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Claire Díaz-Ortiz

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Claire Diaz-Ortiz is an American author, speaker, and employee of Twitter. Hired early on by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone to lead social innovation, she was the first employee to write a book about the platform.
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The Way Of Transition book cover
The Way Of Transition
Embracing Life's Most Difficult Moments
William Bridges - 2001-12-01 (publicado por primera vez en 2000)
Calificación de Goodreads
The Way Of Transition offers a personal and spiritual examination of the pain and challenge of transition, written by an expert on the topic. The author, Bill Bridges, reflects on his own experiences and offers insights into how events such as marriage, death, change of vocation, tragedy, and crisis can offer opportunities for personal growth. Without resorting to self-help clichés, Bridges weaves the writings of Tolstoy, Herman Hesse, Emily Dickinson, Carl Jung, and An&aumlaut;is Nin into his work to create a compelling and accessible read.
Claire Díaz-Ortiz
@LeahFessler THE WAY OF TRANSITION by william bridges is one of the best books ever written. send me ur address      fuente
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Kelly Carlin
Backable book cover
The Surprising Truth Behind What Makes People Take a Chance on You
Suneel Gupta - 2021-02-23
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the secret to success in business with this groundbreaking book that challenges traditional notions of talent and connections. According to the author, the ability to persuade people to take a chance on potential is the real key to making it in business. Drawing on insights from successful thinkers and leaders, the book offers practical advice for pitching new ideas and getting investors to believe in you. It's not about charisma, connections or experience - it's about being "backable."
Claire Díaz-Ortiz
Startup founders, you NEED this book from @suneel! 👇🔥👀(do not pass go/ do not collect $200/i really authentically LOVED this) 🙏      fuente
Recomendado por
DJ Patil
Viva the Entrepreneur book cover
Viva the Entrepreneur
Founding, Scaling, and Raising Venture Capital in Latin America
Brian Requarth
Calificación de Goodreads
Discover the secrets to building a successful business in Latin America with Viva the Entrepreneur. Author Brian Requarth shares the lessons he learned while growing his company from two people to over 500 employees and tens of millions in revenue. Learn how to manage your own psychology and operations, work with co-founders, build a culture, and raise venture capital in this inspiring and informative guide. Gain perspective into the inner workings of the venture capital game and develop an understanding of investor term sheets. Don't miss out on this invaluable resource for any aspiring entrepreneur.
Claire Díaz-Ortiz
Bravo! --> Crazy LatAm founder master man @brianrequarth just released his first book! Viva The Entrepreneur: Founding, Scaling, and Raising Venture Capital in Latin America. It's the emerging market startup must-read of the year:      fuente
Love, Africa book cover
Love, Africa
A Memoir of Romance, War, and Survival
Jeffrey Gettleman - 2017-05-16
Calificación de Goodreads
Love, Africa is a moving memoir by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jeffrey Gettleman, chronicling his journey of falling in love with both East Africa and a fellow Cornell student. As a veteran war correspondent, Gettleman has covered every major conflict in the past two decades. However, he found himself torn between two passions: his love for Africa and his love for a woman. Full of adventure, passion, heartbreak, and forgiveness, Love, Africa explores the power of discovering oneself in unexpected places.
Claire Díaz-Ortiz
@gettleman love love love this book 👆      fuente
F*ck No! book cover
F*ck No!
How to Stop Saying Yes When You Can't, You Shouldn't, or You Just Don't Want To (A No F*cks Given Guide (5))
Sarah Knight - 2019-12-31
Calificación de Goodreads
Learn to confidently say "no" and set boundaries in your life with the help of this bestselling author. From the creator of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck comes F*ck No!, a no-nonsense guide on how to say no without being a jerk. Whether you're tired of being a People-Pleaser or facing serious FOMO, Sarah Knight delivers practical strategies that give you the power to decline with confidence. Discover the joy of no, no-tips for all occasions, and the power of the switch-no in this hilarious and irreverent guide to taking control of your life.
Claire Díaz-Ortiz
@minal_hasan i am in love w this book and i say that as someone who reads a ton of a books      fuente
Transitions book cover
Making Sense of Life's Changes, Revised 25th Anniversary Edition
William Bridges - 2004-08-11
Calificación de Goodreads
Navigate life's transformations with Transitions, named one of the 50 best books in self-help and personal development. William Bridges takes readers through the three stages of any change: The Ending, The Neutral Zone, and The New Beginning. With personal and professional experience, he provides insightful and elegant advice for embracing and moving through each stage towards a hopeful future. This timeless guide is a must-read for anyone facing changes in their personal or professional life.
Claire Díaz-Ortiz
@ryan_caldbeck 👆one of my fave books of all time. thank you for sharing your journey.      fuente
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Jennifer Polk
La liberacion del alma book cover
La liberacion del alma
The Journey Beyond Yourself
Michael A. Singer - 2007-10-03
Calificación de Goodreads
¿Quién eres tú realmente? ¿Cómo sería poder elevarte sobre tus barreras y vivir libre de limitaciones? ¿Qué puedes hacer cada día para liberarte y hallar paz interior? La liberación del alma ofrece una respuesta sencilla y profundamente intuitiva a esas cuestiones. Tanto si esta es la primera vez que exploras tu espacio interior como si has dedicado toda tu vida al viaje interno, este libro transformará tu relación contigo mismo y con el mundo que te rodea. En La liberación del alma Michael Singer emplea el Gnana Yoga (el yoga del intelecto) para llevarnos paso a paso hasta la Fuente con elegante simplicidad.
Claire Díaz-Ortiz
@sophiabendz AMAZING BOOK. also the most amazing part of writing the list was I did it on a Sunday and it was the first time I’ve achieved anything productive in my own home with my children underfoot;)))      fuente
Mi año de descanso y relajación book cover
Mi año de descanso y relajación
Ottessa Moshfegh - 2019-06-25 (publicado por primera vez en 2018)
Calificación de Goodreads
En Mi año de descanso y relajación, Ottessa Moshfegh hace de Manhattan el epicentro de una civilización, la del año 2000, dominada por la apatía. Como una oscura bella durmiente, la narradora de esta novela decide encerrarse durante un año en su piso de una de las zonas más exclusivas de Nueva York, asistida por una herencia ingente y por una gran cantidad de fármacos, para dedicarse a dormir y ver películas de Whoopi Goldberg y Harrison Ford. El inicio de un siglo supuestamente trepidante encuentra a nuestra protagonista durmiendo en el sofá con la tele encendida. Con mucho cinismo, series, películas comerciales y narcóticos, y a costa de cortar todo vínculo humano, cualquiera puede sobrellevar esta vida. Ahora bien, ¿lo que queremos es sobrellevarla?
Claire Díaz-Ortiz
@racheld great book      fuente
The Making of Us book cover
The Making of Us
Who We Can Become When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned
Sheridan Voysey - 2019-03-19
Calificación de Goodreads
Beautiful Things Can Emerge from Life Not Going as Planned When life takes one too many unexpected turns, do you find yourself saying, “I don’t know who I am anymore”? In the wake of shattered dreams, do you wonder how you will keep going—and if you’ll ever find purpose or joy again? After infertility, an international move, and a professional chan...
Claire Díaz-Ortiz
I loved this book by @sheridanvoysey SO much that I...a) endorsed it, and b) spent WAY too long in an internet rabbit hole trying to replicate his long British walk. Get it, earthlings: #themakingofus      fuente