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I have a passion for the bad boys, those covered in tattoos, sexy smirks, ripped jeans, fast cars, motorcycles and of course, the sweet girls that try to tame them and win their hearts. My debut series, Ashes & Embers, follows the lives of rock band members as they find, and sometimes lose, the loves of their lives.My first novel in the Ashes & Embers series, Storm, was published in September of 2014, and I have lots of books planned for this series. The All Torn Up series is a spin off series, but all can be read standalone, and out of order.Born and raised a Jersey girl, I now reside in beautiful New Hampshire with my husband and our multitude of furry pets and spend most of my time writing, reading, and vacuuming.
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Don't Kiss the Bride book cover
Don't Kiss the Bride
An Age Gap, Marriage of Convenience Romance
Carian Cole - 2023-09-01 (first published in 2021)
Goodreads Rating
"Don't Kiss the Bride" follows the story of an 18-year-old high schooler who finds herself in a rough situation, until a man 16 years her senior steps up to be her personal hero. They form a friendship, bonded by their love for old rock music and vintage cars, and agree to a temporary marriage. However, when they break the one rule of their arrangement, they find themselves falling in love and facing the consequences. This novel explores themes of unexpected love and the complexities of relationships.
Asher book cover
Carian Cole - 2020-05-31
Goodreads Rating
Discover a tale of love and loss in this captivating book about a woman who loses everything and has to start over with a man who was once in love with her. After losing her husband, daughter, and memories, the protagonist must navigate a new version of herself while falling in love with her soulmate's doppelganger. Can she find true love again or will she always live in the shadow of the woman she used to be? Don't miss this powerful standalone novel about the resilience of the human spirit and the glory of true love.
Storm book cover
Carian Cole - 2018-11-04
Como se não houvesse amanhã book cover
Como se não houvesse amanhã
Carian Cole, Cristiane Saavedra, Allbook Editora, Carolina Caires Coelho - 2018-09-13
Goodreads Rating
This emotional journey follows the love story between two imperfect people who can't seem to let each other go, even as they navigate mental illness and addiction. It's not your typical romance, but a powerful tale of unconditional love, acceptance, and finding happiness in the face of life's challenges.
Ashes & Embers Series Collection book cover
Ashes & Embers Series Collection
Carian Cole - 2018-08-18
Goodreads Rating
Experience the steamy romance and rockstar lifestyle of the Valentine men in the Ashes & Embers series collection. Follow Evelyn and Storm's blizzard romance, Vandal's journey of healing with Tabitha, Ivy's unexpected connection with Lukas, and Asia's marriage experiment with the sarcastic and sexy Talon. This collection includes the first four complete novels and a sneak peek into Asher's upcoming book. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions, witty banter, and a happily ever after.
Loving Storm book cover
Loving Storm
Carian Cole - 2018-11-04 (first published in 2017)
Goodreads Rating
A heartwarming novella about two people falling in love during a snowstorm, Loving Storm follows the story of Evie and Storm, whose relationship faces challenges from jealous exes and haunting past experiences. A fast-paced, sweet read, this novella is perfect for fans of the series, and should be read after Storm, as well as other related novellas in the series.
Tied book cover
Carian Cole - 2018-11-12 (first published in 2017)
Goodreads Rating
A tale of love and redemption, Tied tells the story of Tyler Grace, a scarred recluse haunted by tragedy, and the young girl he saves from her kidnapper. Despite warnings to stay away, she can't help but be drawn to him and dreams of breaking down the walls that separate them. Can they find happiness and overcome their traumatic pasts?
Torn book cover
Carian Cole - 2018-11-12 (first published in 2016)
Goodreads Rating
A story about forbidden love between a young woman and her father's best friend who is fifteen years her senior. Despite the challenges they face, including familial disapproval, a strong attraction and a life-long connection blossom between them.
Talon book cover
Carian Cole - 2018-11-04 (first published in 2015)
Goodreads Rating
A social experiment to find the perfect match through marriage to a complete stranger for six months. Journal everything from feelings to fights, and receive $50K in trade for the journals, regardless of staying married. Follow the journey of two individuals who discover their ideal partners are not quite what they expected. Will they find their soulmate or their worst nightmare? Find out in this book with a happily-ever-after ending.
Lukas by Carian Cole
Vandal by Carian Cole