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Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri Books

Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri is an Italian comic book writer and illustrator, noted for his works of highly detailed renderings of the human form, particularly erotic images of women. He is best known for his work on the Druuna erotic science fiction series.
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Druuna - Vol. 2 book cover
Druuna - Vol. 2
Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri - 2019-07-25
Goodreads Rating
This captivating book delves into complex themes such as fanaticism, class struggle, and militarism, delivered through the lens of a brilliant artist's sensual and intelligent narrative. The second volume of Pipoca & Nanquim's three-part collection features four of the original ten albums, including two never-before-seen in Brazil. Discover Mandrágora, Aphrodisia, The Forgotten Planet, and Clone, along with a gallery of never-before-seen sketches and illustrations.
L'Indienne blanche book cover
L'Indienne blanche
Paolo Serpieri - 2018-09-03
Goodreads Rating
This graphic novel tells the story of John, a young mixed-race man on a mission to find his kidnapped sister among a Native American tribe. The stunning artwork by Paolo Serpieri brings to life a stirring and brutal tale.
Le Monstre book cover
Le Monstre
Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri - 2018-06-08
Goodreads Rating
"Le Monstre" is the fifth installment in Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri's graphic novel series set in the American West. With stunning art and masterful storytelling, the ultimate story introduces a fantastical monster that will become a hallmark of Serpieri's popular "Druuna" series. Discover the world of the Wild West like never before in this captivating and visually striking graphic novel.
Come from the Wind book cover
Come from the Wind
Come from the Wind
Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri - 2019-05-25 (first published in 2018)
Goodreads Rating
Came from the wind is the latest story in the immortal Druuna saga by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri....
Druuna Tome 4 book cover
Druuna Tome 4
La planète oubliée - Clone (French Edition)
Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri - 2016-11-09
Goodreads Rating
A classic
Mandragora - Aphrodisia book cover
Mandragora - Aphrodisia
Mandragora - Aphrodisia (French Edition)
Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri - 2016-09-07
Goodreads Rating
Embark on a thrilling journey of mystery and love with Druuna, as she works to find a cure for a deadly virus on her spaceship. With the help of Shastar and other familiar faces, Druuna sets out to discover the elusive ingredient she needs to save her crew: the mysterious Mandragora flower. Written by a revered author of erotic comics, this series is a must-read for fans of the genre and newcomers alike. Don't miss out on this newly reissued third album, complete with bonus artwork.
Creatura - Carnivora book cover
Creatura - Carnivora
Creatura - Carnivora (Druuna, 2) (French Edition)
Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri - 2016-04-13
Goodreads Rating
Enter a fascinating world of science fiction and eroticism with this classic comic book series. Join the crew of a spaceship as they encounter a mysterious asteroid and the alluring woman who resides within. With stunning visuals and intriguing characters, this reissued edition of Creatura and Carnivora, episodes 3 and 4 of the iconic Druuna series, is not to be missed.
Anima book cover
Druuna - Les Origines (French Edition)
Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri - 2016-01-20
Goodreads Rating
Embark on a fantastical journey with a fearless and sensual protagonist who explores breathtaking and dangerous lands alongside her trusty flying steed. Encounter dangerous creatures, a bestial man, and a mysterious woman, all while taking in the stunning artwork of this prequel to an iconic series. Enjoy a remarkable exercise in style as the Italian master of eroticism pays homage to his beloved heroine.
Druuna Tome 1 book cover
Druuna Tome 1
Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri - 2016-01-20
Druuna book cover
Serpieri Collection Vol 01
Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri - 2015-06-01
Goodreads Rating
Explore a dystopic science fiction world where horror and eroticism collide in the collected works of one of the greatest comic book artists, Paolo E. Serpieri. Follow the adventures of our heroine, Druuna, in the first two chapters 'Morbus Gravis' and 'Delta'. Get ready for an intense and unforgettable journey.
Chaman (hors collection) by Serpieri
Tex by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Peaux-Rouges by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Serpieri by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Saria 02. Engelspforte by Jean Dufaux, Paolo E. Serpieri
Saria 1. Les Trois Clefs by DUFAUX-J+ELENTERI
Little Big Horn. Edizione Limitata by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Clone by Serpieri
La Fleche au Coeur by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Liens de femmes by Leone Frollo, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Druuna X by Paolo E. Serpieri
Druuna X 2 by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Mandragore by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Serpieri Sketch Book by Paolo E. Serpieri
The Sweet Smell of Woman by Paolo E. Serpieri
La Planète Oubliée by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Aphrodisia by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Morbus Gravis by Paolo E. Serpieri
Carnivora by Paolo E. Serpieri
Obsession by Paolo E. Serpieri
Creatura by Paolo E. Serpieri
Morbus Gravis II by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
L'Homme médecine by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Druuna - Vol. 3 by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri