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A New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A. in English from York University. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager.Elle currently writes for various publishers. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting!
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Epic book cover
Sarina Bowen, Elle Kennedy - 2020-02-11
Goodreads Rating
This novella follows the beloved hockey duo, Jamie and Wes, as they navigate a new challenge when a scout for another team makes an offer that could jeopardize their life in Toronto. "Epic" is a fun and engaging addition to the series, previously published in "Christmas in the City."
Us book cover
Elle Kennedy Sarina Bowen - 2016-03-08
Goodreads Rating
Two hockey players are navigating their record-breaking rookie season while keeping their relationship hidden from the media. But when their carefully crafted lie begins to unravel, they must develop major-league relationship skills to keep their love alive. This steamy romance contains sexual situations, long-distance sexytimes, and hot hockey players in any shade of green.
Him book cover
Sarina Bowen, Elle Kennedy - 2015-07-28
Goodreads Rating
This book explores the complicated relationship between two friends, one of whom is gay and the other is straight. When they meet again after years apart, they are forced to confront the past and the possibility of a future together. With sexual tension, humor, and a summer camp setting, this book is a must-read for anyone looking for an engaging romance. Warning: contains mature content.
The Risk book cover
The Risk
Elle Kennedy - 2019-02-18
Goodreads Rating
A steamy standalone novel from a New York Times bestselling author that takes you into the world of hot hockey players, feisty heroines, and bro banter. Follow the story of a bold young woman who needs a fake boyfriend to secure an important internship, and the arrogant rival hockey star who agrees to help her - but only if she agrees to real dates. Can she resist his charm and protect her reputation, or will she take the ultimate risk and fall for her enemy?
Amor inesperado book cover
Amor inesperado
(Serie Love Me 2) (Spanish Edition)
Elle Kennedy - 2019-02-18
Goodreads Rating
In THE RISK, a rebellious heroine must navigate forbidden attraction to a star hockey player from a rival team. To secure an internship, she enlists him as a fake boyfriend, but things get complicated when he starts wanting real dates. With steamy scenes and bro banter, this book is perfect for fans of hot hockey players and feisty romances.
The Deal book cover
The Deal
Elle Kennedy - 2015-02-24
Goodreads Rating
A confident Hannah believes she has it all together, except when it comes to sex and seduction. To get her crush's attention, she's willing to step out of her comfort zone and tutor the arrogant captain of the hockey team for a pretend date. As their relationship progresses, they both realize that "pretend" isn't going to cut it. Will Hannah take the risk and go for what she truly wants?
The Score book cover
The Score
Elle Kennedy - 2016-01-11
Goodreads Rating
A college graduate in crisis mode and nursing a broken heart finds temporary solace in gorgeous hockey player, Dean. Though Dean's known for his charm and one-night stands, he's yet to meet someone quite like Allie, who doesn't fall easily for his flashy moves. As their relationship progresses, Dean realizes that maybe it's time to focus on love instead of just scoring on and off the ice.
The Score book cover
The Score
Pocket Edition
Elle Kennedy - 2016-01-11
Goodreads Rating
A college student is struggling with her future plans and a recent breakup, but finds unexpected passion with a charming hockey star. Despite his reputation as a ladies man, the two share a night that shakes things up for both of them. As he pursues her, they both navigate new challenges that make them question what they really want.
Stay book cover
Sarina Bowen, Elle Kennedy - 2017-06-20
Goodreads Rating
Virtual assistant Hailey has a hunch that her client is actually her lifelong crush, hockey star Matt Eriksson. Despite nursing a broken heart, she engages in harmless online flirting with him until the day she has to meet him in person. Matt, still recovering from his own heartbreak, finds solace in Hailey's understanding, and sparks fly when they finally meet. Get ready for rabid hockey fans, misunderstood dick pics, hockey players at the opera, and exploding ovaries in this romantic page-turner.
Top Secret book cover
Top Secret
Sarina Bowen, Elle Kennedy - 2019-05-07
Goodreads Rating
This Male/Male romance novel by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy tells the story of LobsterShorts, a 21-year-old jock and science geek, who agrees to fulfill his girlfriend's birthday wish - a threesome. He soon meets SinnerThree on a hookup app, a 21-year-old finance major and male dancer, and they begin to explore their attraction to each other. The book answers key questions about the characters and their story, and promises an exciting read about pushing boundaries and unexpected love.
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