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My pen name is K. M. Shea, but my readers—I prefer to call them Champions—call me Kitty.I love to write funny, clean stories with strong characters. Books like that are among my favorite to read so naturally I love writing stories like that as well. My philosophy is that life is tough, so books should be something that makes you relax and laugh!VISIT MY FACEBOOK GROUP MY AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE MY WEBSITE
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The Queen's Crown book cover
The Queen's Crown
Magiford Supernatural City (Court of Midnight and Deception Book 3)
K. M. Shea - 2021-01-15
Goodreads Rating
"Get ready for an action-packed urban fantasy packed with fae, werewolves, vampires, and wizards! Follow the story of a newly crowned queen who must thwart an assassination plot against her while navigating a complicated love triangle with her deadly fae assassin husband. Crown of Shadows is the perfect finale to the Court of Midnight and Deception trilogy, filled with humor, adventure, and a slow-burn romance sure to keep you on the edge of your seat."
Magic Unleashed book cover
Magic Unleashed
Magiford Supernatural City (Hall of Blood and Mercy Book 3)
K. M. Shea - 2020-04-17
Goodreads Rating
"Magic Unleashed" follows a vertically challenged wizard who is kicked out of a mansion of vampires. But with the training she received, she frees her family and gets her house back. She can even share her magic techniques with other wizards. However, things change when the fae attack and she can't let them get away with it. This final book in the Hall of Blood and Mercy trilogy features vampires, wizards, fae, and werewolves, and is filled with humor, adventure, and a sweet, slow burn romance.
Magic Forged book cover
Magic Forged
Magiford Supernatural City (Hall of Blood and Mercy Book 1)
K. M. Shea - 2020-02-28
Goodreads Rating
Scrappy wizard joins forces with a powerful vampire to save her family and reclaim her wizard house. Full of adventure, humor, and romance, Magic Forged is the first book in the Hall of Blood and Mercy trilogy, featuring vampires, wizards, fae, and werewolves.
Crown of Moonlight book cover
Crown of Moonlight
Magiford Supernatural City (Court of Midnight and Deception Book 2)
K. M. Shea - 2020-12-18
Goodreads Rating
An action-packed urban fantasy trilogy about a human-turned-Queen of the Night Court and her deadly fae assassin husband. As they navigate through the treacherous fae monarchs of other Courts, attempts on their lives become more daring. With werewolves, vampires, and wizards in the mix, this series promises adventure, laughs, and a slow burn romance.
Magic Redeemed book cover
Magic Redeemed
Magiford Supernatural City (Hall of Blood and Mercy Book 2)
K. M. Shea - 2020-03-20
Goodreads Rating
In Magic Redeemed, a wizard must find her family's signet ring to prove her claim of leadership and defeat her traitorous cousin. But with an impending war between vampires and fae, and a touchy-feely vampire leader invading her personal space, life is anything but easy. This urban fantasy trilogy is filled with humor, adventure, and a sweet slow burn romance.
Crown of Shadows book cover
Crown of Shadows
Magiford Supernatural City (Court of Midnight and Deception Book 1)
K. M. Shea - 2020-11-20
Goodreads Rating
In Court of Midnight and Deception, a human-fae hybrid is unexpectedly crowned the next Queen of the Night Court. With the Court on the brink of collapse, she must navigate treacherous politics, assassination attempts, and the requirement to marry - all while attempting to figure out who she can trust. Packed with humor, adventure, and a slow-burning romance between the unsure queen and a deadly assassin, this urban fantasy trilogy will keep readers on the edge of their seats.
The Twelve Dancing Princesses book cover
The Twelve Dancing Princesses
K. M. Shea - 2018-01-19
Goodreads Rating
Embark on a perilous adventure with loyal soldier Quinn and sarcastic King of the Elves, Emerys, as they unite to uncover the curse behind the nightly disappearance of twelve royal princesses. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they discover that breaking the spell may come at a deadly cost. This gripping fairy tale retelling is the tenth book in the TIMELESS FAIRY TALES series, filled with magic, unbreakable curses, and witty banter. Enjoyable as a stand-alone read, it's best read after the previous books in the series.
Royal Magic book cover
Royal Magic
K.M. Shea - 2018-07-27 (first published in 2020)
Goodreads Rating
Escape the suffocating expectations of royalty in this epic fantasy world filled with elves and magic. Gwendafyn, acting regent of the elves of Lessa, feels trapped by her role until a marriage of convenience to a human prince offers her a chance at freedom. But can Benjimir, the scorned prince with a secret love for Gwendafyn, help her find love and acceptance within the constraints of tradition? ROYAL MAGIC is a sweet and humorous clean romance that will transport you to another world. Discover it today!
The Little Selkie book cover
The Little Selkie
A Retelling of the Little Mermaid (Timeless Fairy Tales Book 5)
K. M. Shea - 2015-12-14
Goodreads Rating
"The Little Selkie" is a captivating retelling of "The Little Mermaid" that follows Dylan, a selkie who must serve an evil sea witch after being stripped of her pelt. With her voice sealed and no allies, Dylan befriends Prince Callan, and together they unite their strengths to save their people. This enchanting story of distrust, friendship, and unexpected love is part of the TIMELESS FAIRY TALES series with strong female leads, selkies, and sweet romance. Discover this must-read today!
Curse of Magic book cover
Curse of Magic
K. M. Shea - 2019-04-12
Goodreads Rating
In "Curse of Magic", Angelique sets out on a dangerous quest to find her missing mentor, battling dark magic and uncovering a series of sinister curses along the way. With time running out, she must push herself to new limits and harness her deadly powers without causing harm to others. Will she succeed in her mission and evade the punishment of the magic council? Find out in this thrilling and enchanting tale.
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