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Karina Halle is a screenwriter, a former music & travel journalist, and the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of The Pact, A Nordic King, and Sins & Needles, as well as sixty other wild and romantic reads. She, her musician husband, and their adopted pit bull, Bruce, live in a rainforest on an island off the coast of British Columbia during the summer, and in Los Angeles in the winter. For more information, visit is represented by Root Literary and is both self-published, and published by Simon & Schuster, Hachette, Penguin, and Montlake. Her books have been published in numerous languages around the world.Karina isn't on Goodreads and does NOT check her messages here - please contact her via Instagram (@authorhalle) instead :)
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Lying Season book cover
Lying Season
Karina Halle - 2011-12-13
Goodreads Rating
In "Lying Season", Perry Palomino, an amateur ghost-hunter, partners with her secretly loved Dex and his perfect girlfriend, Jennifer, to survive the week in Seattle. But a malicious spirit from Dex's past threatens their lives, while Perry struggles to uncover who is lying and who is telling the truth. With love and life on the line, Perry must solve the mystery or risk losing everything.
Into the Hollow book cover
Into the Hollow
Karina Halle - 2012-11-15
Goodreads Rating
A woman must face her past mistakes and confront an urban legend in the wilds of the Canadian Rockies with the man who sent her to hell and back. This book is rated 16+ for language, gore, and sexual content.
On Demon Wings book cover
On Demon Wings
Karina Halle - 2012-05-13
Goodreads Rating
On Demon Wings is a thrilling paranormal book about a ghost-hunter who suddenly finds herself possessed by evil spirits. Perry Palomino must fight to save herself from the terrifying force taking over her life, but can she trust the only person who can help her? Get ready to be consumed by this haunting story of self-discovery and survival.
Dead Sky Morning book cover
Dead Sky Morning
Karina Halle - 2011-10-13
Goodreads Rating
Explore the fears that lie within and beneath the surface of a former leper colony turned campground. Follow amateur ghost hunters Perry and Dex as they embark on their most terrifying investigation yet in a tiny, fog-shrouded island off the coast of British Columbia. This isolated weekend will pit partner against partner, spiraling them into madness and testing the limits of their sanity, relationships, and even their lives.
On Every Street book cover
On Every Street
Karina Halle - 2013-03-09
Goodreads Rating
A young con artist, known as Eden White, seeks revenge against a drug lord who ruined her past. She sets out to betray him but unexpectedly falls for one of his henchmen, Javier Bernal. Their passionate love is put to the test as her thirst for revenge intensifies. This story takes place six years before Sins & Needles, but can be read as a standalone or before/after Sins & Needles. Get ready for a thrilling ride filled with love, danger, and betrayal.
The Dex-Files book cover
The Dex-Files
An Experiment in Terror Novella #5.7
Karina Halle - 2012-08-13
Goodreads Rating
"The Dex-Files" offers a fresh perspective to fans of the Experiment in Terror Series. This compilation novel features scenes and chapters from the enigmatic Dex Foray's POV from books #1-6 in the series. Some of these scenes are completely new, while others have been previously published from Perry's POV. However, this book should not be read as a stand-alone and contains major spoilers. Dive into the world of Experiment in Terror and discover more about Dex's complex personality and intriguing life.
Ashes to Ashes book cover
Ashes to Ashes
Karina Halle - 2013-12-08
Goodreads Rating
"Ashes to Ashes" is a spine-tingling tale about a team investigating a haunted school on the stormy Oregon coast. Perry, Dex, and their new partner, Rebecca find themselves facing supernatural phenomenon that connects to the school's past sadistic sanatorium that housed dying children with tuberculosis. With the school's past residents coming back to life, they want someone to play with, and they have their sights set on Perry. Will Perry escape the clutches of the vengeful dead children? Dive deep into the supernatural world of terror in this page-turner.
Come Alive book cover
Come Alive
Karina Halle - 2013-06-23
Goodreads Rating
Paranormal investigator Dex Foray is determined to keep his relationship with Perry Palomino alive. But that's not easy when they have to take on a mysterious third partner and investigate a sinister voodoo group in New Orleans just to keep their Experiement in Terror show running. Come Alive is a thrilling paranormal tale told from Dex's perspective.
And With Madness Comes the Light book cover
And With Madness Comes the Light
Karina Halle - 2013-02-14
Goodreads Rating
Experience the man, the mystery, and the madness in this gripping novella. As Dex Foray rises from the ashes left behind by Perry Palomino, he must confront the dark madness waiting in the wings. Told from Dex's point of view, this short story spans the time from the end of Book #4 to the end of Book #5, offering a chance to discover what really happened to Dex during Perry's absence and witness his journey to redemption.
Bold Tricks book cover
Bold Tricks
Karina Halle - 2013-10-15
Goodreads Rating
A thrilling adventure lies ahead as Ellie, Camden, and Javier unite to fight for their freedom. From the dangerous inner-city streets of Mexico to the wild jungles of Honduras, the trio must navigate treacherous terrain and make difficult decisions. But as they come closer to their goal, they may have to pay the ultimate price for their freedom.
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Moments In Time by Dominic K. Alexander, Kahlen Aymes, Daryl Banner, C.C. Brown, Chelsea Camaron, Karina Halle, Lisa M. Harley, Nicole Jacquelyn, Sophie Monroe, Amber Lynn Natusch
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Demon Dust (Ada Palomino Book 3) by Karina Halle
Dark Fairy Tales by Aleatha Romig, CJ Roberts, T.M. Frazier, Karina Halle, Skye Warren, Sierra Simone, Willow Winters, Celia Aaron, Natasha Knight, Cora Reilly, Marley Valentine
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Bad Boys Ink Box Set by Karina Halle, Jaime Rush, Rie Warren
The Royals Next Door by Karina Halle
Nothing Personal by Karina Halle
Bright Midnight by Karina Halle
Dream. La serie completa by Karina Halle
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Deluxe Dreams by Karina Halle, Miriam Berger, Saga Egmont
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