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Addicted to You Quotes

I need you to wait for me.
No one told me you can love someone and still be miserable. How is that possible?.
I love you, but I want to love you enough that I never choose alcohol over you. Not even for a moment. I want to be someone you deserve.
Promises from Lo are like bars at 2 a.m.--empty.
Cheekbones that cut like ice and eyes like liquid scotch. Loren Hale is an alcoholic beverage and he doesn't even know it.
I want to live here. In his arms. Where I know it's safe.
The fear of losing each other is always stronger than the pain we cause.
No means no. I don’t care when you say it, Lily. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. Any halfway decent guy would have backed off.
You're a permanent fixture in my life. You're not going anywhere.
She waltzes into the apartment, her Chanel handbag swinging on her arm like a weapon. Rose frightens children, pets, and even grown males with her icy eyes and chilling glares.
Three years later and drowning in lies, we’re suddenly prepared to lose everything for the chance at something real.
I sincerely think that Connor is asexual. Like a sponge. He probably wouldn't even notice if you hit on him.
Being called weird by Connor is like a unicorn calling a horse magical.
I love all of you.
I hate that I had to pull out my wallet and buy respect.
I wait for him to say the words, I'm done pretending.
Obviously he wants Nola to think he's an upstanding boyfriend, but the only girlfriend Loren Hale will ever treat well is his bottle of bourbon.
We’re terrible at so many things—remembering important dates, college, making friends—but the one thing we’ve always been halfway decent at is being together.
I was hoping you'd finally open your eyes and realize that I was there. I was right in front of you.
I’ll always be yours. No distance or time apart will change that, Lily. You need to believe that.
Maybe we’ve already accepted that this is how we’ll live and this is how we’ll come to die.
Being in a real relationship was supposed to fix the kinks in our lives. It should’ve made our problems easier. We no longer have to pretend. We can be ourselves. We’re free from one lie. Isn’t this the part where our love overcomes our addictions? Where our problems magically solve from a kiss and a promise?.
I needed him to fulfill a desire, one that does nothing but torment me. And he’s reminding me of everything I hate about myself.
Where will I be? What will I be? White empty space fills the void, unsure of what picture to paint.
Because I think I spot a Sweeny Todd in there, and I know for a fact you’ve never heard of him.
Being in a real relationship was supposed to fix everything. Our love should have mended all the pain and the hurt.
I try to imagine what type of girl Connor would seek, but she seems unfathomable--like a hazy picture with only her brain showing.
I won’t have to explain financial statements or dividends. I’ll be able to discuss anything and everything in the world, and she’ll have an answer.
Because, Lily Calloway, you seem like the type of girl who will never return my calls.
You're not going to be another name on my list of guys for the week. Okay?' (...) 'Then let me try,' he says, his hand cupping my face. 'Let me try to be enough for you.