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Dakota Krout - Author of the Amazon best-selling Divine Dungeon and Completionist Chronicles seriesI live in a 'pretty much Canada' Minnesota city with my wife and daughter. Thanks to you, I'm now a web developer and computer programmer turned full-time author and indie publisher through my company, Mountaindale Press. I started writing The Divine Dungeon series because I enjoy reading and wanted to create a world all my own. To my surprise and great pleasure, I found like-minded people who enjoy the contents of my mind. Publishing my stories has been an incredible blessing thus far and I hope to keep you entertained for years to come!
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Ritualist book cover
Dakota Krout - 2022-09-16
Artifact book cover
A Divine Dungeon Series (Artorian's Archives Book 8)
Dennis Vanderkerken, Dakota Krout - 2021-06-30
Goodreads Rating
Follow Artorian, a fugitive noodle dragon chased by demons and hunted by the Red Inkquisition, as he uncovers the secrets of the deity system and creates Artifacts to save the world. This book is perfect for those intrigued by a plucky grandfather who refuses to give up, and those who enjoy fantasy stories with unique twists.
Algorithm book cover
A Divine Dungeon Series (Artorian's Archives Book 7)
Dennis Vanderkerken, Dakota Krout - 2021-04-28
Goodreads Rating
Enter a world where one man must break the rules to save his family's future. In the game world of Eternia, Artorian discovers old evils lurking and a world filled with holes. With his administrator privileges gone, the only way to create change is to cheat. But can he survive the game and fix its flaws? Get ready for a thrilling speedrun that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
Inflame book cover
Dakota Krout - 2021-03-30
Goodreads Rating
In Inflame, two civilizations fight to survive through invasions and sabotage. Joe is exiled to a new Zone, where mere survival is his least concern. This Zone has been at war between Elven and Dwarven societies for thousands of years, and Joe has to choose a side. To gain the freedom he desires, Joe needs to turn to the less savory aspects of his class. Will he be able to snuff out the light and survive in a world filled with darkness?
Anima book cover
A Divine Dungeon Series (Artorian's Archives Book 6)
Dennis Vanderkerken, Dakota Krout - 2021-02-06
Goodreads Rating
"Anima" is a thrilling fantasy novel that explores a new world filled with old problems. The main character, Artorian, is tasked with running a realm, chasing after people with world-shattering abilities, and reliving traumatic events. As he fights off nasty creatures and navigates a new game system, Artorian learns valuable lessons about personal growth and resilience. This book is perfect for anyone who loves action-packed fantasy tales with complex characters and intricate world-building.
Acme book cover
A Divine Dungeon Series (Artorian's Archives Book 5)
Dennis Vanderkerken, Dakota Krout - 2020-10-02
Goodreads Rating
Follow Artorian as he faces new challenges in a world created by the Dungeon Core, Cal. With a bare-bones system and a slew of angry mages with hidden secrets, can Artorian fix the serious holes in this world? This book is a thrilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Something book cover
Dakota Krout - 2020-09-09
Goodreads Rating
Trapped between worlds, apprentices Luke and his friends are forced to test for their ‘Potential’ and are selected to join the renowned Ascender Corps. But when Luke steps through the portal, he is pulled into a plane that shouldn't exist. With no class trainer and low chances of survival, Luke decides to go Full Murderhobo to increase his chances. Will he survive?
Arsenal book cover
A Divine Dungeon Series (Artorian's Archives Book 4)
Dennis Vanderkerken, Dakota Krout - 2020-07-03
Goodreads Rating
"Embark on a thrilling end-of-the-world journey with Arsenal. Follow Artorian, an old scholar, as he seeks new information and gathers victory for his loved ones. With war and Moonfall looming, it's a small price to pay for an old man on a mission. Build your own arsenal and brace yourself for an epic adventure."
King's League book cover
King's League
An Epic LitRPG Adventure
Jason Anspach, J.N. Chaney - 2021-08-02 (first published in 2020)
Goodreads Rating
Get lost in the immersive world of King's League - where it's more than just a game, it's a way of life. Follow Dirk Wilson as he navigates through the game, picking up scraps and selling them to survive. But when he discovers a powerful conspiracy that affects players of all levels, his virtual problems become just as real as his financial struggles. Join #1 bestselling authors, Jason Anspach & JN Chaney in this action-packed, humorous LitRPG adventure that combines the fun of Ready Player One with the excitement of Elder Scrolls and World of Warcraft.
Ruthless book cover
Dakota Krout - 2020-05-01
Goodreads Rating
Discover the power of ruthlessness in this gripping tale of magic, combat, and guild politics. As Joe delves deeper into his study of ritual magic, he must choose between his research and his role as squad leader. Meanwhile, the guild is facing an ultimatum from vengeful enemies, and tensions are reaching a boiling point. Will Joe be able to rise to the challenge and show everyone just how ruthless he can be?
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