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I'm a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and now, a full time novelist. Between those careers, I've also worked as a deckhand, commercial fisherman, divemaster, taxi driver, construction manager, and truck driver. I live in the Sea Islands, near Beaufort, SC, with my wife and youngest daughter. We also have three grown children, five grand children, three dogs and a whole flock of parakeets. I grew up in Melbourne, FL and have also lived in the Florida Keys and Cozumel, MX.You can like me on Facebook, to get updates at
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Rising Tide book cover
Rising Tide
A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 20)
Wayne Stinnett - 2021-04-19
Goodreads Rating
Fallen Pride book cover
Fallen Pride
A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 4)
Wayne Stinnett - 2014-04-01
Goodreads Rating
In this third installment of the Jesse McDermitt series, Jesse faces an antagonist unlike any other. A friend’s son, who was dishonorably discharged from the Corps, is suffering from post-traumatic stress. With Jesse’s help he learns to cope with his demons and gets his discharge overturned, so that he can once again serve the country he loves.Mean...
Fallen Hero book cover
Fallen Hero
A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 10)
Wayne Stinnett - 2016-12-03
Goodreads Rating
A young treasure diving couple is sadistically murdered in the back country of the Florida Keys—and Jesse McDermitt's friend is the prime suspect. The reclusive federal agent and former combat Marine launches his own investigation in the face of overwhelming evidence. McDermitt is certain of his friend’s innocence. When a third victim's body is dis...
Fallen Palm book cover
Fallen Palm
A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 2)
Wayne Stinnett - 2019-02-08 (first published in 2013)
Goodreads Rating
Jesse McDermitt lives alone on an isolated island in the Florida Keys where he runs a charter fishing business. Retired from the Marine Corps for six years, he wanted nothing more than to relax, fish, dive and enjoy the laid back lifestyle of the islands. Russ, his former Platoon Sergeant and old friend, dies unexpectedly in a mysterious scuba divi...
Fallen Out book cover
Fallen Out
A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 1)
Wayne Stinnett - 2019-02-07 (first published in 2014)
Goodreads Rating
When Jesse McDermitt retires from the Marine Corps, he has no idea what he will do for the rest of his life. At 37, his greatest skill is killing people from up to a mile away. He knows there aren’t many job opportunities in the civilian world for that. However, he knows the south Florida waters, is an experienced diver, loves to fish, and knows hi...
Fallen King book cover
Fallen King
A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 6)
Wayne Stinnett - 2015-02-13
Goodreads Rating
The quiet and solitude found in the back country and wetlands of south Florida has been shattered. Someone is using explosives to fish the ecologically fragile patch reefs in the shallow waters of Florida Bay, north of the Keys. Retired Marine Jesse McDermitt doesn't like explosions in his backyard. Knowing his penchant for inserting himself in mat...
Fallen Hunter book cover
Fallen Hunter
A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 3)
Wayne Stinnett - 2013-12-10
Goodreads Rating
Jesse's back in this exciting sequel to Fallen Palm. Grieving over the loss of a loved one to terrorists, Jesse's been holed up on his island home for months, numbing his mind and body with endless, mundane tasks. A friend comes to him asking Jesse to help her dad who's been pressured into running drugs for a Cuban smuggler. Jesse finds out the smu...
Rising Moon book cover
Rising Moon
A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 19)
Wayne Stinnett - 2020-12-21
Goodreads Rating
Rising Fury book cover
Rising Fury
A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 12)
Wayne Stinnett - 2017-12-26
Goodreads Rating
In the backcountry of the Florida Keys, you can see and hear trouble coming for miles in any direction. If you’re paying attention. Jesse McDermitt lives in the backcountry and very little happens near him that he’s not aware of. During a quiet moment, he watches a slow-moving shrimp trawler as it serenely cruises by, far out on the Gulf, at the ed...
Fallen Angel book cover
Fallen Angel
A Jesse McDermitt Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 9)
Wayne Stinnett - 2016-04-27
Goodreads Rating
A rushed rescue mission doesn't go as planned for retired Marine Jesse McDermitt and the crew of Gaspar's Revenge. The two kidnap victims are rescued, but they'd rather be taken back to the Jamaican drug runners who were hired to kill them than return home to laid-back Beaufort, South Carolina, and give the man who wants them dead the chance to hir...
Fallen Tide book cover
Fallen Tide
Wayne Stinnett - 2015-11-08
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