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SeriesDemon Accords

Demon Accords Series

Demon Accords books in order

"Four years ago, I started writing urban fantasy ( you know... vampires, werewolves, demons and angels). Now I'm an independent author with the multiple novels of an urban fantasy series published. The series is The Demon Accords. The books are titled, in order, God Touched, Demon Driven, Brutal Asset, Duel Nature, Fallen Stars, Executable, Forced …
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God Touched book cover
Book 1
God Touched
John Conroe - 2010-03-26
Goodreads Rating
Book 1 of the Demon Accords. Chris Gordon is a rookie with the NYPD - one with a secret. In his spare time Chris is an exorcist without equal with a gift from God. But when he saves a beautiful girl from a demonic attack, he discovers there is more to fear than just demons. Finding himself surrounded by vampires, were weasels, and facing a giant sh...
Demon Driven book cover
Book 2
Demon Driven
John Conroe - 2010-05-12
Goodreads Rating
Seven months have passed since Chris Gordon met Tanya Demidova. In that time he has adapted to the vast changes in his life. Being faster and stronger, working for a paranormal police unit and dating a vampire. But new threats appear; from the South, from the North, within the NYPD and from the U.S. government. But his greatest danger is already in...
Brutal Asset book cover
Book 3
Brutal Asset
John Conroe - 2011-01-04
Goodreads Rating
Book 3 of the Demon Accords. Partnered in an uneasy alliance with federal law enforcement, Chris Gordon has been hunting down the outlaw gang, Loki's Spawn, who attacked his vampire girlfriend. But when he finds unexpected hostages who trigger his baser instincts, Chris is thrown into a search for answers to dark questions. How to control his inner...
Duel Nature book cover
Book 4
Duel Nature
John Conroe - 2012-08-09
Goodreads Rating
Book 4 of the Demon Accords. Chris and Tanya have been assigned as Coven Rovers, traveling the country and trouble shooting the supernatural community. It's a job that's part cop and part auditor, one that should be long periods of boredom mixed with small parts of action. But this is Chris and Tanya, so a sudden assignment to check on a rogue vamp...
Fallen Stars book cover
Book 5
Fallen Stars
John Conroe - 2013-05-17
Goodreads Rating
Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. Sometimes it's just best to get the hell out of Dodge. After turning an ancient vampire to dust and stirring the Coven into a mob of pitchfork- and torch-bearing vampires, Chris Gordon thinks it might be time for a road trip. So, leaving Tanya to calm the troubled masses, he heads south to help a No...
Executable book cover
Book 6
John Conroe - 2014-01-15
Goodreads Rating
For seventeen years Declan O'Carroll has lived quietly in the upstate Vermont town of Castlebury, waiting impatiently for a chance to get out and meet the great wide world. When an odd new girl appears in town, Declan finds out that the world might be coming to meet him. But the big question remains... who is in more danger? Declan or the world? Fo...
Forced Ascent book cover
Book 7
Forced Ascent
John Conroe - 2014-09-22
Goodreads Rating
Chris Gordon has never had an easy relationship with the White House. Now, after rescuing his goddaughter from a secret base in New Hampshire, it’s reached a new low. You drop one little asteroid onto the continental United States and the entire government goes crazy. On top of that Halloween is fast approaching and demons are popping through into ...
College Arcane book cover
Book 8
College Arcane
A Novel from the Demon Accords
John Conroe - 2015-04-08
Goodreads Rating
Book 8 of the Demon Accords. College. A time of transition from youth to young adulthood. New lessons, new responsibilities, new distractions. A period of life treasured by most. Unless you happen to attend an institute of higher learning where the bullies are werewolves, the teachers are sadists, and the pretty girls are all deadly. A school like ...
God Hammer book cover
Book 9
God Hammer
A novel of the Demon Accords
John Conroe - 2015-11-07
Goodreads Rating
Book 9 - Summer in the Big Apple. Eight million stories of excitement and adventure... plus one. Declan O'Carroll is ready to start his summer internship at the hottest new company on the planet, Demidova Incorporated. What will he be doing? What tasks could he possibly handle for the most famous couple on Earth? After all what could a second semes...
Rogues book cover
Book 10
A novel of the Demon Accords
John Conroe - 2016-05-19
Goodreads Rating
Demon Accords number 10. When a hunter is brutally mauled in northern Maine, it's presumed that a black bear is the killer. But an astute local deputy suspects a more supernatural element. His call for assistance is answered by the supernatural community sending one of their very best. If it takes a thief to catch a thief, who do you use to catch a...
Snake Eyes book cover
Snake Eyes
John Conroe - 2016-12-30
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