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Michel Onfray is a French philosopher. Born to a family of Norman farmers, he graduated with a Ph.D. in philosophy. He taught this subject to senior students at a technical high school in Caen between 1983 and 2002, before establishing what he and his supporters call the Université populaire de Caen, proclaiming its foundation on a free-of-charge basis, and the manifesto written by Onfray in 2004 (La communauté philosophique). However, the title 'Popular University' is misleading, although attractive, as this 'University' provides no services other than the occasional delivery of lectures - there is no register of students, no examination or assessment, and no diplomas. After all, 'ordinary' French University lectures are open to all, free of charge. Nor is the content of the Université populaire de Caen radical in French terms, it is in its way, a throwback to less democratic traditions of learning. Both in his writing and his lecturing, Onfray's approach is hierarchical, and elitist. He prefers to say though that his 'university' is committed to deliver high-level knowledge to the masses, as opposed to the more common approach of vulgarizing philosophic concepts through easy-to-read books such as "Philosophy for Well-being".Onfray writes obscurely that there is no philosophy without psychoanalysis. Perhaps paradoxically, he proclaims himself as an adamant atheist (something more novel in France than elsewhere - indeed his book, 'Atheist Manifesto', was briefly in the 'bestsellers' list in France) and he considers religion to be indefensible. He instead regards himself as being part of the tradition of individualist anarchism, a tradition that he claims is at work throughout the entire history of philosophy and that he is seeking to revive amidst modern schools of philosophy that he feels are cynical and epicurean. His writings celebrate hedonism, reason and atheism.He endorsed the French Revolutionary Communist League and its candidate for the French presidency, Olivier Besancenot in the 2002 election, although this is somewhat at odds with the libertarian socialism he advocates in his writings.[citation needed] In 2007, he endorsed José Bové - but eventually voted for Olivier Besancenot - , and conducted an interview with the future French President, who he declared was an 'ideological enemy' Nicolas Sarkozy for Philosophie Magazine.Onfray himself attributes the birth of a philosophic communities such as the université populaire to the results of the French presidential election, 2002.
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La Nef des fous - Des nouvelles du Bas-Empire book cover
La Nef des fous - Des nouvelles du Bas-Empire
Michel ONFRAY - 2020-10-22
Goodreads Rating
This year-long journal documents the delusions of our time, with daily entries on a range of absurdities. From a young girl who wants to change her gender to female anthropologists complaining about not enough female dinosaurs, this book comments on the bizarre events of our culture. With a mix of satire and criticism, this journal is a timely commentary on the decline of our civilization.
Décadence book cover
Michel Onfray - 2017-01-11 (first published in 2016)
Goodreads Rating
A sweeping and epic portrayal of the rise and fall of our Judeo-Christian civilization, showcasing everything from wild desert monks to inquisitors, witches, and animal trials, as well as revolutions, dictatorships, concentration camps, and religiously inspired murders. This tragic book is not about optimism or pessimism but understanding the cycle of life and death that governs civilizations.
Grandeur du petit peuple book cover
Grandeur du petit peuple
Heurs et malheurs des Gilets jaunes (A.M. POLITIQUE) (French Edition)
Michel Onfray - 2020-01-08
Goodreads Rating
Explore the social divide in France and the struggle between those in power and those subject to their authority. In this thought-provoking and passionate book, the author delves into the division between the people and the elites, offering a call to action for a more libertarian and populist left. Join the author in choosing the side of the people in the fight against those who oppress them.
La Vengeance du pangolin book cover
La Vengeance du pangolin
Michel ONFRAY - 2020-05-15
Goodreads Rating
A virus has put the world on its knees, revealing the follies of our era - from the impotence of the French state to the stupidity of philosophers. The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that life is only possible through death, including among humans. In "La Vengeance du pangolin," the author reflects on the universal lesson provided by the pandemic, critiquing a range of professions and systems.
Sagesse book cover
Savoir vivre au pied d'un volcan (French Edition)
Michel Onfray - 2019-01-09 (first published in 2016)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the wisdom of the Romans in a thrilling philosophical epic. From the death of ancient scholars to battles between gladiators, Sagesse is a captivating journey full of vivid characters and practical insights. Delve into questions - from managing time to embracing death - with ancient philosophers like Cicero and Seneca as your guide. Michel Onfray, renowned author and founder of the University of Caen, takes readers on a journey through history and personal growth in this third installment of the Brève encyclopédie du monde.
L'ordre libertaire book cover
L'ordre libertaire
LA VIE PHILOSOPHIQUE D'ALBERT CAMUS (Littérature française) (French Edition)
Michel Onfray - 2012-01-01
Goodreads Rating
Discover the life and philosophy of a literary icon in L'ordre libertaire. Michel Onfray uncovers the true nature of Albert Camus, putting an end to misconceptions created by his contemporaries. From his humble upbringing among the impoverished to his staunch resistance against totalitarianism, Camus' life exemplified his beliefs. This book celebrates his legacy and reminds readers of his importance in philosophy and literature.
Cynismes book cover
Michel Onfray - 1992-02-01 (first published in 1990)
Goodreads Rating
Uncover the ancient philosophers known as "The Cynics" and their unorthodox approach to life in Michel Onfray's latest book. These individuals rejected abstract ideas in favor of action, humor, and irony. They advocated for taboo practices such as cannibalism and incest while also promoting a hedonistic lifestyle. While their beliefs may seem shocking, Onfray argues that modern society has much to learn from them. This thought-provoking read offers a unique perspective on philosophy and serves as a remedy for the vulgar cynicism prevalent in today's culture.
