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George Ciccariello-Maher is Associate Professor of Politics and Global Studies at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He is the author of We Created Chávez: A People’s History of the Venezuelan Revolution, and Decolonizing Dialectics.
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Globalizing Collateral Language book cover
Globalizing Collateral Language
From 9/11 to Endless War (Studies in Security and International Affairs Ser., 33)
Somdeep Sen, John Collins, Pouya Alimagham, Stephen R. Barnard, Damon T. Berry, Chris Buck, George Ciccariello-Maher, Paloma Elvira, Jayantha Jayman, Ilan Kapoor, Marina Llorente, Vijay Prashad, Emanuele Saccarelli, Lotte Buch Segal, Natalia Rachel Singer, Latha Varadarajan - 2021-09-01
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Globalizing Collateral Language is a collection of critical essays that examines the discourse surrounding 9/11 and its impact on global politics and culture. The book interrogates the wartime lexicon of "collateral language" and its resonance across the globe in projects that have little to do with the War on Terror. With its urgent call to resist the tyranny of language, this book is an essential read for those interested in fighting imperialism and other structures of injustice.
Construindo a Comuna book cover
Construindo a Comuna
Democracia radical na Venezuela (Portuguese Edition)
George Ciccariello-Maher - 2020-09-21
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"Construindo a Comuna" explores the wave of global uprisings that have emerged since 2011, from Occupy Wall Street to the Primavera Árabe, and focuses on the successful development of radical democracy in Venezuela's communes. Author George Ciccariello-Maher interviews a diverse range of community activists, workers, students, and civil servants to evaluate the successes and shortcomings of the revolutionary movement. With inspiring lessons for contemporary radicals, "Construindo a Comuna" sheds light on the empowering achievements of self-organized communities in Venezuela and their impact on modern Latin American history.
Decolonizing Dialectics book cover
Decolonizing Dialectics
Geo Maher - 2017-02-03
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Decolonizing Dialectics explores the relationship between anticolonial thinkers and dialectical thought while bringing together the works of Georges Sorel, Frantz Fanon, and Enrique Dussel. This book deepens the conflict between dialectics and postcolonial theory, creating a dialectics suited to the fight against the legacies of colonialism and slavery. Discover a decolonized dialectics that is constantly in struggle and where the wretched of the earth alone provide the guarantee of historical motion.
Building the Commune book cover
Building the Commune
Radical Democracy in Venezuela (Jacobin)
George Ciccariello-Maher - 2016-10-04
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Discover Latin America's experiments in direct democracy as George Ciccariello-Maher travels through radical movements that have been shaping up for the past twenty-five years. From Venezuela's rebellion against neoliberalism to the institutionalization of communes, Building the Commune assesses the success and failures of these projects, providing inspiration and lessons for radical movements seeking change today. Meet workers, community members, students, and government officials and gain insight into the consistent commitment to ideals of radical democracy.
Sites of Memory in Spain and Latin America book cover
Sites of Memory in Spain and Latin America
Trauma, Politics, and Resistance
Marina Llorente - 2015-09-03
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A collection of essays exploring historical memory at the intersection of political, cultural, social, and economic forces in Spain and Latin America. The authors focus on various forms of memory and their resistance against forgetting and hegemonic power, with an interdisciplinary methodology that illuminates otherwise illegible processes. The volume covers geographies transformed by violence and conflict, from contemporary to pre-Columbian times. Witnessing, trauma, and testimony speak to the urgency of truth and justice, making historical memory a political act.
This journal issue called "Conversations with Enrique Dussel on Anti-Cartesian Decoloniality and Pluriversal Transmodernity" features writings from the renowned Latin American philosopher, Enrique Dussel. Despite having written more than 70 books and being recognized as one of the most influential philosophers, very little of his work has been translated into English. This collection is a response to his call for a "South-South Philosophical Dialogue" in order to decolonize and liberate human realities. Contributions come from scholars in various fields and cover topics like theology, philosophy, and politics. Published by the Omar Khayyam Center for Integrative Research in Utopia, Mysticism, and Science.
We Created Chávez book cover
We Created Chávez
A People's History of the Venezuelan Revolution
Geo Maher - 2013-04-17
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Discover the history of Venezuelan political activism in We Created Chávez. This book examines the social movements and revolutionary groups that paved the way for Hugo Chávez's rise to power. Author George Ciccariello-Maher interviewed grassroots organizers, former guerrillas, and government officials, uncovering a new history of activism in Venezuela. This book tells the story from the perspective of leftist guerrillas, women, Afro-Venezuelans, indigenous people, and students who have been struggling against corruption and repression since 1958. We Created Chávez recasts the Bolivarian Revolution as a long-term and multifaceted process of political transformation.
Hip Hop Around the World [2 Volumes] book cover
Hip Hop Around the World [2 Volumes]
An Encyclopedia
Melissa Ursula Dawn Goldsmith - 2018-12-01 (first published in 2012)
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Explore the rise of hip hop culture from a marginalized genre to a worldwide phenomenon with Hip Hop Around the World. This comprehensive two-volume set covers over 450 entries on global hip hop culture, including music, art, fashion, dance, social and cultural movements, organizations, and styles of hip hop. Discover famous musicians, dance styles, cultural movements, and country-specific histories with this one-of-a-kind exploration of the genre.
How Not to Be Governed book cover
How Not to Be Governed
Readings and Interpretations from a Critical Anarchist Left
Jimmy Casas Klausen - 2011-01-13 (first published in 2010)
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Exploring contemporary debates and questions about anarchism, this thought-provoking book addresses its political failures and revives the possibility of anarchism with a critical lens. The authors examine anarchisms that have been theorized and practiced in the midst of these supposed failures, revealing the central values and tactics of anarchism that remain with us. Discover how even in the most unlikely and 'impossible' contexts, anarchism continues to shape the world we live in.
Twenty Theses on Politics by Enrique Dussel