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I began writing short stories for family and friends. My vivid imagination and love of mysteries and romance eventually led me to following my own dreams of becoming a published author.I am big time foodie and a huge fan of Nigella Lawson. I have an endless love for chocolates.As a mother of two beautiful girls who are obsessed with donuts and fairy tale stories. I love taking mini weekend vacation or spending quality time at home with family and friends.If you like my writing, kindly spare some time for your lovely reviews.
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Doctor Dragon's Fake Bride book cover
Doctor Dragon's Fake Bride
Brittany White - 2020-07-01
Goodreads Rating
A dragon shifter and a fake proposal: Doctor Dragon's Fake Bride is an exciting romance novel that follows an Irish dragon shifter who must pretend to be engaged to his virgin neighbor to save her from a forced marriage. As they go through with the fake wedding, their passion becomes very real, but can the doctor protect his bride from the mafia and the truth about his heritage? This book is for adults only.
Lawyer Dragon's Surrogate book cover
Lawyer Dragon's Surrogate
Brittany White - 2020-08-05
Goodreads Rating
A dragon shifter seeks a surrogate mother for his child, but their growing connection becomes more than just a contract. Can they protect their future from an ancient enemy? This steamy romance is for adults only.
Sheriff Dragon's Secret Baby book cover
Sheriff Dragon's Secret Baby
Brittany White - 2020-09-15
Goodreads Rating
A one-night-stand between a bachelor dragon shifter and a Fae-human results in a secret baby. When the dragon shifter discovers the existence of his child, he wants to be a father and possibly a mate to the child's mother, but she's terrified of losing her son to the close-knit dragon shifter clan. Will they be able to reconcile and find love amidst their differences? Warning: Adults Only!
Billionaire Dragon's Nanny book cover
Billionaire Dragon's Nanny
Brittany White - 2020-05-20
Goodreads Rating
A dragon shifter falls in love with his human nanny, who is running from her abusive past. Despite their undeniable attraction, they both have trust issues to overcome. As their feelings deepen, a dangerous enemy from the dragon's past threatens their safety. This steamy romance is for adult readers only.
Professor Dragon's Virgin book cover
Professor Dragon's Virgin
Brittany White - 2020-10-20
Goodreads Rating
A dragon-shifter professor is tasked with protecting a virgin witch who happens to be the daughter of the monster who killed his entire family. Despite their tumultuous past, these two are falling for each other. However, tensions rise when witches continue to threaten their lives. Will their love trump all, or will they succumb to the enemies surrounding them?
Cowboy Dragon's Single Mother book cover
Cowboy Dragon's Single Mother
Brittany White - 2021-04-19
Goodreads Rating
A powerful dragon shifter and a human single mother find love and protection in each other's arms. Faced with the danger of an abusive ex-husband, Mason steps in to keep Holly and her daughter safe. But their romance takes a turn when Holly discovers she's pregnant with a dragon's baby. Mason must face his fears and claim Holly as his mate before it's too late. This steamy romance is for adult readers only.
Rockstar Dragon's Bride book cover
Rockstar Dragon's Bride
Brittany White - 2021-01-02
Goodreads Rating
A brokenhearted bride-to-be finds herself in the arms of a rockstar dragon shifter after her fiancé's betrayal. Despite his playboy reputation, the shifter feels a deep connection to her and must convince her that his love is real. Will their fake marriage turn into a real one, or will he be forced to let her go? A captivating paranormal romance with a unique twist!
Midlife Dragon's Mate book cover
Midlife Dragon's Mate
Brittany White - 2021-05-03
Goodreads Rating
A human woman's life is saved by a dragon shifter who reveals his secret identity. Having left her husband and with her son off to college, she embarks on an adventure where she meets the hunky dragon shifter who is the leader of a motorcycle club for shifters. This book follows the story of the two as they navigate their relationships given their differences. Note: Adults Only!
Firefighter Dragon's Demi-God Daughter book cover
Firefighter Dragon's Demi-God Daughter
Brittany White - 2021-01-31
Goodreads Rating
A dragon shifter and demi-God's daughter team up to save the world from a monstrous threat. But can they trust each other and overcome their secrets in time? This thrilling read follows the story of Helena, an FBI agent with a duty to protect, and Jackson, a sexy firefighter shifter with a great clan in Oregon. Join them as they fight demons and fall in love, discovering what it truly means to be part of a loving community.
Soldier Dragon's Second Chance book cover
Soldier Dragon's Second Chance
Brittany White - 2020-11-17
Goodreads Rating
This book follows a soldier shifter who has lost his memories and his long-lost mate who he must convince that they belong together. After a malevolent wizard murdered their clan with dark magic, the soldier shifter now resides in Las Vegas, feeling alone until he discovers the presence of a shifter. With forces trying to keep them apart, can they ever find their way back to each other? This book is for adults only.
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