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SeriesDark Warriors

Dark Warriors Series

Dark Warriors books in order

The Dark Warriors series is a continuation of the Dark Sword series and connected to the Dark King Series.Reading Order ~ They are all stand-alone, however reading them in order will give you a better flavor of the series. If you want to read in order, the series are: Dark Sword Series Dark King Series - Which is a spin off of Dark Sword and Dark …
Midnight's Lover book cover
Midnight's Master book cover
Midnight's Seduction book cover
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Midnight's Master book cover
Book 1
Midnight's Master
Donna Grant - 2012-05-22
Goodreads Rating
Experience the battle of Defenders against evil, bound by the gods in the pages of this thrilling book. As Gwynn Austin sets out to search for her father who disappeared on a mysterious trip to Scotland, she finds herself drawn to a ruggedly handsome Highlander who exudes danger and mystery. Alongside Logan Hamilton, a legendary hero propelled through time by powerful Druid Magic, the two must fight for their love and prevent the awakening of an ancient evil that threatens to destroy them both. This book is an exciting and riveting adventure that blends romance, mythology and history seamlessly.
Midnight's Lover book cover
Book 2
Midnight's Lover
A Dark Warrior Novel (Dark Warriors Book 2)
Donna Grant - 2012-06-26
Goodreads Rating
A fierce highlander from the past is transported to the future where he battles his desires for a beautiful woman with powerful magic. Together, they must fight an ancient evil and find a way to break his curse in this spellbinding tale of love and destiny.
Midnight's Seduction book cover
Book 3
Midnight's Seduction
A Dark Warrior Novel (Dark Warriors Book 3)
Donna Grant - 2012-10-30
Goodreads Rating
A compelling fantasy of ancient warriors fighting against evil, taking their battle to the modern world. With a rare Seer as the ultimate prize, Saffron Fletcher is haunted by a Warrior who promises retribution for their common enemy. But as their desire for each other grows, they must stay strong to defeat evil and protect their newfound love. Will their lasting passion survive the forces of darkness?
Midnight's Warrior book cover
Book 4
Midnight's Warrior
A Dark Warrior Novel (Dark Warriors Book 4)
Donna Grant - 2012-11-27
Goodreads Rating
This book follows the Dark Warriors, powerful beings who battle evil both in ancient Scotland and the modern world. Tara has been hiding from them for years, but when she meets the handsome Ramsey, she opens up to him despite her secrets. Ramsey uncovers his own powers while fighting for Tara's love. This is the first book in the Dark Warrior series, with seven more installments to follow.
Midnight's Kiss book cover
Book 5
Midnight's Kiss
A Dark Warrior Novel (Dark Warriors Book 5)
Donna Grant - 2013-06-04
Goodreads Rating
This book follows the endeavors of a group of ancient Scottish warriors who engage in battles against evil in the modern world. It focuses on Dr. Veronica Reid and her ability to unearth magical artifacts. The arrival of the charismatic Arran MacCarrick threatens to expose her secrets, but they soon team up to unleash an all-consuming passion. Together, they embark on a mission to face danger and fight for their love.
Midnight's Captive book cover
Book 6
Midnight's Captive
A Dark Warrior Novel (Dark Warriors Book 6)
Donna Grant - 2013-07-02
Goodreads Rating
A team of warriors fight evil, transitioning from ancient Scotland to present day. Laura's intrigue with her mysterious boss Charon intensifies when she uncovers a world of magic. Charon risks everything to save Laura from a deadly Druid, but his secret puts them both in danger. Will he choose love over his duty to fight evil?
Midnight's Temptation book cover
Book 7
Midnight's Temptation
A Dark Warrior Novel (Dark Warriors Book 7)
Donna Grant - 2013-10-01
Goodreads Rating
"Midnight's Temptation" tells the story of a Highlander who meets a mysterious Druidess in a nightclub and can't stop thinking about her. But she's being hunted by two different men, one of them a vengeful evil who will stop at nothing to possess her power. As she longs to be with him, she must resist the temptation and protect him from the danger she brings. Will she risk everything for love?"
Midnight's Promise book cover
Book 8
Midnight's Promise
A Dark Warrior Novel (Dark Warriors Book 8)
Donna Grant - 2013-10-29
Goodreads Rating
A hardened warrior who has fought against the darkness for centuries finds himself fighting a new battle when he saves a woman from a car wreck and experiences a rush of emotion that he thought was impossible. Evangeline Walker is descended from Druids and feels magic growing inside her but knows she can trust no one, not even Malcolm, who she craves to touch. With a devil's bargain made to save her half-brother, Malcolm may be the only one who can protect her with his heart, body, and soul.