Les sagesses antiques book cover
Les sagesses antiques
Michel Onfray - 2006-02-01
Goodreads Rating
Explore the history of materialistic philosophy that was silenced by idealism in Les sagesses antiques. Michel Onfray tells the story of a philosophical tradition that celebrates the body, pleasure, and living life to the fullest - not just preparing for death. Discover the great masters of this "contratradition," from the cynical Aristipo and Diogenes to hedonists like Epicurus and Filodemo. Join Onfray in breaking free from the dominant historiography that promotes idealism and embracing a new philosophy that celebrates the body and pleasure.
Zéro de conduite. Carnet d'après campagne (EDITIONS DE L'O) book cover
Zéro de conduite. Carnet d'après campagne (EDITIONS DE L'O)
Carnets d'après campagne (Hors collection) (French Edition)
Michel Onfray - 2018-04-25
Goodreads Rating
A provocative and insightful political commentary, Zéro de Conduite critiques the current state of French politics under President Emmanuel Macron. Author Michel Onfray sheds light on the political disillusionment felt by the French people and explores Macron's rise to power. The book offers a fresh perspective on the state of contemporary French politics and its impact on both the country and the wider world.
Théorie de la dictature book cover
Théorie de la dictature
Michel ONFRAY - 2019-05-09
Goodreads Rating
A thought-provoking examination of the strategies used to establish and maintain dictatorships throughout history. The author identifies seven key tactics, including the destruction of freedom, language, and truth, as well as the suppression of history and the propagation of hate. Drawing on examples from Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm, the author applies these tactics to the modern era, asking whether we may already be living in a new type of dictatorship. An essential read for anyone seeking to understand the nature of power and control.
Décoloniser les provinces (EDITIONS DE L'O) by Michel Onfray
Les Libertins baroques by Michel Onfray
Vivre une vie philosophique by Michel Onfray
Les radicalités existentielles by Michel Onfray
As radicalidades existenciais - Contra-História da Filosofia - Vol. 6 by Michel Onfray
La cour des miracles. Carnets de campagne (EDITIONS DE L'O) by Michel Onfray
La communauté philosophique by Michel Onfray
La Sculpture de Soi by Michel Onfray
Le Crocodile d'Aristote by Michel Onfray
Thoreau, el salvaje by Michel Onfray
Thoreau. Vivere una vita filosofica by Michel Onfray
Les freudiens hérétiques by Michel Onfray
La sagesse des abeilles. Première leçon de Démocrite. by Michel Onfray
Solstice d'hiver. Alain, les Juifs, Hitler et l'Occupation by Michel Onfray
L'étoile polaire by Michel Onfray, Mylène Farmer
La fabuleuse histoire des légumes (Essais Français) by Evelyne Bloch-Dano
El Sueño de Eichmann by Michel Onfray
Avant le silence by Michel Onfray
Les Formes Du Temps by Michel Onfray
Nager avec les piranhas. Carnet guyanais (Blanche) by Michel Onfray
Archéologie du présent by Michel Onfray
La inocencia del devenir by Michel Onfray
Le christianisme hédoniste by Michel Onfray
Cosmos by Michel Onfray
Le crépuscule d'une idole - l'affabulation freudienne by Michel Onfray
Rendre la raison populaire by Michel Onfray
Le miroir aux alouettes by Michel ONFRAY
La Sagesse Tragique, du bon usage de Nietzsche by Michel Onfray
Apostille Au Crépuscule by Michel Onfray
Tocqueville et les Apaches. Indiens, nègres, ouvriers et autres hors-la-loi by Michel Onfray
Antimanuel de philosophie by MICHEL ONFRAY
La force du sexe faible by Michel Onfray
L'Art d'être français by Michel ONFRAY
La Religion Du Poignard by Michel ONFRAY M
Miroir du nihilisme by ONFRAY MICHEL
Politique du rebelle by Michel Onfray
Saggezza by Michel Onfray
Théorie du corps amoureux by Michel Onfray
Estetica del Polo Nord by Michel Onfray
Un Requiem Athée by Michel Onfray
Teoria della dittatura by Michel Onfray
Illuminismo estremo by Michel Onfray
Le Deuil de la mélancolie by Michel ONFRAY
La puissance d'exister by Michel Onfray
L'Eudémonisme social by
Le Réel n'a pas eu lieu by Michel Onfray
Penser l'islam by Michel Onfray
Atheist Manifesto by Michel Onfray
Le magnétisme des solstices by
La passion de la méchanceté - Sur un prétendu divin marquis by Michel Onfray
L'art de jouir by Michel Onfray
Le Désir D'être Un Volcan by Michel Onfray
Féeries anatomiques by Michel Onfray
Le recours aux forêts by Michel Onfray
Le souci des plaisirs by AA.VV.
Nietzsche, se créer liberté by Onfray Michel
Le désir ultramarin. Les Marquises après les Marquises (Blanche) by Michel Onfray
La parole au peuple (LE UN EN LIVRE) by Michel ONFRAY
Teoria Del Viaje by Michel Onfray
Le Ventre des philosophes by Michel Onfray
Théorie du voyage by Michel Onfray
Les avalanches de Sils-Maria by Michel Onfray
La razón del gourmet by Michel Onfray
La canari du nazi by Michel Onfray
Physiologie de Georges Palante by Michel Onfray
Vies et mort d'un dandy by Michel Onfray
La philosophie féroce by Michel Onfray