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María Lapiedra - 2012-07-09
Goodreads Rating
"Explore the provocative and intimate world of sexuality through María Lapiedra's debut book. From her earliest experiences to her marriage to Ramiro Lapiedra, Lapiedra shares candid narratives and alluring studio photographs that provide a bold and unapologetic glimpse into her personal life. The book also uncovers a lesser-known side of Lapiedra, showcasing her cultural knowledge and sensitivity through intelligent and unrestricted storytelling. A controversial yet direct perspective awaits in this captivating read." book cover
Alfonso Cordal Rodríguez, María Lapiedra - 2014-11-21
Internet trouxonos as nosas vidas, un troco xigantesco....
estratoesferico book cover
Alfonso Cordal Rodriguez, Maria Lapiedra - 2014-11-04
This collaborative book is a tribute to the Club Juventud Cambados and the formation of the Partido Liberal del Deseo. Written by Alfonso Cordal Rodriguez and Maria Lapiedra, the book explores the global impact of Lapiedra's collaboration with the club, and highlights their charitable efforts by donating 30% of the book's sales to the organization. A must-read for those interested in the intersection of politics and philanthropy.
Albari�o, Sexo y Rock&Roll book cover
Albari�o, Sexo y Rock&Roll
Alfonso Cordal Rodríguez, María Lapiedra - 2015-06-25
A celebration of the Albariño wine festival, this book by authors María Lapiedra and Alfonso Cordal includes artistic nudes, a discussion of Renaissance art, and a talk on sexual education. With edgy topics such as erotic literature and felatio combined with the rock and roll vibe, this book is a creative homage to the festival and a captivating read. book cover
Una historia basada en hechos reales (Spanish Edition)
Alfonso Cordal Rodríguez, María Lapiedra - 2014-11-16
Explore the gripping tale of a man whose ambition led him down a dangerous path in a small coastal town. Set in the Rias Baixas, follow a former poacher as he transforms into a smuggler in this timely and compelling story. book cover
Alfonso Cordal Rodríguez, María Lapiedra - 2014-11-20
Discover a provocative exploration of pornography across various art forms, including film, photography, literature, and more. Delve into the complex nature of sexuality as it's expressed through art, and consider its place in our modern world of technology and free expression. This book is sure to provoke thought and discussion about a highly controversial topic. book cover
Alfonso Cordal Rodriguez, María Lapiedra - 2014-11-16
La actriz porno y el escritor minusvalido; Un relato er�tico, dedicado al Club Juventud Cambados....
El Complemento del Sexo book cover
El Complemento del Sexo
Alfonso Cordal Rodríguez, María Lapiedra - 2014-11-18
"El Complemento del Sexo" tackles the societal issue of sex being viewed as a disease, and the taboo surrounding prostitution. In the 21st century, individuals are free to use their bodies as they please as long as it's within the law. Take inspiration from countries like Holland and Germany where sex is viewed as a democratic freedom.