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Daniel James Schinhofen is a self-published author in the burgeoning genre of LitRPG/Gamelit. He published his first book, Last Horizon: Beta, in October of 2016, and has recently published his fifteenth book. A best-selling author on Amazon multiple times, his four series have achieved name recognition in the genre. When not slavishly typing away at the next book, Daniel tries to unwind with video games, playing with his dog Sugar, or going for walks around his neighborhood. His books can be found easily via his website Daniel can be found via Twitter using the handle @DJSchinhofen.
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Breaking the Bank (Luck's Voice Book 3) book cover
Breaking the Bank (Luck's Voice Book 3)
Daniel Schinhofen - 2021-06-08
Goodreads Rating
Breaking the Bank is the third installment in the Luck's Voice book series. Doc's life is finally coming together, but he now faces powerful enemies in the form of Sheriff Grange and McIan, the preacher of Apoc. The two most pressing issues, however, are Goodman and Suez. Goodman is the head of the only bank in town, and Suez has effectively split the town. Doc's fortunate strike in the wilds gives him leverage in a town with deep pockets in a stranglehold. This book contains adult situations, including but not limited to: sex, gambling, abuse, drug use, harem, and murder. It also contains graphic sex scenes, which portray elements of BDSM. You’ve been warned.
Dungeon Walkers 1 book cover
Dungeon Walkers 1
Daniel Schinhofen - 2021-04-20
Goodreads Rating
In Dungeon Walkers, Walkers risk their lives to clear dungeons for personal gain, collecting perks that could change their lives. But not everyone makes it out alive. When a Walker dies, their soul is fragmented into four shards that can be purchased to bring them back to life. Stern wants to join the Rescue Squad to bring the dead back to life, but he looks like the blighted, making his life a living hell. With his polydactyl Maine Coon, Pawly, by his side, Stern is ready to take on his first dungeon. This book contains non-standard relationships and adult themes.
Magi's Path book cover
Magi's Path
Daniel Schinhofen - 2021-03-02
Goodreads Rating
This engaging book follows Gregory as he navigates his first year at the academy, finding love and friendship along the way. He joins Aether’s Guard with his companions and trains with Armsmaster Gin to become an accomplished magi. However, challenges arise as they make enemies and face resentment from rival clans. The second tournament brings unexpected surprises, including a mysterious bet between friends. As Gregory and Yukiko wed, they face the world together, striving to be at the top of their class with their friends and clan. This book contains some adult themes.
Lost Bonds book cover
Lost Bonds
Daniel Schinhofen - 2021-01-05
Goodreads Rating
Lost Bonds is a thrilling novel that follows the story of Sean as he tries to live a peaceful life with his family and friends. However, it seems his enemies are not ready to let him rest as they put into motion a chain of events that lead to a bloody trial by combat. Sean, with the help of his wives and allies, fights for his life in a battle that ends with a surprising victory. This book is not for the faint-hearted as it contains adult situations and graphic sex. Fans of overpowered main characters and harem stories will enjoy this intense read.
Cashing In book cover
Cashing In
Daniel Schinhofen - 2020-11-24
Goodreads Rating
"New world, new name, and new abilities. Doc Holyday gains the power to heal and avoid damage, but at a cost of saving the world. He strikes it rich in a mining expedition, hires locals for better wages, and faces enemies in the bigwigs of the town. This adventure-filled book has adult content and graphic sex scenes, fitting only for the daring reader."
Unexpected Dev-elopments book cover
Unexpected Dev-elopments
Daniel Schinhofen - 2020-10-13
Goodreads Rating
"Unexpected Dev-elopments" follows Alvin and Goth’s struggles in a game against zombies. After losing their plane and acquiring an armored vehicle with a BIG gun, they learn its capabilities and discover Alvin’s unique role in the game. This book contains adult themes, including graphic sex scenes portraying BDSM and harem. It’s a must-read for fans of horror and gaming.
Aether's Guard book cover
Aether's Guard
Daniel Schinhofen - 2020-08-31
Goodreads Rating
Magical novices Gregory and Yukiko find themselves out of place at the Magi Academy, but their deepening friendship drives them to strive harder and push each other to succeed. When their fellow novices turn on them during a brutal tournament, the two must make a difficult decision. Where can they find a clan that will treat them equally? This book contains adult themes.
Flame of War book cover
Flame of War
Daniel Schinhofen - 2020-07-07
Goodreads Rating
Flame of War follows the story of Sean, who is quickly becoming a powerful force in his city. But as his association with Forged Bonds grows, so too does their opposition. Sean faces traps and duels, and must even save the life of Aria. But Lord Sharpeyes' plans for Sean have only just begun, pushing him to his limits. This adult fiction book contains graphic sex and an overpowered MC with a harem.
Suited for Luck book cover
Suited for Luck
Daniel Schinhofen - 2020-05-26
Goodreads Rating
Follow John Doc Henry as he goes from having the worst luck in life to having Lady Luck on his side. Now known as Doc Holyday, he's ready to take on a new world filled with magic and supernatural creatures. But watch out, this book contains adult situations and graphic sex scenes that portray elements of BDSM.
Can of Worms book cover
Can of Worms
Daniel Schinhofen - 2020-04-16
Goodreads Rating
Get ready for an adventure that'll take you through the Twurgh Gate, to Earth, and beyond. Alvin and Gothy are two businessmen who stumbled upon a surprise when they learned that the newest member of their harem was a princess. Determined to keep her with them, they journey through Colorado and New Mexico, where they found themselves thrust into old battles and new. Brace yourself for some graphic, adult content that'll involve BDSM, harem scenes, and lots of action.
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Last Horizon by Daniel Schinhofen