreads Rating
Discover the safe and efficient way to end acid reflux with this comprehensive diet plan. Going beyond mere symptom treatment, this book offers a realistic action plan to prevent acid reflux from returning. Say goodbye to GERD with healthy, easy-to-follow approaches to both the food you eat and the lifestyle you lead. With detailed information on GERD symptoms, treatment options, and home remedies, plus one month's worth of reflux-beating diet plans and recipes, this book is essential for anyone looking for long-term acid reflux relief. Get your copy now and begin to live your best life without GERD and LPR.
Effortless Delicious & Fast Low-Carb And Gluten Free Waffles Recipes To Burn Fat And Keep A Ketogenic Lifestyle
Barbara Cameron - 2021-02-09
Discover mouth-watering, budget-friendly, and low-carb chaffle recipes with this easy-to-follow cookbook! Perfect for beginners and advanced keto dieters, this cookbook features simple instructions and time-saving recipes to make your breakfasts delicious and diet-friendly. With clear directions and lists of necessary ingredients, you'll be able to create the perfect waffle every time. Don't hesitate, start your keto journey today and click "BUY NOW" to get your copy!
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