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Simon Smith


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Frances Hardinge - Apr 14, 2020 (first published in 2019)
Goodreads Rating
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea meets Frankenstein in Frances Hardinge’s latest fantasy adventure   The gods are dead. Decades ago, they turned on one another and tore each other apart. Nobody knows why. But are they really gone forever? When 15-year-old Hark finds the still-beating heart of a terrifying deity, he risks everything to keep it ...
Simon Smith
Sep 26, 2021
@MrWalkerPrimary Loved the Lie Tree. Have you read Deeplight. I think it’s her best book. I thoroughly recommend it.      source
When the Sky Falls
Phil Earle - Jun 03, 2021
Goodreads Rating
Inspired by a true story. It's 1940, and Joseph has been packed off to stay with Mrs F, a gruff woman with no great fondness for children. To Joseph's amazement, she owns the rundown city zoo where Joseph meets Adonis, a huge silverback gorilla. Adonis is ferociously strong and dangerous, but Joseph finds he has an affinity with the lonely beast. B...
Simon Smith
Aug 16, 2021
So just finished a slow reread of “When The Sky Falls” by @philearle and I’m sat outside in the sunshine weeping buckets. It truly is an extraordinary book. If I were in Year 6 it would be top of my reading list. It’s stunningly powerful and utterly beautiful. A future classic!      source
Aug 05, 2021
Goodreads Rating
Adam-2 has been locked in the basement of a lost building for over two hundred years – until he emerges into a world ruined by a civil war between humans and advanced intelligence. Hunted by both sides, Adam discovers that he holds the key to the war, and the power to end it – to destroy one side and save the other. But first, Adam must decide who ...
Simon Smith
Aug 02, 2021
Holiday book 5 finished. Loved it. Another brilliant Sci-Fi novel that I know Year 6 will just love. “Adam -2” by @alastair_ch is a fantastic adventure set in a war between humans and robots., full of fantastic action, moral dilemma and brilliant characters. Totally Recommended      source
Feast of the Evernight
Ross MacKenzie - May 06, 2021
Goodreads Rating
The Evernight has been defeated and the sun has returned, thanks to Larabelle Fox and her friends Joe and Double Eight. White Witches have their souls back and Mrs Hester is no more. It should be a time of celebration and relief.But a new threat is emerging from the mists of the Veil, the dangerous forest that surrounds the Silver Kingdom’s souther...
Simon Smith
May 18, 2021
Feel this has disappeared under the radar a little. A shame because “Feast of the Evernight” is a totally fantastic sequel to one of my favourite books of last year. A brilliant world full of wonderful characters and a superb story, tense and exciting. Top-notch. @RossAuthor      source
Fine Anne - Apr 01, 2001 (first published in 1994)
Goodreads Rating
Everyone loves the wickedly dry sense of humour of The Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine.Okay, Okay. So hang me. I killed the bird. For pity's sake, I'm a cat.Poor Ellie is horrified when Tuffy drags a dead bird into the house. Then a mouse. But Tuffy can't understand what all the fuss is about.Who on earth will be the next victim to arrive throug...
Simon Smith
May 17, 2021
@KarlDuke8 @MrEPrimary I also think this series of books by Anne Fine are among the greatest early novels and absolutely perfect for Year 2      source
Drawn Across Borders
True Stories of Human Migration
George Butler - Mar 16, 2021
Goodreads Rating
From a celebrated documentary artist, twelve portraits from the front lines of migration form an intimate record of why people leave behind the places they call home.It is an unusual feeling to walk into a place that everyone is leaving . . .Resisting his own urge to walk away, award-winning artist George Butler took his sketchbook and made, over t...
Simon Smith
May 17, 2021
@MissStanleyYr6 Was it this one by @george_butler. It’s an utterly fantastic book. Perfect for Year 6.      source
What Is A River?
Monika Vaicenavičiene - Mar 30, 2021 (first published in 2019)
Goodreads Rating
What is a river? It’s water, the source of life. It’s also a journey, visiting mountains, cities, and oceans. It’s a home; it’s shelter. It’s energy, giving away its force to humans for power and industry. It’s a meeting place; a memory; a place to wash, to find food, to dream; it’s a word.Such is a river....
Simon Smith
May 12, 2021
What I thought would be a book of facts is actually a thought-provoking poetic delight. “What is a River?” By Monika Vaicenaviciene is stunning to look at and beautiful to read, it helps us explore the true importance of rivers to our lives. A delight. #PicturebookPage      source
Emil and the Detectives
Erich Kästner - Mar 31, 2001 (first published in 1928)
Goodreads Rating
If Mrs Tischbein had known the amazing adventures her son Emil would have in Berlin, she'd never have let him go.Unfortunately, when his seven pounds goes missing on the train, Emil is determined to get it back - and when he teams up with the detectives he meets in Berlin, it's just the start of a marvellous money-retrieving adventure . . .A classi...
Simon Smith
May 11, 2021
@hopkinsmmi @rlrossi64 Emil. What a brilliant book.      source
Julia Denos - Oct 27, 2020
Goodreads Rating
She was made of blood and bones, and he was made of space and stars. Back in a time when there were still students of the stars, there were two friends, Acamar and Eridani. Eridani was a star pupil studying the night skies, and Acamar . . . well, he was made of the stuff she studied. In a star-crossed twist of fate, these long-distance friends find...
Simon Smith
May 10, 2021
@Mat_at_Brookes @JuliaDraw @RobCrossley4 @erinlynhamilton @richreadalot @rcharlesworth @sam_creighton @one_to_read @nicolajharvey @JennaLucas81 @KSunray3 This is just fantastic Mat. The book is an undiscovered gem and this does it justice. Love the playlist as well. a great plan for a great book.      source
Alien Nation
Sandro Bassi - Apr 13, 2021
Goodreads Rating
A wordless wonder of a picture book, reminiscent of David Wiesner and Chris Van Allsburg. An unforgettable subway ride in an alien world filled with truths of our own....
Simon Smith
Apr 12, 2021
Love it when you get a book that totally defies expectations. “Alien Nation” by Sandro Bassi is wonderfully illustrated, weird and wild wordless picturebook. Thought provoking on how our mobile devices alienate us. #PicturebookPage      source
Ban This Book
A Novel
Alan Gratz - May 01, 2018 (first published in 2017)
Goodreads Rating
-Readers, librarians, and all those books that have drawn a challenge have a brand new hero.... Stand up and cheer, book lovers. This one's for you.- --Kathi Appelt, author of the Newbery Honor-winning The UnderneathAn inspiring tale of a fourth-grader who fights back when her favorite book is banned from the school library--by starting her own ill...
Simon Smith
Apr 05, 2021
What a fantastic book this is. @AlanGratz nails the need for children to have the freedom to read what they want, even if we don’t particularly like their choices. It’s a brilliant book of quiet rebellion and I loved it very much. @GalwayMr there is so much I want to discuss      source
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