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Jon Malin is a self-taught artist who started his comics career in the independent market starting out on Digital Webbing Presents #1 followed by some cover work and various pin-ups in Image Comics. His first high profile break came when he was picked up by Rob Liefeld and asked to launch the Nitrogen and Supreme Sacrifice series, written by Robert Kirkman for Liefled’s Arcade Comics imprint. He then went on to illustrate a Youngblood revival for Liefeld in 2012. He was eventually acquired by Marvel Comics to illustrate Cable Deadpool before going on to illustrate New Warriors, Thunderbolts, and Cable.
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Deadpool & Cable
Oct 06, 2010
Goodreads Rating
Wade Wilson and Nathan Summers--Marvel's mightiest mutant mercs--are back, and this time they're stuck with each other! Can two grown men armed to the teeth with deadly genetic weaponry live together without driving each other crazy?! Action, adventure, black humor, blackops, face-changing viruses, gratuitous France-bashing and lots of gunfire mark...
Cable & Deadpool #42
Fabian Nicieza - Jun 27, 2007
Goodreads Rating
FRACTURED PART 3 The aftermath of the X-Men's battle against the Hecatomb has cost Cable a huge chunk of his island paradise of Providence and an even bigger slice of his soul!...
Avengelyne #3
Mark Poulton - Sep 28, 2011
'DEVIL IN THE FLESH,' Conclusion The thrilling conclusion to the first story arc! Has Hell found its new second in command? As Avengelyne battles the serial killer Torment, the Red Dragon shows his true form in battle against Passover!...
Captain America
Steve Rogers T03 (PAN.MARVEL NOW) (French Edition)
Javier Pina, Jesus Saiz, Nick Spencer - Jan 09, 2019
Goodreads Rating
L'inimaginable s'est produit : Captain America, le plus noble des héros, est en réalité un agent de l'Hydra prêt à mettre à exécution son plan machiavélique. Et maintenant qu'il a convaincu le Baron Zémo de combattre à ses côtés, la victoire est à portée de main... au grand dam de tous ceux qui cherchent à s'y opposer, de Bucky Barnes à Crâne Rouge...
Cable (2017-) #154
Ed Brisson - Feb 14, 2018
Goodreads Rating
GIDEON: LAST OF THE EXTERNALS? Is the enemy of my enemy truly my friend? CABLE and the NEWER MUTANTS are about to find out. Can GIDEON kill the last of the EXTERNALS, becoming one of the most powerful beings in the MARVEL U? What's up with BLINK?! Whose side is she really on?...
Thunderbolts #8
Jim Zub - Dec 28, 2016
Goodreads Rating
Things that will be broken this issue: A jail. Bones inside the human body. A promise (And maybe, just maybe, your heart)...
Thunderbolts #1
Jim Zub - May 04, 2016
Goodreads Rating
FROM THE ASHES OF AVENGERS: STANDOFF! They're a renegade team rampaging across the Marvel Universe under the direction of the Winter Soldier! But are the Thunderbolts heroes or villains—and do even they know for sure?...
Cable (2017-) #152
Ed Brisson - Oct 04, 2017
Goodreads Rating
THE NEWER MUTANTS Part 3! The Externals are dying one by one, but Cable's assembled the strangest team of mutants from throughout time to put a stop to it…Longshot! Shatterstar! X-23! Armor! Blink! Doop! What makes them so uniquely qualified to answer the call? PLUS: THE RETURN OF GIDEON!...
Thunderbolts #9
Jim Zub - Jan 25, 2017
Goodreads Rating
Sometimes you have to do the right thing with the team you've got, not the team you want…...
Thunderbolts #6
Jim Zub - Oct 12, 2016
Goodreads Rating
With security agencies and super-hero teams around the world the world gunning for the Thunderbolts, MACH-X and ATLAS will risk it all for what they believe in. You won't soon forget this story of friendship and foolishness we call..."The Beer Run."...
Thunderbolts #3
Jim Zub - Jul 20, 2016
Goodreads Rating
The new Thunderbolts vs. the All-New Inhumans! Who needs diplomacy when there are faces that need punching?...
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