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Heather Rose Brooke (born 1970) is an American journalist and freedom of information campaigner. Resident since the 1990s in the UK, she is best known for her role in helping to expose the 2009 United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal, which culminated in the resignation of House of Commons Speaker Michael Martin.Brooke is Professor of Journalism at City University London's Department of Journalism. She is the author of Your Right to Know (2006), The Silent State (2010), and The Revolution Will Be Digitised (2011).
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Journal of International Affairs (Winter 2016) Vol. 70, No. 1 book cover
Journal of International Affairs (Winter 2016) Vol. 70, No. 1
The Cyber Issue
Jason Healey, Rob Knake, Adam Segal, Heather Brooke, Philip N. Howard, Saiph Savage, Glenn Greenwald, Richard A. Clark, Claudia Flores-Saviaga, Herbert Lin - 2017-02-01
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Cyber realities are changing faster than many policymakers and academics can keep up with. New technologies are constantly being introduced and new norms are regularly being developed that affect how states and organizations operate. This new normal is defying conventional wisdom and challenging the basic assumptions of prominent international rela...
Your Right To Know book cover
Your Right To Know
A Citizen's Guide to the Freedom of Information Act
Heather Brooke - 2006-12-20 (first published in 2004)
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Have you ever wanted to force open the secretive doors of government? This book provides all the tools you need. With a new foreword by Ian Hislop, it's also fully updated to include new tips for digging out information, new template letters, an expanded directory, new examples of case law, an expanded business chapter, and a new chapter on the law...
The Silent State book cover
The Silent State
Secrets, Surveillance and the Myth of British Democracy
Heather Brooke - 2010-01-01
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This book explores the lack of transparency in various levels of government beyond the infamous MPs' expenses scandal. It argues that without proper access to information, democracy in Britain is incomplete. Readers will be shocked by the farcical state of transparency in government that this book reveals.
The Revolution Will be Digitised book cover
The Revolution Will be Digitised
Dispatches from the Information War
Heather Brooke - 2011-01-01
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"The Revolution Will be Digitised" examines the power balance in the modern world where governments, corporations and powerful individuals have access to more information than ever before. The book delves into the importance of the internet and highlights a new generation of hackers and internet activists who are challenging the Establishment. Heather Brooke, an award-winning journalist and campaigner, explores the most pressing questions of our digital age: is there a balance between freedom and security online? Can privacy still exist? Will the internet empower individuals or result in censorship and oppression?
Assange Agonistes book cover
Assange Agonistes
Heather Brooke - 2011-08-10
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There is no shortage of material about Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and the major sets of leaked documents (including more than a quarter of a million diplomatic cables). Heather Brooke, an award winning British investigative reporter, suddenly found herself a participant in the story she was investigating about the digital revolution took a turn that...