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Brendan Nyhan

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Brendan Nyhan is an American political scientist and professor at Dartmouth College. He is also a liberal to moderate political blogger, author, and political columnist. He was born in Mountain View, California and now lives in Hanover, New Hampshire.
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The Bitter End book cover
The Bitter End
The 2020 Presidential Campaign and the Challenge to American Democracy
John Sides, Chris Tausanovitch, Lynn Vavreck - 2022-09-20
Brendan Nyhan
Early copy of The Bitter End: The 2020 Presidential Campaign & the Challenge to Amer. Democracy by @johnmsides, Tausanovitch & @vavreck! From my blurb: "Anyone who cares about the future of American democracy needs to grapple w/the findings in this book"      source
Thinking Clearly with Data book cover
Thinking Clearly with Data
A Guide to Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis
Ethan Bueno de Mesquita, Anthony Fowler - 2021-11-16
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Learn how to think critically and become a better data consumer with Thinking Clearly with Data. This engaging introduction to data science teaches readers how to assess relationships in data, avoid misleading statistics, and use moral values to make better decisions. Filled with real-world examples from various fields, this book is perfect for introductory quantitative methods courses in data science, statistics, political science, economics, psychology, sociology, public policy, and more. Practice questions and data exercises are included for additional learning.
Brendan Nyhan
Updated syllabus for my intro stats class to incorporate @ethanbdm and Fowler's book ( which provides crucial insights missing from standard intro texts on causal inference & inferential mistakes - we need to do more to teach these      source
On Scandal book cover
On Scandal
Moral Disturbances in Society, Politics, and Art (Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences, Series Number 31)
Ari Adut - 2009-07-13
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An in-depth analysis of the emotional and cognitive experience of scandal, this thought-provoking book by Ari Adut examines why and when wrongdoings generate scandals. Investigating cases across society, politics, and art, On Scandal sheds light on the relationships between those involved in or exposed to scandals and the effects, frequency, reactions, and outcomes they elicit. The book includes accounts of the Oscar Wilde, Watergate, and Lewinsky affairs, using the lens of scandal to address questions about public life, politics, and modern art.
Brendan Nyhan
The book to read here is Ari Adut, On Scandal Once allegations of misconduct become common knowledge, individuals & institutions are often forced to repudiate the target of the allegations because of the public nature of the charges      source