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Book SeriesGoblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer Manga

A young priestess has formed her first adventuring party, but almost immediately they find themselves in distress. It's the Goblin Slayer who comes to their rescue--a man who's dedicated his life to the extermination of all goblins, by any means necessary. And when rumors of his feats begin to circulate, there's no telling who might come calling next... Read the first chapter of the brand new manga adaptation of GOBLIN SLAYER simultaneously with Japan!
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 2 book cover
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 1 book cover
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 3 book cover
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Goblin Slayer, Vol. 1 book cover
Book 1
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 1
Kumo Kagyu - 2017-12-19 (first published in 2016)
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling book follows a young priestess and her adventuring party who get rescued by the infamous Goblin Slayer - a man on a mission to exterminate all goblins. As rumors of his feats spread, the group faces unexpected challenges. Get ready for a high-stakes battle against evil in this captivating read.
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 2 book cover
Book 2
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 2
Kumo Kagyu - 2018-04-17 (first published in 2017)
Goodreads Rating
In this action-packed sequel, a team of unlikely heroes hires the deadly Goblin Slayer to slay goblins amidst the chaos of the revival of dark gods and an impending demonic army. Will they be able to gain his trust and join forces before it's too late?
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 3 book cover
Book 3
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 3
Kumo Kagyu - 2018-06-26 (first published in 2017)
Goodreads Rating
In the thrilling third installment of this popular series, Goblin Slayer faces his toughest challenge yet: defending Cow Girl's farm against an army of goblins. With his guild mates hesitant to join him, Goblin Slayer must rely on his own skills and wit to make his final stand. Will he be able to come out on top, or is this truly the end for him? Find out in this action-packed novel.
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 4 book cover
Book 4
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 4
Kumo Kagyu, Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki - 2018-11-13
Goodreads Rating
Join Goblin Slayer and his companions on a thrilling new adventure, deep into a treacherous, labyrinthine sewer. Will their skills in battle be enough to overcome the dangers that await them, or will they fall prey to the cunning and brutality of the goblin horde? Find out in this action-packed Volume 4!
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 5 book cover
Book 5
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 5
Kumo Kagyu, Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki - 2019-04-30 (first published in 2018)
Goodreads Rating
A thrilling tale of adventure awaits in this gripping book, as the party faces an endless horde of goblins deep beneath the water town. With death lurking around every corner, will Goblin Slayer be able to survive? Don't miss out on this heart-pounding story.
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 6 book cover
Book 6
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 6
Kumo Kagyu, Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki - 2018-12-13
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling volume follows the intense grudge match between Goblin Slayer and the fierce Goblin Champion seeking revenge. As magic and weapons are out of the question, readers will be kept on their toes to discover what secret weapon Goblin Slayer will use to defeat his foes. Plus, discover if the mystery of the ruins beneath Water Town will finally be uncovered.
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 8 book cover
Book 7
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 8
Kumo Kagyu - 2019-11-25
Goodreads Rating
In Goblin Slayer, Vol. 8, Polka is caught off guard when he sees the emblem of his former empire on a fleet of Tokyo's dirigibles. This unexpected connection to his previous life throws him into the midst of a conflict between Solitaire, the police, and a group of dangerous troublemakers. Get ready for an action-packed ride!
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 10 book cover
Book 8
Goblin Slayer, Vol. 10
Kumo Kagyu - 2020-10-12
Goodreads Rating
Join the Goblin Slayer and his party as they save Noble Fencer and embark on a mission to take down a goblin-controlled fortress. Will they finally defeat the goblin paladin, the ultimate enemy they have faced on their snowy mountain expeditions? Find out in this thrilling and action-packed volume.