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Craig Edward Moncrieff Brown (born 23 May 1957, Hayes, Middlesex) is a British critic and satirist from England, probably best known for his work in British magazine Private Eye.
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The End of Paradise book cover
The End of Paradise
Craig Brown - 2017-01-27
The End of Paradise follows the ordinary lives of people on a street in southern England, revealing a range of emotions from self-doubt to suppressed bitterness. As changes approach with the arrival of Paradise Park, the residents' quiet complacency is disrupted. Meet Stephen, Billy, Aisling, Joan, and Minnie, who will all surprise you in their own extraordinary ways. Come to Minnie's 100th birthday party and discover their tales.
Fiddly Bits book cover
Fiddly Bits
original music for the Great Highland Bagpipe
Craig Brown - 2016-11-08
Explore a unique collection of 20 original tunes for the Great Highland Bagpipe in "Fiddly Bits" by Craig Brown. This book offers a variety of 2/4 marches, 6/8 marches, slow airs, strathspeys, reels, jigs, and hornpipes, including titles like "Pieces of the Night" and "Let it Slide". Perfect for bagpipe enthusiasts looking for new and exciting repertoire.
Australian Bushcraft Magazine book cover
Australian Bushcraft Magazine
October 2015
Craig Brown - 2015-12-04
Goodreads Rating
Discover the ultimate guide to traditional Australian bushcraft and survival skills with Australian Bushcraft Magazine! Published quarterly, this magazine covers everything from pioneer lore and low-tech camping to Indigenous Australian skills and bushman's techniques. In the October 2015 issue, explore articles on fire starting, gear and book reviews, preserving food in the wilderness, the history of Australian bushcraft, survival courses, distilling water, and more. With Australian Bushcraft Magazine, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to thrive in the great outdoors.
Freddy book cover
Craig Brown - 2015-09-24
Goodreads Rating
Follow a boy's journey to acceptance of his sexuality in the face of a religious family. He finds love with Sean but college brings troubles. Discover this inspirational story of self-acceptance and holding true to oneself.
The Perfect Woman book cover
The Perfect Woman
Craig Brown - 2013-12-21
Goodreads Rating
This captivating novel dives into the potentially dangerous consequences of obsession in the age of social media. Follow the story of Tracy, who goes to extremes to make Trey Logan, a TV star, her one and only. As Tracy's obsession intensifies, she uses the internet to learn every detail about Trey, leading her down a path of manipulation and deceit. "The Perfect Woman" is a gripping examination of the dark side of infatuation.
The Letter book cover
The Letter
Craig Brown - 2013-12-21
This suspenseful book follows Simone as she shares a letter to her sister expressing her fears about Calum Owens. From the moment they first met, Simone has felt uneasy around him. Will her premonitions prove true?
Lovefool book cover
Craig Brown - 2013-12-21
Lovefool tells the story of Deana, who is finally dating someone who is kind and caring. However, surprises appear that push her out of her comfort zone and into the spotlight. Will she be able to handle the truth?
Paths to Sunset book cover
Paths to Sunset
Craig Brown - 2013-03-07
"Paths to Sunset" explores the bittersweet realities of aging in over 20 memorable stories. Love, laughter, sadness, mischance, and even death collide for characters living during their golden years. From mobility scooter races to heart-wrenching walks on the pier, these 14 beautifully written tales capture both the beauty and dangers of growing old.
Craig Brown book cover
Craig Brown
Craig Brown - 2013-02-28
4 in 1 Omnibus (The Perfect Woman, The Letter, Lovefool, The Little C) by Craig Brown
The Agony And The Ecstasy by Craig Brown
The Little C by Craig Brown
Keep It Positive by Rev. Craig Brown, Esther Chun, Juda Carter
The Heart of Well-being by Jan Alcoe
Together Again by Craig Brown
The Tony Years by Craig Brown
Graphical Player 2007 by John Burnson
An Air That Kills by Craig Brown
1966 And All That by Craig Brown
This is Craig Brown by Craig Brown
Craig Brown's 'Imaginary Friends' (Private Eye) by Craig Brown
The Illustrated History of Canada by Craig Brown
The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery by Kyril Bonfiglioli
The Marsh Marlowe Letters by Craig Brown
Closing the Circle by Auberon Waugh
Hug Me While I Weep, for I Weep for the World by Bel Littlejohn
The Little Book Of Chaos by Craig Brown
The Odd Thing About the Colonel and Other Pieces by Colin Welch
The Hounding of John Thomas by Craig Brown
"Private Eye" Book of Craig Brown Parodies by Craig Brown
The Book Of Royal Trivia by Craig Brown & Lesley Cunliffe
A Year Inside by Craig Brown
Fame, Sex, Money, Power by CRAIG BROWN
The Book of Royal Lists by Craig Brown, Lesley Cunliffe
Ending Up by Kingsley Amis
Working in the Voluntary Sector, 4th Edition by Craig Brown
The Lost Diaries by Craig Brown