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Inferno book cover
Inferno book cover
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Inferno Quotes

In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost.
Amor, ch'al cor gentile ratto s'apprende prese costui de la bella persona che mi fu tolta; e 'l modo ancor m'offende. Amor, che a nullo amato amar perdona, Mi prese del costui piacer sì forte, Che, come vedi, ancor non m'abbandona..." "Love, which quickly arrests the gentle heart, Seized him with my beautiful form That was taken from me, in a manner which still grieves me. Love, which pardons no beloved from loving, took me so strongly with delight in him That, as you see, it still abandons me not...
There is no greater sorrow then to recall our times of joy in wretchedness.
Through me you go into a city of weeping; through me you go into eternal pain; through me you go amongst the lost people.
And I — my head oppressed by horror — said: "Master, what is it that I hear? Who are those people so defeated by their pain?"       And he to me: "This miserable way is taken by the sorry souls of those who lived without disgrace and without praise.       They now commingle with the coward angels, the company of those who were not rebels nor faithful to their God, but stood apart.       The heavens, that their beauty not be lessened, have cast them out, nor will deep Hell receive them — even the wicked cannot glory in them.
Hope not ever to see Heaven. I have come to lead you to the other shore; into eternal darkness; into fire and into ice.
As little flowers, which the chill of night has bent and huddled, when the white sun strikes, grow straight and open fully on their stems, so did I, too, with my exhausted force.
I am the way into the city of woe, I am the way into eternal pain, I am the way to go among the lost. Justice caused my high architect to move, Divine omnipotence created me, The highest wisdom, and the primal love. Before me there were no created things But those that last forever—as do I. Abandon all hope you who enter here.
At grief so deep the tongue must wag in vain; the language of our sense and memory lacks the vocabulary of such pain.
Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars.
It was the hour of morning, when the sun mounts with those stars that shone with it when God's own love first set in motion those fair things.
The poets leave hell and again behold the stars.
One ought to be afraid of nothing other then things possessed of power to do us harm, but things innoucuous need not be feared.
To get back up to the shining world from there My guide and I went into that hidden tunnel, And Following its path, we took no care To rest, but climbed: he first, then I-so far, through a round aperture I saw appear Some of the beautiful things that Heaven bears, Where we came forth, and once more saw the stars.
Love, which absolves no one beloved from loving, seized me so strongly with his charm that, as you see, it has not left me yet. Love brought us to one death.
As phantoms frighten beasts when shadows fall.
So that the Universe felt love, by which, as somebelieve, the world has many times been turned to chaos. And at that moment this ancient rock, here and elsewhere, fell broken into pieces.
Soon you will be where your own eyes will see the source and cause and give you their own answer to the mystery.
Through me is the way to the city of woe. Through me is the way to sorrow eternal. Through me is the way to the lost below. Justice moved my architect supernal. I was constructed by divine power, supreme wisdom, and love primordial. Before me no created things were. Save those eternal, and eternal I abide. Abandon all hope, you who enter.
My thoughts were full of other things When I wandered off the path.
There is no greater sorrow than thinking back upon a happy time in misery--.
And following its path, we took no care To rest, but climbed: he first, then I-- so far, Through a round aperture I saw appear Some of the beautiful things that Heaven bears, Where we came forth, and once more saw the stars.
You did thirst for blood, and with blood I fill you.
Thy soul is by vile fear assailed, which oft so overcasts a man, that he recoils from noblest resolution, like a beast at some false semblance in the twilight gloom.
A rapid bolt will rend the clouds apart, and every single White be seared by wounds. I tell you this. I want it all to hurt.
Before me there were no created things, Only eternity, and I too, last eternal. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!.
If i thought i was replying to someone who would every return to the world, this flame would cease it's flickering. But since no one has returned from these depths alive, if what I've heard is true, I will answer you without fear of infamy.
And now, I pray you, tell me who you are: do not be harder than I've been with you that in the world your name may still endure.
And when he had put his hand on mine with a cheerful look, wherefrom I took courage, he brought me within to the secret things. Here sighs, laments, and deep wailings were resounding through the starless air; wherefore at first I wept thereat. Strange tongues, horrible utterances, words of woe, accents of anger, voices high and faint, and sounds of hands with them, were making a tumult which whirls always in that air forever dark, like the sand when the whirlwind breathes.
Wisdom is earned, not given.
So many times a man's thoughts will waver, That it turns him back from honored paths, As false sight turns a beast, when he is afraid.
These dwell among the blackest souls, loaded down deep by sins of differing types. If you sink far enough, you'll see them all.
it is his fate to enter every door. This has been willed where what is willed must be, and is not yours to question. Say no more.
There are souls beneath that water. Fixed in slime they speak their piece, end it, and start again: 'Sullen were we in the air made sweet by the Sun; in the glory of his shining our hearts poured a bitter smoke. Sullen were we begun; sullen we lie forever in this ditch.' This litany they gargle in their throats as if they sand, but lacked the words and pitch.
Lying in a featherbed will not bring you fame, nor staying beneath the quilt, and he who uses up his life without achieving fame leaves no more vestige of himself on earth than smoke in the air or foam upon the water.
your soul has been assailed by cowardice, which often weighs so heavily on a man-- distracting him from honorable trials-- as phantoms frighten beasts when shadows fall.
On march the banners of the King of Hell.
You've built yourselves a god from silver and gold. How does that differ from idol worship, except Those people worship one god and you a hundred?.
And now I fell as bodies fall,for dead.
I make no other answer than the act, the Master said: "The only fit reply to a fit request is silence and the fact." [XXIV].
Here all suspicion must be abandoned, All cowardice must be extinct.
One should only be afraid of those things Which have the power of doing others harm; For the rest, fear not; because they are not fearful.