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Spy x Family Manga

Not one to depend on others, Twilight has his work cut out for him procuring both a wife and a child for his mission to infiltrate an elite private school. What he doesn't know is that the wife he's chosen is an assassin and the child he's adopted is a telepath!
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SPY×FAMILY 1 book cover
Book 1
Tatsuya Endo - 2020-06-02 (first published in 2019)
Goodreads Rating
A skilled spy, known as "Twilight," is tasked with infiltrating a prestigious school, but is ordered to create a fake family. Things get complicated when his "daughter" turns out to be a telepath and his "wife" is an assassin. As they hide their true identities, this hilarious and action-packed comedy follows their journey through exams and a world crisis.
SPY×FAMILY 2 book cover
Book 2
Tatsuya Endo - 2019-10-04
Goodreads Rating
東国と西国、両国間の平和を守る任務のため、名門校受験に挑んだフォージャー一家。だが、標的デズモンドに近づくにはアーニャが特待生にならなくてはいけない!! そこで黄昏は“ナカヨシ作戦”を実行するが…!?...
SPY×FAMILY 3 book cover
Book 3
Tatsuya Endo - 2020-01-04
Goodreads Rating
フォージャー家にヨルの弟・ユーリが来訪!! 互いがスパイと秘密警察であることを隠しながら、黄昏とユーリは腹を探り合う。姉を偏愛するユーリは黄昏に本物の夫婦であることを証明しろと迫り…!?...
SPY×FAMILY 4 book cover
Book 4
Tatsuya Endo - 2020-05-13
Goodreads Rating
爆弾犬を使っての西国大臣暗殺計画が判明! アーニャの飼う犬を求め家族で出かけたはずが、黄昏は、テロを止める緊急作戦に加わる事に…!! 一方アーニャは、何故かフォージャー家を知る不思議な犬と出会い――!?...
SPY×FAMILY 5 book cover
Book 5
Tatsuya Endo - 2020-09-04
Goodreads Rating
予知犬のボンドが家族に加わり、オペレーション〈梟(ストリクス)〉もフォージャー家もようやく軌道に乗ったと思われた――が、中間考査でアーニャ史上最大のピンチ!? 星(ステラ)と雷(トニト)をかけた波乱のテストの行方は…!!...