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Eric Carle was a children's book author and illustrator, most famous for his book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which has been translated into over 30 languages. Since The Very Hungry Caterpillar was published in 1969, Eric Carle illustrated more than seventy books, many best sellers, most of which he also wrote, and more than 71 million copies of his books have sold around the world.
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The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Eric Carle - Oct 15, 1981 (first published in 1969)
Goodreads Rating
THE all-time classic story, from generation to generation, sold somewhere in the world every 30 seconds! Have you shared it with a child or grandchild in your life? One sunny Sunday, the caterpillar was hatched out of a tiny egg. He was very hungry. On Monday, he ate through one apple; on Tuesday, he ate through three plums--and still he was hungry...
The Mixed-Up Chameleon Board Book
Eric Carle - Feb 05, 1998 (first published in 1975)
Goodreads Rating
From Eric Carle, the New York Times bestselling author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Grouchy Ladybug, comes a colorful and inventive book about a changing chameleon that wants to be a little bit of everything.There once was a small green chameleon that wished to be handsome like a flamingo, smart like a fox, and funny like a seal. But with...
From Head to Toe
Eric Carle - Sep 22, 1999 (first published in 1997)
Goodreads Rating
From Eric Carle, the New York Times bestselling creator of beloved books including The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Grouchy Ladybug, comes From Head to Toe, a colorful and energetic book that will have young readers clapping their hands, stomping their feet, and wiggling their toes!Giraffes can bend their necks, monkeys can wave their hands, and...
The Very Busy Spider
Eric Carle - Mar 06, 1985 (first published in 1984)
Goodreads Rating
A VERY classic from Eric Carle, creator of The Very Hungry CaterpillarEarly one morning a little spider spins her web on a fence post. One by one, the animals of the nearby farm try to distract her, yet the busy little spider keeps diligently at her work. When she is done, she is able to show everyone that not only is her creation quite beautiful, ...
The Very Lonely Firefly
Eric Carle - Jul 19, 1999
Goodreads Rating
A VERY classic from Eric Carle, creator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!When a very lonely firefly goes out into the night searching for other fireflies, it sees a lantern, a candle, and the eyes of a dog, cat, and owl all glowing in the darkness. It even sees a surprise celebration of light. But it is not until it discovers other fireflies that it ...
A House for Hermit Crab
Eric Carle - Aug 20, 1991 (first published in 1987)
Goodreads Rating
Poor Hermit Crab! He's outgrown his snug little shell, so he finds himself a larger one -- and many new friends to decorate and protect his new house. But what will happen when he outgrows this shell and has to say good-bye to all the sea creatures who have made Hermit Crab's house a home? Children facing change in their own lives will relate to H...
The Tiny Seed
Eric Carle - May 19, 2015 (first published in 1970)
Goodreads Rating
The charming tale of The Tiny Seed, by beloved author and illustrator Eric Carle, is now available as a Level 2 Ready-to-Read!Eric Carle’s classic story of the life cycle of a flower is told through the adventures of a tiny seed. Everyone will cheer for the seed’s progress as it floats across the sky, nestles in the ground, and finally grows into t...
Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me
Miniature Edition (The World of Eric Carle Miniature Edition)
Eric Carle - Aug 20, 1991 (first published in 1986)
Goodreads Rating
This story literally unfolds as pages open dramatically, extending both outward and upward. Monica wants the moon to play with, so her Papa sets out to get it for her. It isn't easy to climb all the way to the moon, but he finally succeeds--only to find that the moon is too big to carry home! The way the problem is resolved is a joyful surprise. Il...
Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Eric Carle - Dec 15, 2015
Goodreads Rating
You are . . . the cherry on my cake . . . the apple of my eye. You make . . . the sun shine brighter . . . my heart flutter . . .Join The Very Hungry Caterpillar for a celebration of love and all the ways to tell that special someone how much you care. This delightful little book features Eric Carle's bright and distinctive artwork of favourite thi...
Eric Carle's Animals Animals
Laura Whipple - Sep 01, 1999 (first published in 1989)
Goodreads Rating
From leaping, flying fish to dancing butterflies, and camels that "trollop along," Eric Carle's brilliant and colorful collage designs bring to life animal poems from such diverse sources as Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Rudyard Kipling, Emily Dickinson, and Jack Prelutsky, as well as Bible verses, Japanese haiku, American Indian poems and more. This...
The Grouchy Ladybug
Eric Carle - Aug 16, 1996 (first published in 1977)
Goodreads Rating
From Eric Carle, New York Times bestselling author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and From Head to Toe, comes the classic story of one very grouchy ladybug. Eric Carle's bright artwork and signature style will charm both ardent fans and new readers alike.As children follow the Grouchy Ladybug on her journey, they will learn the important concepts o...
Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle
Eric Carle's Dragons, Dragons by Eric Carle
Eric Carle's ABC by Eric Carle
Dream Snow by Eric Carle
10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle
The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle
My Very First Book of Colors by Eric Carle
"Slowly, Slowly, Slowly," said the Sloth by Eric Carle
The Art of Eric Carle by Eric Carle
My First Peek-a-Boo Animals by Eric Carle
What's Your Favorite Animal? by Eric Carle
My Very First Book of Shapes by Eric Carle, Illustrator-Eric Carle
What's Your Favorite Color? by Eric Carle
Eric Carle's Opposites by Eric Carle
1, 2, 3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle
The Very Clumsy Click Beetle by Eric Carle
The Honeybee & the Robber by Eric Carle
The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse by Eric Carle
The Secret Birthday Message by Eric Carle
The Rabbit And The Turtle by Eric Carle
Do You Want to Be My Friend? by Eric Carle
My Very First Book of Animal Homes by Eric Carle
Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? by Eric Carle
Can a Cat Do That? by Eric Carle
Draw Me a Star by Eric Carle
Rooster's Off to See the World by Eric Carle
Pancakes, Pancakes! by Eric Carle
Hugs and Kisses for the Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
Hello, Red Fox by Eric Carle
Walter the Baker by Eric Carle
Merry Christmas from the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
Where Are You Going? To See My Friend! by Kazuo Iwamura
What's Your Favorite Food? by Eric Carle
Today Is Monday by Eric Carle
My Very First Book of Animal Sounds by Eric Carle
Flora and Tiger by Eric Carle
My Very First Book of Motion by Eric Carle
My Very First Book of Words by Eric Carle
My Apron by Eric Carle
Friends by Eric Carle
Tom Thumb by
Watch Out! A Giant! by Eric Carle
The Nonsense Show by Eric Carle