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Daisy Meadows is the pseudonym used for the four writers of the Rainbow Magic children's series: Narinder Dhami, Sue Bentley, Linda Chapman, and Sue Mongredien. Rainbow Magic features differing groups of fairies as main characters, including the Jewel fairies, Weather fairies, Pet fairies, Petal fairies, and Sporty fairies. Narinder Dhami was born in Wolverhampton, England on November 15, 1958. She received a degree in English from Birmingham University in 1980. After having taught in primary and secondary schools for several years she began to write full-time. Dhami has published many retellings of popular Disney stories and wrote the Animal Stars and Babes series, the latter about young British girls of Asian origin. She lives in Cambridge, England with her husband and cats. Sue Bentley was born in Northampton, England. She worked in a library after completing her education and began writing for children once her own began school. Bentley is the author of the Magic Kitten, Magic Puppy, and S Club series and lives in Northamptonshire. Linda Chapman has written over 50 children's fiction books, including the following series: My Secret Unicorn, Stardust, Not Quite a Mermaid, and Unicorn School. She lives in Leicestershire with her husband and daughters. Sue Mongredien was born in 1970 and grew up in Nottingham, England. She has published over 100 children's books, including the following series: The Adventures of Captain Pugwash, The Magic Key, Frightful Families, and Oliver Moon. She has also contributed many titles to the Sleepover Club series and written picture books. Mongredien created the Royal Ballet School Diaries under the pen name Alexandra Moss. She lives with her family in Bath, England.
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Gemma the Gymnastic Fairy book cover
Gemma the Gymnastic Fairy
Sports Fairies #7)
Daisy Meadows - 2008-01-01
Goodreads Rating
"Join Rachel and Kirsty in their magical quest to save Fairyland's Olympic games from the clutches of Jack Frost and his goblins! Gemma the Gymnastic Fairy's precious Magic Ribbon is the last item they need to retrieve, and the fate of the games rests on their success. Will they be able to beat the odds and save the day in this exciting and enchanting adventure?"
Trixie The Halloween Fairy book cover
Trixie The Halloween Fairy
Trixie the Halloween Fairy
Daisy Meadows - 2009-07-01
Goodreads Rating
Get ready to celebrate Halloween with Trixie the Halloween Fairy! In this thrilling Rainbow Magic book, Rachel and Kirsty team up with Trixie to track down three different pieces of magical Halloween candy that have gone missing. But Jack Frost and his goblins are determined to ruin the holiday with their tricks. Will the girls and Trixie be able to outsmart them in time to save Halloween?
Rainbow Magic book cover
Rainbow Magic
Belle the Birthday Fairy
Daisy Meadows - 2012-01-01 (first published in 2010)
Goodreads Rating
Discover a magical world where fairy Belle ensures that birthdays are filled with happiness and wonder. But when icy Jack Frost steals Belle's three magic charms, no one can celebrate their special day. Can Rachel and Kirsty save the day and bring back Belle's magical items before it's too late? Join them on their quest in this enchanting Rainbow Magic Special Edition.
Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy book cover
Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy
Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy
Daisy Meadows - 2009-09-09
Goodreads Rating
Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy helps make weddings magical with her three special items. But when they are stolen by mean Jack Frost and his mischievous goblins, chaos reigns at weddings everywhere! Follow Kirsty and Rachel as they help Mia find her magical objects before Kirsty's cousin's wedding is ruined. This charming story, written by the group of authors known as Daisy Meadows, will captivate readers with its colorful and magical world of fairies.
Shannon the Ocean Fairy book cover
Shannon the Ocean Fairy
Shannon the Ocean Fairy
Daisy Meadows - 2008-01-01
Goodreads Rating
Join Rachel and Kirsty on a magical adventure with Shannon the Ocean Fairy as they try to stop Jack Frost from causing an ocean commotion by stealing three enchanted pearls that control the magic of the oceans. Dive into an underwater world, help save the sea creatures, and discover if the girls can find the pearls in time before everything is lost at sea. This special edition of Rainbow Magic is sure to bring the ocean magic to life!
