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Christina Reynolds

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She Memes Well book cover
She Memes Well
Quinta Brunson - 2021-06-15
Рейтинг Goodreads
In She Memes Well, comedian Quinta Brunson shares a hilarious and heartfelt collection of essays about overcoming self-doubt and using humor to navigate an unconventional career path. From viral internet content to producing viral videos at BuzzFeed, Brunson's debut essay collection covers everything from finding your signature hairstyle to managing depression. Authentic and eminently readable, this book will charm and entertain fans of Phoebe Robinson, Samantha Irby, and Issa Rae.
Christina Reynolds
Just to note that Quinta Brunson's book "She Memes Well" is ALSO really great.      источник
What It Takes book cover
What It Takes
The Way to the White House
Richard ben Cramer - 1993-06-01 (впервые опубликовано в 1992)
Рейтинг Goodreads
Uncover the inner workings of American presidential campaigns with What It Takes. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Richard Ben Cramer delves into the ambition, stamina, and shamelessness that drive candidates. Follow the 1988 presidential race as Cramer dissects the psyches of contenders like George Bush and Michael Dukakis and reveals the frenzied course of the campaign. This exhaustively researched book is both exhilarating and appalling in its revelations.
Christina Reynolds
@rachsyme What It Takes by Richard Ben Cramer. Best book on politics ever.      источник
Ezra KleinYashar AliNorman Ornstein
Say It Louder! book cover
Say It Louder!
Black Voters, White Narratives, and Saving Our Democracy
Tiffany Cross - 2020-06-16
Рейтинг Goodreads
Discover the important role that Black voters have played in shaping American Democracy with this groundbreaking book. Say It Louder! exposes the political forces that seek to suppress Black voters and offers concrete information to harness the electoral power of this rising majority. Media and political analyst Tiffany Cross offers a reflective look at the timeless efforts to deny people of color the right to vote, while emphasizing the changing demographics and evolving electoral power of the country. Grounded in the most-up-to-date research, Say It Louder! is a vital tool for all who seek to understand and strengthen American Democracy.
Christina Reynolds
Books by great women and great writers about the challenges women face, among many important topics.      источник
Ibram X. Kendi
Stamped from the Beginning book cover
Stamped from the Beginning
The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America (National Book Award Winner)
Ibram X. Kendi - 2016-04-12
Рейтинг Goodreads
This history book explores the creation, spread, and deep-rooted nature of racist ideas in American society. The author, Ibram X. Kendi, argues that racism is still a prevalent issue in America and traces its history through the lives of five major American intellectuals. Kendi explains that racist ideas were created to justify discriminatory policies and ultimately perpetuate racial inequities. Despite the heavy subject matter, Kendi offers hope by providing tools to identify and combat racist thinking. This book won the 2016 National Book Award for Nonfiction and was named one of the Best Books of the Year by multiple publications.
Christina Reynolds
These books contain information we should all know—they’re also superbly written.      источник
Bianca BelairJason StanleyMargari Aziza
Culture Warlords book cover
Culture Warlords
My Journey Into the Dark Web of White Supremacy
Talia Lavin - 2020-10-13
Рейтинг Goodreads
Go undercover with Talia Lavin, a smart and unapologetic Jewish woman who takes on the online world of hate in Culture Warlords. Journey into the heart of white supremacy and discover the extremists hiding in plain sight, from Incels to Christian extremists. In this shocking and humorous book, Lavin exposes the tactics and ideologies of these hate groups and shows us how we can fight back against online hate.
Christina Reynolds
These books will scare you, but we should all read them to know what we’re facing.      источник
Mona EltahawyBen Collins
Somebody's Daughter book cover
Somebody's Daughter
A Memoir
Ashley C. Ford - 2021-06-01
Рейтинг Goodreads
A poignant memoir about a young girl growing up with the absence of her incarcerated father and her journey to finding her own identity amidst poverty, puberty, and assault. Ashley C. Ford explores the complexities of familial love, and how our origins shape who we are in this powerful coming-of-age story.
Christina Reynolds
And this remarkable book that definitely lives up to the rave reviews.      источник
The Ones We've Been Waiting for book cover
The Ones We've Been Waiting for
How a New Generation of Leaders Will Transform America
Charlotte Alter - 2020-02-18
Рейтинг Goodreads
A bright and optimistic outlook on the future of American leadership by Charlotte Alter, a well-known journalist. The Ones We've Been Waiting For explores the rise of millennial leadership, highlighting 26 millennials in Congress and how they are governing cities, running for councils and serving in state legislatures. Alter observes how growing up during 9/11, serving in the military, and participating in various social and political movements have shaped this new generation's outlook. Focusing on millennial leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Pete Buttiegieg, Alter shows how this generation is governs differently than their predecessors and what America may look like under their leadership.
Christina Reynolds
Bunch of great @emilyslist women in this great book by @CharlotteAlter      источник
Девушка, женщина, иная book cover
Девушка, женщина, иная
Bernardine Evaristo - 2019-05-02
Рейтинг Goodreads
Роман-лауреат Букеровской премии 2019 года, который разделил победу с «Заветами» Маргарет Этвуд. Полная жизни и бурлящей энергии, эта книга – гимн современной Британии и всем чернокожим женщинам! «Девушка, женщина, иная» – это полифония голосов двенадцати очень разных чернокожих британок, чьи жизни оказываются ближе, чем можно было бы предположить. Их истории переплетаются сквозь годы, перед взором читателя проходит череда их друзей, любовников и родных. Их образы с каждой страницей обретают выпуклость и полноту, делая заметными и важными жизни, о которых мы привыкли не думать. «Еваристо с большой чувствительностью пишет о том, как мы растим своих детей, как строим карьеру, как скорбим и как любим». – Financial Time
Christina Reynolds
Second book is already an early favorite. Easy to see why it won all the awards—fascinating characters with different voices.      источник
Sunburn book cover
A Novel
Laura Lippman - 2018-02-20
Рейтинг Goodreads
Psychological suspense, a steamy affair, and deadly secrets take center stage in this modern noir novel. Two lovers, Polly and Adam, play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with dark consequences. Inspired by classic noir works, this book is a must-read for fans of psychological thrillers.
Christina Reynolds
First book of the year was a mystery/thriller—took me a little while to get into the story, but really enjoyed it in the end.      источник
First, We Make the Beast Beautiful by Sarah Wilson
Big Friendship by Aminatou Sow
The End of White Politics by Zerlina Maxwell
One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London
The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett
Troop 6000 by Nikita Stewart
#MeToo by Jodi Kantor
Эвви Дрейк все начинает сначала by Linda Holmes
Notes from a Young Black Chef by Kwame Onwuachi
Dreyer's English by Benjamin Dreyer
Help, Thanks, Wow by Anne Lamott