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Concrete RoseQuotes

Concrete Rose Quotes

It's kinda like how we have to do with ourselves. Get rid of the things that don't do us any good. If it won't help the rose grow, you've gotta let it go.
You gotta love people enough to let them go, especially when you're the reason they're gone.
Son, one of the biggest lies ever told is that black men don't feel emotions. Guess it's easier not to see us as human when you think we're heartless. Fact of the matter is, we feel things. Hurt, pain, sadness, all of it. We got a right to show them feelings as much as anybody else.
like to be reminded that beauty can come from much of nothing. To me that’s the whole point of flowers.
Living your life based off what other people think, ain’t living at all.
I'm tired of hearing about all these fucked-up white people who did a bunch of fucked-up stuff, yet people wanna call them heroes.