Destiny the Rock Star Fairy book cover
Destiny the Rock Star Fairy
Destiny the Rock Star Fairy
Daisy Meadows - 2011-09-01 (first published in 2009)
Goodreads Rating
Join Rachel and Kirsty on a magical adventure as they team up with Destiny the Rock Star Fairy to save the holiday concert from chaos! Destiny's job is to ensure that rock stars shine, but when her magic is stolen, it's up to the girls to find it before everything falls apart. Will they succeed in time? Get your hands on this sparkly special edition of Rainbow Magic to find out!
Leona the Unicorn Fairy book cover
Leona the Unicorn Fairy
The Magical Animal Fairies)
Daisy Meadows - 2009-05-02
Goodreads Rating
Follow the journey of Rachel and Kirsty as they assist Leona the Unicorn Fairy in locating her lost Magical Unicorn. The Magical Creature Fairies are responsible for teaching seven young creatures to use their abilities for the betterment of Fairyland and the human realm. However, all creatures have been taken by mischievous Jack Frost. Can Leona save her Unicorn before it's too late?
Emma The Easter Fairy book cover
Emma The Easter Fairy
Emma the Easter Fairy
Daisy Meadows - 2011-01-01
Goodreads Rating
A Special Edition fairy needs your help just in time for Easter! Emma the Easter Fairy's magical eggs have disappeared, and it's up to Rachel and Kirsty to save the holiday. With the chocolate melting and the Easter Bunny missing, can they retrieve the eggs and foil the plans of the mischievous Jack Frost? Join the adventure and help save Easter in this charming Rainbow Magic Special Edition.
Selena The Sleepover Fairy book cover
Selena The Sleepover Fairy
Selena the Sleepover Fairy
Daisy Meadows - 2011-07-01
Goodreads Rating
This magical book follows Selena the sleepover fairy, who ensures that sleepovers are full of fun and games. However, when mischievous goblins steal her magical objects, including at a giant sleepover attended by Rachel and Kirsty, all sleepovers are at risk of being ruined. Join Selena on her quest to save sleepovers from disaster!
Ally the Dolphin Fairy book cover
Ally the Dolphin Fairy
Ally the Dolphin Fairy (Rainbow Magic- Ocean Fairies)
Daisy Meadows - 2011-03-01 (first published in 2010)
Goodreads Rating
Dive into an aquatic adventure with the Ocean Fairies! When goblins break the enchanted conch shell, seven magical sea creatures must find the pieces. The Ocean Fairies need to find them too in order to keep all the sea creatures happy and safe. Help Rachel and Kirsty track down Ally's dolphin friend, Echo, and assist in saving the ocean's magic!
Cara the Camp Fairy by Daisy Meadows
The Rainbow Fairies by Daisy Meadows
Olympia the Games Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Ava the Sunset Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Joy The Summer Vacation Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Lara the Black Cat Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Stacey The Soccer Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Amelie the Seal Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Pia the Penguin Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Hope the Happiness Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Tess the Sea Turtle Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Ashley the Dragon Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Zoe the Skating Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Isabelle The Ice Dance Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Bella The Bunny Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Holly the Christmas Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Katie the Kitten Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Crystal The Snow Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Lauren the Puppy Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Penny The Pony Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Saskia the Salsa Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Goldie the Sunshine Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Alice the Tennis Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Poppy the Piano Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Kylie The Carnival Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Paige the Pantomime Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Heather the Violet Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Helena the Horseriding Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Stella The Star Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Sky the Blue Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Bethany the Ballet Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Jessica The Jazz Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Fern the Green Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Grace the Glitter Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Phoebe the Fashion Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Honey the Sweet Fairy by DAISY MEADOWS
Harriet the Hamster Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Jasmine the Present Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Amber the Orange Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Cherry the Cake Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Sunny the Yellow Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Rebecca The Rock 'N' Roll Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Pearl The Cloud Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Georgia the Guinea Pig Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Molly the Goldfish Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Melodie the Music Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Abigail The Breeze Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Inky The Indigo Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Scarlett The Garnet Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Sarah the Sunday Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Evie The Mist Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Jade the Disco Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Emily the Emerald Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Lucy the Diamond Fairy by Daisy Meadows
India The Moonstone Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Freya the Friday Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Hayley The Rain Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Sophie the Sapphire Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Polly the Party Fun Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Chloe The Topaz Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Ruby by Daisy Meadows
Storm The Lightning Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Sienna the Saturday Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Louise the Lily Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Thea the Thursday Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Megan The Monday Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Amy The Amethyst Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Willow the Wednesday Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Tallulah The Tuesday Fairy by Daisy Meadows