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Jack Noble Series

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NOTE: The First Deception is a PREQUEL novel. From the author's website: The Jack Noble Series in OrderThe Jack Noble Thriller Series spans three eras and has resulted in two spin-offs and a prequel. The eras can be divided as follows:The Prequels. Noble's origins.The Early Years. Loss of innocence and idealism, leading to a growing cynical outlook…
A Deadly Distance book cover
Noble Beginnings book cover
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Noble Beginnings book cover
Book 1
Noble Beginnings
A Jack Noble Thriller
L.T. Ryan - 2013-12-21
Goodreads Rating
ACE for ASIN: B009K8RHNQIn March of 2002, while the eyes of the world focused on Afghanistan, Jack Noble finds himself on the outskirts of Baghdad, Iraq. A Marine in name only, Jack is on-loan to the CIA. Normally an integral part of the team, he finds that he is nothing more than a security detail in Iraq.Jack and his partner Bear have a run-in wi...
A Deadly Distance book cover
Book 2
A Deadly Distance
A Jack Noble Thriller
L.T. Ryan - 2013-12-21
Goodreads Rating
ACE for ASIN: B00B8548LSWashington, D.C. Midday. A man waits at a bus stop, his intentions unknown. Two government operatives have been stalking him for days, waiting for him to make his move. Unexpectedly, the man takes off running and heads for a deserted warehouse.Jack Noble and his partner, Frank Skinner, believe the man to be part of a terrori...
Thin Line book cover
Book 3
Thin Line
A Jack Noble Thriller
L.T. Ryan - 2014-03-17
Goodreads Rating
ACE for ASIN: B00J3CUI26Thin Line is Ryan's latest thriller featuring former government assassin Jack Noble as he races from New York to Paris to Washington DC on the trail of a rogue agent marked for termination. When friends can no longer be trusted, and enemies must be, Jack is forced to make a decision that will compromise his integrity, consci...
Noble Intentions book cover
Book 4
Noble Intentions
A Jack Noble Thriller
L.T. Ryan - 2014-01-15 (first published in 2012)
Goodreads Rating
ACE for ASIN: B0092ETUTCJack Noble. Assassin for hire. Former Marine and government agent. He makes no mistakes. He passes no judgement. He feels no remorse. So why the hell does he stop to help a lost child on a busy sidewalk moments before he's to complete a deal with one of the east coast's top crime bosses?This simple decision places Jack in un...
When Dead in Greece book cover
Book 5
When Dead in Greece
L.T. Ryan - 2014-11-03
Goodreads Rating
ACE for ASIN: B00P872Y7MA ghost on the Greek island of Crete.Jack Noble is grounded, recovering from his injuries and a near-death experience. The small town isn't so bad. An old guy named Esau has provided him with a place to stay. The food's good. And Isadora, Esau's niece, is easy on the eyes.But tranquility is interrupted when a group of local ...
Noble Retribution book cover
Book 6
Noble Retribution
L.T. Ryan - 2013-12-29
Goodreads Rating
ACE for ASIN: B00AVMTF8UJack Noble is dead. A ghost. At least that is what the world believes. Truth is, he's been hiding out on the Greek Island of Crete for six months.Three people know Jack's secret. One is with him. Another needs him back in the U.S. The third wants him dead.Six months is a long time for a guy like Jack to be out of action. His...
Noble Betrayal book cover
Book 7
Noble Betrayal
L.T. Ryan - 2013-12-21
Goodreads Rating
ACE for ASIN: B00CXXUGISJack Noble is on a plane, heading across the Atlantic to perform one last job. A favor for an old friend, he tells himself. Anything to put off an early retirement for a few weeks longer.Shortly after setting foot in London, Jack discovers that not all is what it seems. His presence did not go unnoticed by Great Britain's in...
Never Go Home book cover
Book 8
Never Go Home
L.T. Ryan - 2013-12-21
Goodreads Rating
ACE for ASIN: B00FE222UALondon, England. An attempted assassination goes awry, leaving multiple people wounded or dead. Jack Noble finds himself in the middle. Now the high-profile politician who was targeted wants him even closer. Crystal River, Florida. The brother Jack hasn't seen in over six years calls. The news is bad and Jack has to break th...
Noble Judgment book cover
Book 9
Noble Judgment
L.T. Ryan - 2014-06-17
Goodreads Rating
ACE for ASIN: B00L3G007I"Kill them all."The command has been issued. A purging of the black ops community. And the clandestine agency SIS has been hit hardest. All current and former members marked for termination. Including Jack Noble and his known associates.But when the men behind the operation make it personal, Jack cares less about unraveling ...
Never Cry Mercy book cover
Book 10
Never Cry Mercy
L.T. Ryan - 2016-05-17
Goodreads Rating
Even a drifter has to stop once in a while......
Deadline book cover
L.T. Ryan - 2016-06-26
End Game by L.T. Ryan
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Noble Legend by L.T. Ryan