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The Water Wizard book cover
The Water Wizard
Viktor Schauberger - 1999-11-05
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Discover the extraordinary properties of natural water with this thought-provoking book. According to the author, correctly handling water is crucial for sustaining life on the planet. Learn about the natural pulsation of water, regulating rivers without damage, and the consequences of sterilization and chlorination. The book also delves into the effects of improper water management on physical, moral, mental, and spiritual health. Join the author in his battle against contemporary orthodox scientists to preserve the vitality and health of water.
The energy evolution book cover
The energy evolution
Harnessing Free Energy From Nature (Ecotechnology)
Viktor Schauberger - 2000-10-05
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Discover a groundbreaking book that sheds light on the energy evolution and the power of implosive motion. Written by Viktor Schauberger, this eco-technology masterpiece shows how nature produces energy using slow, cool, inward motion which is both powerful and effective. On the other hand, our present culture uses wasteful centrifugal outward movement that pollutes ecosystems and uses up Earth's resources. The Energy Evolution presents various implosion-based energy machines such as a spring water-producing machine, a tornado home energy generator, and a biotechnical submarine. Get ready to harness free energy from nature and change the way you think about power.
New Nature as Teacher book cover
New Nature as Teacher
Volume 2 of Renowned Environmentalist Viktor Schauberger’s Eco-Technology Series (Ecotechnology)
Viktor Schauberger - 2014-08-14
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Discover the philosophy of energy in nature and learn about the astute warnings of ecological destruction in "New Nature as Teacher." This book is the second in the groundbreaking "Eco-Technology" series and further developed Viktor Schauberger's ideas on the subject.
The Fertile Earth book cover
The Fertile Earth
Nature's Energies in Agriculture, Soil Fertilisation and Forestry (Ecotechnology)
Viktor Schauberger - 2000-07-13
Goodreads Rating
Discover the interconnectedness of all living things with this insightful book. Explore the fascinating web of life and learn how energy drives the natural world. Viktor Schauberger's observations provide a deep understanding of Nature's energies in agriculture, soil fertilisation, and forestry. Dive into this Eco-Technology series and expand your knowledge of the world and its systems.
Das Wesen Des Wassers book cover
Das Wesen Des Wassers
Viktor Schauberger
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