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Robert (Lynn) Asprin was born in 1946. While he wrote some stand alone novels such as Cold Cash War, Tambu and The Bug Wars and also the Duncan and Mallory Illustrated stories, Bob is best known for his series fantasy, such as the Myth Adventures of Aahz and Skeeve, the Phule’s Company novels and the Time Scout novels written with Linda Evans. He also edited the groundbreaking Thieves’ World anthology series with Lynn Abbey. Other collaborations include License Invoked (set in the French Quarter of New Orleans) and several Myth Adventures novels, all written with Jody Lynn Nye.Bob’s final solo work was a contemporary fantasy series called Dragons, again set in New Orleans. Bob passed away suddenly on May 22, 2008. He is survived by his daughter and son, his mother and his sister.
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Dragons Luck book cover
Dragons Luck
Robert Asprin - 2009-04-07
Goodreads Rating
Discover an exciting urban fantasy novel set in the Big Easy, where dragons rule the roost. As the newest head dragon in the city's gambling operation, Griffen McCandles must navigate the treacherous waters of dragon politics - and a hit out on his life. But when a voodoo queen's ghost asks Griffen to moderate a supernatural conclave, he sees it as his chance to prove himself. Will he succeed, or crash and burn? Find out in this thrilling page-turner just in time for Halloween.
Myth-Fortunes book cover
Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye - 2008-11-11
Goodreads Rating
This comedic fantasy book explores the concept of immortality and the consequences of chasing it. When Aahz invests in a pyramid scheme, he ropes in everyone he knows to invest too, but things quickly turn sour with a run of bad luck. The protagonist, Skeeve, is left to figure out why. Enjoy a witty and entertaining read that will make you question the value of immortality.
Dragons Wild book cover
Dragons Wild
Robert Asprin - 2008-04-01
Goodreads Rating
Discover the thrilling tale of a low-stakes con artist and poker player, Griffen McCandles, who learns that he and his sister are actually dragons. With a wild adventure that takes them to New Orleans, Griffen and Valerie navigate the criminal underworld of the French Quarter while facing their newfound identity. Get ready for a story that heats up with each turn of the page.
Myth-Chief book cover
Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye - 2008-04-07
Goodreads Rating
Myth-Chief is an exciting novel that follows Skeeve's journey as he decides to return to the problem-solving business after a self-imposed retirement. Unexpectedly, he must compete against his friend Aahz to become the head of M.Y.T.H., Inc. The competition starts with a thrilling case that sees them take opposite sides. Will their friendship survive this challenge, or will it come to an end?
Myth-Gotten Gains book cover
Myth-Gotten Gains
Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye - 2006-09-07
Goodreads Rating
Discover a magical world where a shabby sword from a mysterious flea market opens up a world of enchantment. Follow along as Aahz and Ersatz, leader of the Golden Hoard, embark on a quest to find the fabled treasures that can turn an ordinary person into a hero. But they're not the only ones on the hunt. Join the adventure and uncover the power of myth-gotten gains.
Hit or Myth by Robert Asprin
Myth Directions by Robert Asprin
Phule's Errand by Robert Asprin, Peter J. Heck
Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures Vol. 1 by Robert Asprin
Another Fine Myth by Robert Asprin
Myth-Taken Identity by Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye
Class Dis-Mythed by Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye
Myth Conceptions by Robert Asprin
Myth Alliances by Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye
No Phule Like an Old Phule by Robert Asprin, Peter J. Heck
Time Scout by Robert Asprin, Linda Evans
Thieves' World by Robert Lynn Asprin
Myth-Told Tales by Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye
Myth-ion Improbable by Robert Asprin
M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link / Myth-Nomers and Impervections by Robert Asprin
Myth-ing Persons / Little Myth Marker by Robert Asprin
Myth Direction / Hit or Myth by Robert Asprin
Something M.Y.T.H. Inc. by Robert Asprin
Phule Me Twice by Robert Asprin, Peter J. Heck
A Phule and His Money by Robert Asprin, Peter J. Heck
Sweet Myth-Tery of Life by Robert Asprin
Tales From the Vulgar Unicorn by Joe Haldeman, John Brunner, Philip José Farmer
Stealers' Sky by Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey
Robert Asprin's Myth Series by Robert Asprin
Uneasy Alliances by Robert Asprin
Aftermath by Robert Lynn Asprin
Wings of Omen by Joe Haldeman, John Brunner, Philip José Farmer
Blood Ties by Robert Asprin
Soul of the City by C. J. Cherryh, Janet Morris
The Dead of Winter by Robert Lynn Asprin
Shadows of Sanctuary by Robert Asprin
Storm Season by Joe Haldeman, John Brunner, Philip José Farmer
The Face of Chaos by Joe Haldeman, John Brunner, Philip José Farmer
Thieves' World by Robert Lynn Asprin