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I was born and raised in Southern California. I received my Master's Degree from California State University, Dominguez Hills. I have worked in nursing for over fifteen years. I have worked in multiple areas of nursing. However, my passion is for emergency medicine. Oh the stories I can tell.My passion wasn't always nursing. When I started college, I wanted to be a writer. However, I had a teacher that made me less then happy about writing and I chose to go into nursing. Since then, I have always had stories in my head that I wanted to put on paper but never found the time. I married my wonderful husband whom I met while working in the intensive care unit. We have three active and amazing boys that consistently keep me on my toes. We spend a lot of time watching the boys baseball games, snowboarding in Mammoth, and watching the oldest son play high school football. I happen to be the photographer for his team and I spend a lot of time on the field!So with all of the activities in my life, where do I find the time to write? Needless to say, I am an insomniac. When I am not up in the middle of the night reading, I get up about five in the morning and start writing. Most days, this gives me an hour and a half to write as much as I can. During the summer months, I am blessed with a lighter schedule and more time to put my thoughts to paper.I started writing a Shot in the Dark in March of 2012. I was sitting in an airport waiting standby for a plane back to San Diego. I had time to kill. Before I knew it, I had four chapters written. Due to my busy schedule supervising an emergency department, I never found the time to continue my story.In November of 2012, I resigned from my position and decided to stay home with my children. This afforded me time to finish "A Shot in the Dark" and find a publisher. I was lucky enough to be picked up by Black Rose Writing. A Shot in the Dark will be released July 11, 2012. I am currently working on the sequel, Into the Light, and hope to have it finished by the end of the summer! I am also working on an untitled novel I hope to have completed by the end of the year.Check out A Shot in the Dark. I hope you will enjoy it!
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Saved book cover
Book 3 of the Surrender Trilogy
Jennifer Burrows - 2015-04-17
Goodreads Rating
Saved is an emotional rollercoaster that explores the power of love and forgiveness. With broken hearts and shattered dreams, Tony and Kate must navigate the challenges of postpartum depression, secrets, and an ex-girlfriend who won't give up. Can Tony reconnect with Kate and save his family? The final installment in the Surrender Trilogy will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Shattered book cover
Jennifer Burrows - 2014-12-01
Goodreads Rating
A thrilling romance novel for mature audiences, 'Shattered' follows the story of Kate, who is finally reunited with the love of her life after a year apart. But their happiness is threatened when a dangerous cartel boss, Matteo Bertalucci, returns to seek revenge. When Kate goes missing, Tony must do everything he can to save her before it's too late. Will they be able to survive and keep their love intact, or will Matteo destroy everything they've built?
Into the Light book cover
Into the Light
Jennifer Burrows - 2014-02-25
Goodreads Rating
Love, devotion, and tragedy strike in "Into the Light" as Josh and Laney's relationship is put to the ultimate test after she is shot by a stalker. Josh must not only save Laney's life but also navigate the murky waters of her parents' wishes to move her away from him. As Josh struggles to keep his life together, he finds himself dealing with his sister's mental illness, leaving him in the ultimate balance between love, family, and personal hardship. Will Josh be able to save everything he holds dear, or will fate have different plans? Discover the gripping tale of "Into the Light" today.
A Shot in the Dark book cover
A Shot in the Dark
Jennifer Burrows - 2013-07-11
Goodreads Rating
"Shot in the Dark" by Jennifer Burrows takes readers on an emotional journey through the trauma bay of an ER. Laney Pearson and her colleagues witness destruction and death daily, until a motorcycle rider arrives more dead than alive. The investigation into the tragedy leads Laney to discover a life within herself she never knew existed, and forces her to sort through her feelings for a charming trauma surgeon - is he watching her, or is there more to him than she realizes?