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Shadowhawk #5
Scott Wherle
Part one of a two-part crossover that continues in BLACKLIGHT #4! The new BlackLight comes to town and she and ShadowHawk face off against Corpse, a man who - if he can't kill himself - is more than willing to kill them! But who is he?...
Shadowhawk #6
Scott Wherle
"SUFFER NOT A CORPSE TO LIVE"Part Two of the two-part SHADOWHAWK/BLACKLIGHT team-up as the two new heroes come face-to-face with the living zombie, Corpse, and learn a few new things about their own powers! New writer SCOTT WHERLE takes the reins in a team-up that actually matters, as it helps define both characters' personalities and powers!...
G.I. Joe - Battle Files
Ultimate Source Book
Scott Wherle, Josh Blaylock, Brian Peterson - Feb 24, 2004
Goodreads Rating
Features a combination of the three issues of Battle Files. This work also includes a few entries that were not included in previous issues, as well as all of the GI Joe and Cobra characters, vehicles, gadgets and equipment that made these books such a hit....
Bomb Queen vs. Blacklight
Scott Wherle - Aug 02, 2006
Goodreads Rating
"CAT FIGHT!"-It's the battle you never expected! All bets are off when Bomb Queen meets Blacklight in battle in Las Vegas! Scott (Blacklight) Wherle and Jimmie (Bomb Queen) Robinson join forces in the sexiest, funniest and wildest one-shot special of the year!...
Micronauts Volume 1
Scott Wherle - Feb 24, 2004
Goodreads Rating
Within our universe lies another unbeknownst to us... until now. The realm of the Micronauts - a domain ruled by the evil tyrant, Baron Karza, whose scientific marvels offer his people immortality, at the cost of their humanity. When unsuspecting Ryan Archer is thrown into their world, we find that not only are things about to change, but Ryan will...
Blacklight #1
Scott Wherle, Jim Valentino - Jun 01, 2005
Lina Juarez is stuck in a dead-end job and a dead-end relationship, living a dead-end life in a dead-end town. All she dreams of is an escape, some kind of excitement in her life. But when a dark and mysterious power possesses her, she quickly learns the true meaning of the old adage, "Be careful what you wish for."...
Blacklight #2
Jim Valentino, Scott Wherle - Jun 01, 2005
Lina assumes the mantle of the new Blacklight, but before she can even learn how her new powers work, she gets caught up in a local drug war when the far more experienced, super-powered killer-for-hire Cicada hits town. Who hired him to muscle out the competition, and will Lina have the courage to do something about it when she finds out?...