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The Universe is Wise and Loving book cover
The Universe is Wise and Loving
The Nodes Of The Moon in Astrology
Nadiya Shah - 2020-08-22
Goodreads Rating
Discover the powerful connection between astrology and spiritual understanding with this book. Written by a highly acclaimed author and astrologer, it explores the planets and their nodes, and what they reveal about our desires and intentions. The author offers a spiritual perspective rooted in the belief that we are all part of a wise and loving universe. With helpful insights into astrology and the nodes, this book will guide you towards greater love and wisdom.
Prayers To The Sky book cover
Prayers To The Sky
To Know & To Love The Astrological Planets More Deeply
Nadiya Shah - 2020-03-15
Goodreads Rating
Connect with the planets through "Planetary Prayers" inspired by Astrological Magic. This book by a renowned astrologer reminds readers of their sacred connection to the universe and offers practical guidance for deeper understanding of the symbols in the sky. Learn to communicate and commune with the cosmos on a personal level for a more profound awareness of yourself and your human experience. Highly recommended for students of astrology and anyone seeking a spiritual connection with the planets.
The Body and The Cosmos book cover
The Body and The Cosmos
Exploring The Astrological, Philosophical, and Physical Connection
Nadiya Shah - 2019-12-09
Goodreads Rating
Explore the intimate connection between the universe and the human body with this unique book. Drawing from Plato’s mystical exploration of the cosmos in Timaeus, author Nadiya Shah uses astrological associations to delve into each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Part theoretical exploration, part practical guide with movement suggestions and guided meditations, The Body and The Cosmos sheds light on how each zodiac sign speaks through our body and soul. Nadiya Shah is an internationally syndicated astrologer and author, lauded by French Vanity Fair as one of the top 12 astrologers on the planet.
Astrology Realized book cover
Astrology Realized
Your Journey to Understanding Astrology
Nadiya Shah - 2013-02-17
Goodreads Rating
Astrology Realized: Your Journey to Understanding Astrology is the ultimate guide to developing a strong understanding of astrology. Through exploring the historical and philosophical significance of astrology, you will be encouraged to connect with the cosmos on a personal level. Written by astrologer Nadiya Shah, this book provides a holistic approach to understanding astrological concepts, alongside practical instruction on how to read charts and predict future events. With accompanying charts and diagrams, you will feel confident and self-aware in your growing practice as an astrologer and enthusiast.